• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (personal) Poll
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 1, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20 hours (personal) Poll
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 6
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats


This Is the Police is an adventure strategy video game developed by Weappy Studio, and published by Nordic Games and EuroVideo Medien.

You are a Police Chief running the day-to-day operations for the City of Freeburg. The game is separated into 3 acts. Each act is separated by events in the game's story.


Step One: Complete the game for the first time

Play through each day responding to calls, and just enjoy the game's story. Make sure you are NOT sending out SWAT or Paddy Wagon calls, or you will lock yourself out of two game-spanning trophies. Also make sure to pay careful attention to each call, so you don't answer any false calls. During this step you will earn the following trophies:

Severed Leg
Ahab's Prosthesis
Whaleboat on the Water
Sinking Pequod
Harpooned Whale
No Bullshit
No God
No Irish
No Big Guns

Step Two: Second Playthrough

Play through the game again. This time, you want to focus on answering every legitimate call, this time including all the SWAT and Paddy Wagon calls you skipped during Step 1. During this step you will earn the last trophy:

No One Left Behind

[PST would like to thank StressEater for this Roadmap]


This Is The Police Trophy Guide

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10 trophies ( 10  )


    Secret trophies

    • Ahab lost his leg, but it only made him angrier.

      Story related and cannot be missed. This will trigger a few days into the game when you are forced to make your first real decision.

    • Ahab is ready for the hunt.

      Story related and cannot be missed. This will trigger shortly after finishing Act 1.

    • Ahab prepared for the decisive blow.

      Story related and cannot be missed. This will trigger shortly after finishing Act 2.

    • The ship fell victim to Ahab's obsession.

      Story related and cannot be missed. This will trigger shortly after finishing Act 3.

    • Ahab got what he wanted.


      This will trigger once you collect $500,000.

      Side Note: It is very hard to miss this trophy, but it is technically possible if you get all willy nilly with your spending and avoid most of the cash calls.

    • Respond to all legitimate/bona-fide calls.


      It is best to go after this trophy on your second playthrough. The reason why is because there are calls that require you to send the SWAT or Paddy Wagon in order to respond to the calls. And since you need to respond to all calls you can't earn this trophy and both the No Irish and No Big Guns trophies.

      Side Note: You just need to respond to all the calls. You do NOT need to arrest the individual and you do NOT need to keep your officers from dying.

    • Don't bite on a single false alarm.


      In order to earn this trophy, do not send any officers on a false call. When the call comes up, make sure you read the call's description well to check for inconsistencies in the report. If you make a mistake then reload your previous save.

      Example: A call comes through from a boy named Timmy. He is crying. He claims that he is being held against his will and needs help. All he wants to do is go outside and play with his friend Billy. (Turns out his parents won't let him leave the house until he finishes his lunch, False Alarm.)

      You will reach a point where you have to investigate "The Dentist". After making an announcement to the Press you will be flooded with "False Alarms" for spottings of the individual in question, so be careful.

    • Take advantage of all Special Church services.


      After you progress through the story, you will receive a call from the church. You will be asked to send a number of officers to assist them. This will then in turn unlock the churches services. Once unlocked you must purchase all six services (there are 7 but two of them are the same, funeral services). The best thing to do is buy them all at the beginning of the day, unlock the trophy, and then reload your game. None of these services do anything to help you and it will cost you about $100,000 for the trophy.

      Side Note: You do NOT have to respond to all of the Church calls to earn this trophy. To be honest I skipped most of them since they require a large amount of officers with very little pay.

    • Beat the game without using the Paddy Wagon.

      Missable! You should work on this alongside No Big Guns.

      You should be able to get this on your first play though. Just send extra officers to compensate not sending the Paddy Wagon.

    • Beat the game without using SWAT.

      Missable! You should work on this alongside No Irish.

      You should be able to get this on your first playthrough. Use the same technique by sending extra officers. Also keep your rating with the city up so you can skip the riot calls that require you to send the SWAT. I also skipped all the investigations that required the SWAT as well.

      Side Note: By skipping the calls that require the SWAT you will be unable to earn the No One Left Behind Trophy

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