Nice View Trophy in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

  • Nice View


    Complete an 18 hole round with a final score under par using True-Aim

    How to unlock Nice View

    At the Main Menu, go into "My Tiger" and select Game Options. Turn True-Aim on and the difficulty to Amateur then go into Play Now. True-Aim basically removes the circle that you see when you zoom in on the hole, and doesn't allow you to follow the ball in-flight. You can still use the focus bar and Putt Previews to help you out. To easily remain under par, create a custom course featuring the same easy hole (Suggest hole 9 at St. Andrews) and play it over and over, getting the hang of where to hit and how hard, etc. (Thanks to zeze for tip). To create a course, go to Play Now and select "Random 18" as your course and hit . Select St. Andrews Hole #9 as all 18 holes. Using Tiger, just hit a 3-wood off the tee with a little bit of top spin and you should find yourself with an easy eagle putt every time.

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  • so i did this trophy, on a tpc sawgrass with tiger, and it popped up "you did not earn a trophy" instead of giving me this. anyone else have this problem?

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