Gvaern Ichaer Trophy in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

  • Gvaern Ichaer


    Defeat Gernichora.

    How to unlock Gvaern Ichaer

    Story related, but can be missed.

    You'll fight Gernichora towards the end of the Angren region.

    WARNING! Do not skip this battle, otherwise you'll not obtain the trophy. This battle can be a pain and you'll probably have to change up your deck for this fight. Do not kill any of the leeches, just make sure to damage them so they don't hit 10 or above in power, or they'll die and one of your cards in your hand will be destroyed. Utilize the leeches to damage the boss, while you use Arbalest cards to damage it as well when it is not immune (while the leeches are draining it).

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