Arms Race Trophy in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

  • Arms Race


    Obtain all weapons.

    How to unlock Arms Race


    There is a total of 7 weapons you’ll need to collect. These come in the form of leader cards. There is at least one located in each region. If you would like to see the exact location of each weapon, view the trophies for completing each region, as they have a map for each with it marked.


    • Meve: War Hammer - Defeat the Grave Hag in Lyria
    • Meve: Broadsword - Story related


    • Meve: Flail - Get a quest to defeat the hawkers in Crumhorn and then find them north of the village by a fishing hut and attack them. Equip your troops with the goods. Do not destroy them.
    • Meve: Ornamental Sword - You’ll run into a quest called “Black Sashes” near the end of the map, where you’ll have the option to attack the traitors. Do so, and after the battle choose to show mercy. Continue East and you’ll run into Falbeson’s home. Accept his offer of food and then win the battle.


    • Meve: Sihil - During your travels, you’ll be given the option to attack a Nilfgaardian convoy. Do so to obtain the weapon.


    • Meve: Angrena Blade - Among some ruins, you'll be giving the option to enter them or leave, enter the ruins. You'll then enter a battle, which you'll have to defeat the Ancient Evil.


    • Meve: Spear - When fighting to take back Kaveldun, win the battle and then spare the Blacksmith when given the choice.

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