Party's over! Trophy in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

  • Party's over!


    Kill 9 enemies simultaneously.

    How to unlock Party's over!


    In the Mahakam region, you’ll run into a puzzle called “Specters of the past near the 3rd golden chest you can obtain. Here is where you’ll want to go for this by destroying 9 or more enemies simultaneously.

    This is only missable due to the limited amount of battles in each region. Here is a detailed way of doing it, or you can watch the video below:

    1. Play the Rivian Sapper + card and destroy all Barghest cards
    2. Play the Rivian Onager by placing it on the right side of the Rivian Sapper.
    3. Play the Alchemist on the left side and boost the Rivian Onager.
    4. Play the Alchemist on the left side and use the ability on the Rivian Sapper.
    5. Play the Epidemic card and then use the ability on your Rivian Onager card on the Beast until dead.

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