• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (poll)
  • Offline trophies: 40 (15, 22, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30-40 hours (poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 18 - Tax Collector , Burn After Reading , Arms Race , Those gears are turning... , I have the power! , Through the Fourth Wall , Once more! Again! , Party's over! , Was that supposed to hurt? , Pilgrim , Cartographer , Out of the sizzlixer into the fire , 1. Do no harm , For the Good Book states... , Arf! Arf! Grr... , Gvaern Ichaer , Distillation of Filth , Perfectly harmless
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Lord of the Moulderwood
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No
  • Additional peripherals required?: None

Welcome to Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales! If you have played any of the previous Witcher games, this one takes place before The Witcher 2. This is a card game based off of the game GWENT, which is a famous card game in The Witcher series. You take the role of Queen Meve, whom is the ruler of Lyria and Rivia, who is trying to push back the North and take back her Kingdom.

Check all notice boards you run across as they add markers to your map. Also, talk to everyone you meet multiple times, as you may gain items or materials from them or increase your moral. You can also play this game on easy, which will allow you to still complete battles or puzzles as if you won them if you happen to lose, which is very handy and I suggest doing.

The game will also give you a warning when you're reaching the point of no return in an area. It will also show you how many puzzles you completed, along with how many golden chests you found. So, if you still haven't finished up with the chests, go back before continuing on.

There is also only a certain amount of battles throughout the game, so technically all battle related trophies are missable as there is only a finite number of battles in each region, so be mindful of that.

Step 1: Complete each region 100%

This game has 6 different regions you will visit. You’ll want to complete each of them 100% before you leave, as you will not be able to return. If you feel like you have missed something in the region, you can pay 50 gold for your scouts to unveil points for you. When you have uncovered everything, you’ll no longer be able to do so. Under each trophy for completing a region, there is a map marking important things you'll need. The marker for the maps is also a marker for possible keys you'll need to unlock chests as well.

Here is a list of trophies you should be able to earn in each area. Some of them can be earned throughout the game, but most of them should be earned within the region listed.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

I'll show them!
Was that supposed to hurt?
All Present and Accounted For
Distillation of Filth
For the Good Book states
Once more! Again!
Never give up, never surrender!

I want YOU for the Lyrian Army
Art! Arf! Grrr…
At ease, Private!
I’ll probably need this later...
Lord of the Moulderwood
1. Do no harm
Dog Trainer
Among the Ashes

In Good Company
Perfectly harmless...
Out of the sizzlixer into the fire
Party’s over!
One Big Happy Family
Those gears are turning…
We have the high ground!

I have the power!
Dogs of War
Army Camp Tycoon
Gvaern Ichaer
Witcher to the Rescue

Through the Fourth Wall
Tax Collector
Arms Race
There’s no place like home…

Step 2: Epilogue

The epilogue takes place in the map of Aldersberg. There's nothing of significance here. You'll just have a couple of regular fights to go through and then you're done. You'll obtain the last Spymaster letter needed for the trophy after the second battle you engage in. So make sure you read all the reports in your menu and purchase any camp upgrades you haven't gotten, if any.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Burn After Reading
Return of the Queen
Living Legend

Step 3: Replay

You'll only need this step if you missed something. Unfortunately, there's no chapter select, so if you missed something, go back and replay the game and get whatever trophy eluded you.

[PST would like to thank PainOfDemise for this Roadmap]

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Trophy Guide

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40 trophies ( 22  15  16  )

  • Get all trophies.

    Obtain all other trophies and retake your rightful place.

  • Finish the Thronebreaker tutorial.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon leaving the town of Hawkesburn and traveling south past the first puzzle.

  • Find all golden chests.


    There is a total of 10 in Lyria, 9 in Aedirn, 8 in Mahakam, 9 in Angren, and 9 in Rivia. Some of the chests will be unobtainable until you find the treasure map for the chest. You’ll then need to go to the spot on the map and dig up the chest to retrieve it. They also might be locked, where you’ll need to find the key to open it, which can be found by looting, battles, or puzzles. See the story related trophies for each region for a detailed map listing of each location of the chests, maps, and keys.

  • Fully upgrade your army camp.

    You’ll need a lot of wood and gold to fully upgrade your camp. Each time you complete an area and move on will unlock more upgrades for you. You’ll need to upgrade every single building within the Workshop.

    You’ll end up collecting more than enough by the end of the game, as I was swimming in resources at the end. Just loot everything you can, and you'll have no problems. There is an ability which you can purchase that will allow you to trade in gold for wood to help as well. You can purchase the upgrades in any order you wish.

  • Read all spymaster letters.


    As you progress through the game, you’ll receive letters through story-related quests. At the end of the game in the Aldersberg region, when you’ve completed the Elf battle, the last letter will be received. Go into your menu and read all the letters, under reports, you've collected throughout your journey.

    As long as you explore each region and partake in all the battles, puzzles, etc., you should have no issues gathering all of the letters. It is possible they are all obtained through story objectives.

  • Obtain all weapons.


    There is a total of 7 weapons you’ll need to collect. These come in the form of leader cards. There is at least one located in each region. If you would like to see the exact location of each weapon, view the trophies for completing each region, as they have a map for each with it marked.


    • Meve: War Hammer - Defeat the Grave Hag in Lyria
    • Meve: Broadsword - Story related


    • Meve: Flail - Get a quest to defeat the hawkers in Crumhorn and then find them north of the village by a fishing hut and attack them. Equip your troops with the goods. Do not destroy them.
    • Meve: Ornamental Sword - You’ll run into a quest called “Black Sashes” near the end of the map, where you’ll have the option to attack the traitors. Do so, and after the battle choose to show mercy. Continue East and you’ll run into Falbeson’s home. Accept his offer of food and then win the battle.


    • Meve: Sihil - During your travels, you’ll be given the option to attack a Nilfgaardian convoy. Do so to obtain the weapon.


    • Meve: Angrena Blade - Among some ruins, you'll be giving the option to enter them or leave, enter the ruins. You'll then enter a battle, which you'll have to defeat the Ancient Evil.


    • Meve: Spear - When fighting to take back Kaveldun, win the battle and then spare the Blacksmith when given the choice.
  • Finish the Thronebreaker campaign.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Unlocks upon completing the mission "Twilight of the Golden Sun".

  • Complete 20 Puzzles.


    Puzzles are marked with a puzzle piece icon on your map. These are specialized battles with unique rules in place which you’ll have to complete specific goals. Find and beat 20 of them. You cannot go back to completed regions, so any puzzles you run across, I suggest completing otherwise you run the risk of not finishing 20 of them if you skip too many.

  • Win a non-Puzzle Battle without any of your units being killed.

    See Was that supposed to hurt?.

  • Train your first Gascon Unit.

    See One Big Happy Family.

  • Train your first Raynard Unit.

    See One Big Happy Family.

  • Play 5 or more characters in one battle.

    You should have no issues obtaining this. You do not have to play five of the cards in one round, it can be spread out among all three rounds. Make sure you have at least five character cards in your deck.

    If you want to get this out of the way, bring your cards to the minimum amount of cards needed with all the character cards available in your deck. Find a fight and then keep redrawing until you have them in your hand or until you hit your limit. Play all the ones you can and then finish the round. If you were not able to play all five, try again the next round and if you didn’t obtain any character cards, lose the round, and try again for the third. If the other character cards didn’t get drawn, restart the game and redo the fight again until you get it.

  • Own at least one copy of each non-Reynard, non-Gascon unit.

    To get this, you’ll have to unlock the Level 4 Workshop and the Level 3 Training Grounds from the Workshop. This will give you the ability to recruit all the units you will need. Once you have unlocked the ability to create your units, go to the Command Tent and find the new cards and press to recruit them. You can view the cost of the unit at the bottom of the screen and then press to recruit. Do this for each unit.

    To know which unit is which, you can go to the workshop and under each unlock will tell you in the description which unit they belong to, whether it is a unit for Reynard, Gascon, or neither.

  • End a round with a score of over 300.


    At the end of one of the rounds, you’ll need a total score that equals over 300. There are certain cards you’ll want in your deck. Any unit that will summon the rest of the same card, the beer artifact, lyrian scytheman, the forager, and using one of Meve’s weapons that takes the least amount of cooldown to be reused. Use her ability at every chance you get to trigger the loyalty ability on the cards which will boost their power. Keep trying until you get it.

    I obtained this in the first battle in the Angren region. This is missable, as there are only a certain amount of battles in each region, so you have a limited amount of times to obtain this.

  • Obtain 10 trinkets.

    Trinkets are cards with the fire symbol in the top left of the card. They can be obtained in by finding enough pieces of the card, winning a battle, or from loot. You’ll obtain this without any issues. Just explore each area you come across.

  • Find an Easter Egg.


    This can be found in Rivia. It is located Southwest of the map, by the mouth of the wolf on the map. There is a cemetery just west of the path. It is an estate, and once you get close enough, the trophy will automatically pop.

  • Earn 10,000 or more gold.

    You can earn gold by winning battles, finding it on the map, talking to NPCs, opening chests, or unlocking abilities in the camp. You’ll have no issues gaining 10,000 gold before you’re finished with the first area if you explore enough.

  • Use Meve to trigger allies' Loyal abilities 100 times.


    Every time you use Meve’s ability, no matter which weapon you have equipped, will trigger your allies’ loyal abilities (if they have them). Every card that gets triggered will count towards this goal. You’ll get this without trying if you continue to use her ability, which you should as it is very beneficial. To use Meve’s ability, select her when you see in the lower left corner the number in the circle is green. This means her ability is ready.

    As with other battle related trophies, this is missable due to having a limited amount of battles in each region. So if you don't use Meve's abilities, you'll miss out.

  • Kill 9 enemies simultaneously.


    In the Mahakam region, you’ll run into a puzzle called “Specters of the past near the 3rd golden chest you can obtain. Here is where you’ll want to go for this by destroying 9 or more enemies simultaneously.

    This is only missable due to the limited amount of battles in each region. Here is a detailed way of doing it, or you can watch the video below:

    1. Play the Rivian Sapper + card and destroy all Barghest cards
    2. Play the Rivian Onager by placing it on the right side of the Rivian Sapper.
    3. Play the Alchemist on the left side and boost the Rivian Onager.
    4. Play the Alchemist on the left side and use the ability on the Rivian Sapper.
    5. Play the Epidemic card and then use the ability on your Rivian Onager card on the Beast until dead.

  • Win a non-Puzzle Battle with less than 10 damage taken in total.


    In Lyria, after you pass Rastburg, you’ll run into a fast travel point. Take the path to the right and there is a point of interest where you’ll get ambushed. There is only one card the ambushers have that can damage you which is the Nilfgaardian Interceptor.

    It is a shortened battle, and at the start of it, you’ll want to make sure you have three specific cards: 2 War Wagons and a Lyrian Arbalest. The other cards don’t matter. When you start the match, the card facing down is the Interceptor. Whichever row the card is on, you’ll want to play your cards on the opposite. Your first two turns, you’ll want to play both wagon cards and on the third turn the Interceptor should face up, where you can play your Arbalest card to destroy it. After this, make sure your point value stays higher than your enemy and win. No other cards can harm you.

  • Pray at 10 Shrines.


    Shrines are located in each region throughout the game. When you interact with one, you’ll increase your moral, which will give you a +1 to each card. If you explore each region fully, you’ll find enough shrines at the beginning of the third region. This is technically missable, as if you do not pray at any of the shrines, you cannot go back to regions you have already completed.

  • Collect 15 Treasure Maps.


    See Tax Collector.

  • Gather 5,000 wood throughout the game.

    You can gather wood by defeating enemies or by collecting it in the world. You can easily find wood to be collected in the world, as it will have a hand symbol above it. You should obtain this with no issues before you beat the game. Just explore each region and loot everything.

  • Recruit 200 Soldiers.

    There are different types of ways to recruit soldiers. You’ll see blue banners about, that when you interact with them, it will recruit soldiers for you. You can also recruit soldiers by making certain choices in game and also if you upgrade certain parts of your camp.


Secret trophies

  • Recruit Barnabas Beckenbauer into your army.


    In the small village of Drunken Bluff in the Mahakam region, you’ll find Barnabas being set for an execution. Intervene on the behalf of the gnome and buy his freedom for 500 gold and have him join your army.

  • Recruit Isbel into your army.


    She's located in camp in Aedirn, where she is held hostage. The camp is in the northwest most point of the map. When you arrive, you’ll be given the option to attack the fort or avoid the hideout. Attack the fort and win. Accept her terms to have her join you.

  • Recruit Eyck into your army.


    While in Lyria, you’ll need to travel North of Hawkesburn to the church where you’ll obtain a side quest to recover coins that have been stolen. There is a bandit camp Northeast of the church, where you’ll see a point of interest marked. Go there and defeat the bandits and have the treasure RETURNED to the cloister.

    Once returned, you’ll have to continue onward where you’ll eventually meet Eyck infront of Abbot’s Farm. Have him join with you to fight the Manticore, as it makes the fight much easier. Follow the path through the farm until you reach a cave. Here you will fight the beast. Win and Eyck will join you.

  • Recruit the dog into your army.


    You’ll get the chance to recruit Knickers in the Aedirn region. To recruit him, go to the first point of interest after leaving the burned castle. You’ll see him standing by abandoned houses. Interact with him and choose the option to take him with you.

  • Complete the main story line for Lyria.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Unlocks upon completing the mission “A Bitter Return”.

  • Complete the main story line for Aedirn.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Unlocks upon completing the mission “Ashes of Aedrin”.

  • Complete the main story line for Mahakam.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Unlocks upon completing the mission “Summit Meeting”.

  • Kill count Caldwell.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You'll face Caldwell half way through the Angren region.

  • Complete the main story line for Angren.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Unlocks upon completing the mission "Behind Enemy Lines".

  • Complete the main story line for Rivia.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Unlocks upon completing the mission "Return of the Queen".

  • Unlock all of Gascon's Buildings.

    See Army Camp Tycoon.

  • Unlock all of Raynard's Buildings.

    See Army Camp Tycoon.

  • Defeat Gernichora.

    Story related, but can be missed.

    You'll fight Gernichora towards the end of the Angren region.

    WARNING! Do not skip this battle, otherwise you'll not obtain the trophy. This battle can be a pain and you'll probably have to change up your deck for this fight. Do not kill any of the leeches, just make sure to damage them so they don't hit 10 or above in power, or they'll die and one of your cards in your hand will be destroyed. Utilize the leeches to damage the boss, while you use Arbalest cards to damage it as well when it is not immune (while the leeches are draining it).

  • Kill the Manticore.


    See For the Good Book states….

  • Defeat Kelltulis the dragon.

    Story related, but can be missed.

    While progressing through the Mahakam region, you’ll run into Keltullis. You’ll be given the option to help fight the dragon, do so and defeat him. You only need to fight and beat him the first time.

  • Defeat Eldain.


    It's possible that this trophy could glitch on you and not pop after defeating Eldain. Make a separate save file in Aedrin, so you can go back to it just in case it does not pop.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You’ll face Eldain half way through the Aedrin region.

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