Best of the Best Trophy in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

  • Best of the Best


    Beat an EA Sports GamerNet Daily Challenge

    How to unlock Best of the Best

    The GamerNet Daily Challenges are the challenges that pop up when you are playing a single player round. As long as you are connected to the PSN, it will automatically download a Daily Challenge to the hole you are playing.

    For par 4 or par 5 holes, it is typically a Long Drive challenge that can be beaten. If you are using Tiger Woods as your golfer, try to use the Focus Power Boost (tapping L1 or X during backswing) to get your power up to 110-120%. As the ball is in the air, push up on the L-Pad and keep tapping L1 or X to give the ball top spin, which will make it roll further. If your ball goes past the marker for the Daily Challenge, the trophy will unlock.

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