• Estimated difficulty: 4/10 (Personal estimate for the time being)
  • Estimated time to platinum: 25-30 Hours
  • Offline trophies: 38 (24, 8, 5, 1 )
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheats affect trophies?: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes

Step 1: Play your first playthrough on any difficulty of your choosing, play through Chapters 1-6, completing all Client and Basso Jobs prior to starting Chapters 7 and 8, all the while accumulating at least 15 hours of playtime.

While you can dive into Master difficulty right away, it is preferred and advisable that you play through the game on whatever difficulty you like first. This is because one, you'll want to know the layouts of each level when you tackle them again on your stealth-based second playthrough, and two, because it'll make things easier when you're roaming around The City for collectibles. More will be explained in step two of the roadmap.

During this playthrough, you'll want to aim for "More Heist Less Speed", which is to accumulate over 15 hours of game time before beating the game. While you are offered the ability to free roam to collect any collectibles you might be missing and replay each chapter once you've completed the game, if you did not amass at least 15 hours of gameplay, you would have to replay the final chapter again. As such, it is advised that you take the time to enjoy your first playthrough, examining every corner you possibly can for loot/collectibles, as well as using this time to complete all of the side jobs that are offered to you, so that the 15 hours comes by naturally.

You will also want to pickpocket any guard you see that has a pouch that you can snatch from. You'll need to do this 100 times. You can obviously grind for this end-game, but it's best that you just make pickpocketing a habit to save time.

Each chapter has a number of collectibles for you to collect, so you'd want to collect them as you go. Therefore, do make it a goal in obtaining a set of wirecutters, a wrench, and a razor as soon as possible from a merchant, as a number of collectibles will only be available for you to collect if you have these tools. You'll also want to make a habit of having at least 2-3 rope arrows in your inventory for situations that require you to use it to obtain certain collectibles. Don't worry if you missed picking up some, as you get the ability to replay each chapter end-game. You'll also want to work towards what is referred to as thieving challenges during each chapter and Client Mission. These are basically optional objectives that you're encouraged to complete for not just a bonus in gold, but for trophy purposes (you need to complete a total of 25).

At the end of this step, you will have earned at least the following:

The Drop
Dust to Dust
Dirty Secrets
A Friend in Need
The Forsaken
A Man Apart
The Hidden City
The Dawn's Light
More Heist Less Speed

Step 2: Clean up Jobs, collectibles, and Thieving Challenges via free-roam, as well as looking for all 73 secret areas within the game.

Once you've beaten the game, you are given the ability to free-roam. Complete any outstanding Jobs you might still have on you, as well as collecting all the collectibles in the game's hub, The City. You are also given the ability to replay any story chapter/client job. When replaying chapters, you will want to dedicate one chapter (we advise Chapter 1) where you'll want to in addition to collecting all the collectibles, you'll want to pick up all possible loot in that chapter as well. The only catch to replaying chapters is that in order to do so, you must traverse back to the door in which initiated said chapter. Why didn't the the ability to fast travel in this game cross the developer's minds? We're not sure but we know its quite a hassle. Regardless, collect all the missing collectibles and complete any thieving challenges (until you've completed 25) during your chapter replays. For a map of each story chapter and client job's starting location, please refer to the spoiler tags in the guide under their respective story related trophies and "Working Overtime".

If you still haven't pickpocketed 100 guards, do so now, either by finding guards roaming around The City or during your chapter replays.

While you're roaming around for collectibles, you'll most likely unlock most if not all of the "secret areas" in the game. These basically refer to hidden areas of a map that are accessed through means of a hidden vent, door, rope arrow, etc. Please refer to "Finders Keepers" for details.

Once you've collected all the collectibles, you will be awarded a total of 30,000G. With the amount of money you've gotten from looting, bring those over to a nearby merchant and spend at least 40,000G to unlock "Cache Dispenser".

By collecting all the collectibles and doing all the side jobs in this game, you will unlock:

Obsessive Compulsive
All That Glitters
What's Yours is Mine
Dark Archer
Legend in Leather
Working Overtime
Dastardly Deeds
Hidden Agenda
Finders Keepers
Cache Dispenser

Step 3: Miscellaneous Trophies.

After doing all of the above, you'll want to perform some miscellaneous tasks for some quick trophies. Obviously you could have performed these actions at anytime (or even naturally earned a few), if you are still missing any, you'll want to do them now.

In this step you'll earn:

Quickly Pick a Luck Lock
Focus on the Tasks at Hand
One Step Ahead
Hail of Glass
Health Hazard
Happy Birthday
Old Habits Die Hard

Step 4: Play through the game a second time on Master Custom difficulty focusing on not performing any kills/knockouts as well as not using Focus.

After doing collecting just about everything in the game and going through the game's level multiple times, you should now have a good enough knowledge in how to get through each main story chapter in the fastest and stealthiest way possible. As such, you'll want to dedicate this playthrough by playing through only the game's story missions, keeping in mind not only to not use focus, but also not perform any kills or knockouts. You should have no problem of accidentally performing these actions if you follow our suggestions in the trophy description in the guide (please refer to "Something to Prove" for details). You should be aiming to not get alerts, but its not the end of the world if you don't since completing the game without any alerts is not a trophy (thankfully).

You'll also want to complete 3 story missions in a row without taking damage. If you take damage, simply restart your checkpoint.

In this second last step, you will have earned:

Something to Prove
Mint Condition
Moral Victory
Clear Headed
Hard Times
Child of the Shadows

Step 5: Earn 5,000,000 points in a Challenge Map.

Finally, to finish off, select Challenge Mode in the main game menu and complete a map while earning 5,000,000 points. The amount might seem a lot, but its actually very easy and straightforward. Refer to the trophy's description for details. Complete this final trophy, and enjoy your platinum.

In this final step, you will earn:

Modesty Denied
Man of Steal

[PST would like to thank BreadSkin for this Roadmap]

Further Resources:

Thief - Basso's Jobs Guide

Thief Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

38 trophies ( 24  12  )

  • The True Master Thief

    Congrats master thief, on this achievement!

  • Steal all loot and collectibles in a single chapter

    Loot are those objects that glimmer that are located throughout the game that you can pick up. They range from gold coins to pens, to a pair of scissors to a bust. They will earn you gold automatically, usually in a amount that ranges from 1G - 50G+ (obviously depending on the object picked up). Collectibles on the other hand will not earn you gold, but serve as memorabilia purposes in your Clocktower safehouse.

    For the purpose of this trophy, you'll need to pick up all possible loot and collectibles in a single chapter. You will want to attempt this trophy on Chapter 1 since its one of the shorter chapters, but especially because the amount of loot in it is small (60 loot items). You can check your progress at anytime by accessing the Journal via , and looking under the Progression tab on your current chapter. Looting all items also serve as a Thieving Challenges, so you can use that progress bar as an indicator as well.

    Simply collect all the loot and collectibles in a single chapter, and this trophy will unlock during the end-chapter statistics screen.

    For those who prefer visual aid, please refer to the video below courtesy of PowerPyx:


  • Pick 100 pockets in a single playthrough

    What's a thief game without pickpocketing? In order to unlock this trophy, you'll need to pickpocket 100 pockets.

    Throughout the game, you'll run into guards that will occasionally have a pouch(es) on their back that you can snatch from. To pickpocket, simply sneak up to them while crouched (), and hold . Pickpocketing will always net you coins. As mentioned, some guards will have more than one pouch, so you will want to look out for these guards as it'll count as two pickpockets. Keep in mind that documents stolen off a guard's belt will not count towards this trophy, only gold.

    You can check how many pockets you've stolen from by accessing your Journal via , then through the tabs Player Progression -> Statistics -> Overall.

  • Pick a lock with masterful speed

    As per the trophy description, unlocking this trophy requires you to pick a lock at masterful speed. Lockpicking involves maneuvering your pins through a series of 3-5 "pins/holes via the until you've found the sweet spot, and then pressing to lock a pin in place before moving towards the next hole. A pin/hole will turn blue when you've found the sweet spot.

    Masterful speed entails picking each hole in a lock knowing ahead of time which direction you should adjust your pin, advancing through each hole (pointing towards the correct direction before moving on towards the next one), all the while doing this perfectly without any mistakes. That said, you should attempt this trophy only after you've purchased the Lockpick Quality upgrades from a tavern merchant, as these upgrades will increase the range of the sweet spots during lockpicks. The sweet spots for 3-pin locks are also much bigger than the 4 or 5-pin ones, so you'll also want to attempt the trophy on those instead.

    Go to any chest or door that requires lockpicking (stuff you've picklocked before will require you to pick it again), make a quick save, and attempt to perfectly pick the lock. Repeat the checkpoint as needed until you've done it perfectly.

    For those who prefer visual aid, please refer to the video below courtesy of PowerPyx:


  • Finish the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more

    You must start a new game on a different save file for this and select "Custom" difficulty. Custom difficulty in Thief, at its core (such as the difficulty of the AI for example), works the same way as you if you were playing the other difficulties. The catch is however, that in addition to selecting what difficulty you want the base of your game to be, you are to select a number of handicaps to go along with your playthrough. These handicaps serves as restrictions of what you can or cannot do over the course of your game. For the purpose of this trophy, you need to pick a list of limitations of your choosing that adds up to 700 points, and beat the game with them in place.

    Rogue - x0.100
    Thief - x0.500
    Master - x1.000

    The lower the difficulty you play on, the lower the total value of your points. Therefore, you are pretty much forced to play on Master if you want the 700 points, so reduction of points doesn't take place.

    List of Mods for Custom are as follows:

    Classic Thief Mods

    • Chapter Saves Only - 180pts
    • No Focus - 50pts
    • Stealth Takedowns Only - 50pts
    • No Reticule - 30pts

    Legendary Thief Mods

    • Specialty Arrows Only - 50pts
    • No Food or Poppies - 100pts
    • Zero Damage - 60pts
    • Expensive Resources - 70pts
    • Slowed Movement - 45pts

    Ultimate Thief Mods

    • Iron Man (do not in your right mind enable this) - 250pts
    • No Upgrades - 100pts
    • No Kills or Knockouts - 170pts
    • No Alerts - 145pts

    You can obviously use your own list of restrictions of your own choosing. We do however, recommend using these settings so you can earn a number of trophies along the way in addition to this one.

    No Focus - 50pts
    Stealth Takedowns Only - 50pts
    Speciality Arrows Only - 50pts
    No Food or Poppies - 100pts
    Expensive Resources - 70pts
    No Upgrades - 100pts [Opt out for Zero Damage (60pts) and No Reticule (30pts) instead if you'd prefer]
    No Kills or Knockouts - 170pts
    No Alerts - 145 ptsTotal - 735 points

  • Complete 10 optional Thieving Challenges

    See “Legend in Leather” for details.

  • Complete 25 optional Thieving Challenges

    Each main story mission and client job in Thief will pose a set of what is called Thieving Challenges that you can complete for bonus gold. These optional challenges vary from performing a set number of tasks (pickpockets, distracts, etc.), a certain number of takedowns (combat, aerial, kill), and finding all the collectible loot in the level.

    Thieving Challenges are connected to how you've approached in completing a chapter, categorized into 3 types:

    • Ghost - (No kills/takedowns, no alerts)
    • Operative - (Silent takedowns, using the environment to lure distract guards, etc.)
    • Predator - (Kills, enemies alerted and are aware of your presence, etc.)

    What this means is that you can only earn around two out of the four thieving challenges per chapter run. This is because attempting certain challenges will cancel out the requirement for another. For example, You cannot earn "remain undetected" and "combat takedowns" simultaneously. Because of this, you should attempt to earn all of the thieving challenges in each Client Job because one, you can fulfill the requirements almost always for all 4 of the challenges and two, because the level is short and compact.

    You can check how many you've completed so far by accessing your Journal via -> Player Progression -> Statistics -> then cycling through the mission tabs with / Thieving challenges will be shown on the bottom left, and a COMPLETED will be shown if you have met the requirements for it. The total listed in the "Overall" section is incorrect, so if you want to check how many challenges you have actually completed, do so by manually counting them off yourself by cycling through the tabs for each chapter.

    List of Thieving Challenges are as follows:

    Story Missions

    Chapter 1
    Remain undetected
    Extinguish 9 flames
    Headshot 4 threats
    Lift all loot items (60/60)

    Chapter 2
    Remain undetected
    Pick 10 pockets
    10 combat takedowns
    Lift all loot items (71/71)

    Chapter 3
    Remain undetected
    No kills or knockouts
    5 Aerial takedowns
    Lift all loot items (57/57)

    Chapter 4
    Remain undetected
    Pick 8 pockets
    10 Kills or knockouts
    Lift all loot items (39/39)

    Chapter 5
    Remain undetected
    Take no damage
    12 kills or knockouts
    Lift all loot items (106/106)

    Chapter 6
    Remain undetected
    Disarm 5 traps
    10 kills or knockouts
    Lift all loot items (90/90)

    Chapter 7
    Remain undetected
    3 Environmental exploits
    15 Kills or knockouts
    Lift all loot items (88/88)

    Chapter 8
    Remain undetected
    Take no damage
    14 kills or knockouts
    Lift all loot items (52/52)

    Client Jobs

    Ector’s Client Job 1 - Hand Tailored
    Remain undetected
    Pick 5 pockets
    1 Kills or knockouts
    Lift all loot items (24/24)

    Ector’s Client Job 2 - Silence is Golden
    Remain undetected
    1 Environmental exploits
    Headshot 3 threats
    Lift all loot items

    Ector’s Client Job 3 - Heartbroken
    Lift all loot items (23/23)

    Vittiori’s Client Job 1 - Happy Medium
    Remain undetected
    Take no damage
    2 Combat Takedowns
    Lift all loot items (20/20)

    Vittiori’s Client Job 2 - Carnal Connoisseur
    Remain undetected
    No kills or knockouts
    1 Aerial Takedowns
    Lift all loot items (27/27)

    Vittiori’s Client Job 3 - Sideshow Attraction
    Remain undetected
    Distract 4 threats
    4 Combat Takedowns
    Lift all loot items (18/18)

  • Finish 3 consecutive missions without taking damage

    As stated quite obviously in the trophy description, you must complete 3 missions in a row without taking any damage whatsoever to unlock this trophy. You will want to earn this trophy during your second playthrough on this game on Master Custom difficulty, since it would be to your advantage to not engage in combat and stealth your way through each chapter given how limited and constrained you will be with your abilities.

    Given the fact that you can pretty much save your game at anytime in this game, and reload back to the exact position in which you saved at, getting this trophy should be a breeze. If at anytime you get hurt or injured, reload your previous save and try again. Keep in mind that the Prologue counts as a mission as well, so consider attempting this trophy by playing Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.

  • Pick a pocket and a lock using the focus ability

    You will need to purchase Focus Upgrades for this trophy, specifically Dexterity II. You can purchase focus upgrades after completing Chapter 1 from the Queen of Beggars ( on your City map).

    Once you’ve purchased them, simply activate your focus ability via before you pickpocket a guard and lockpick a door/chest. You probably won’t notice a difference when pickpocketing with focus on (you supposedly loot faster) but when you’re lockpicking, initiating focus mode grants you the ability to see “inside” the lock you’re picking.

    Note that you do not have to do these two tasks consecutively; you can do it at different times. Do both tasks to unlock this trophy.

    For those who prefer visual aid, please refer to the video below courtesy of PowerPyx:


  • Finish the game without a single kill or knockout

    As stated in the trophy description, you must complete the game without a single kill or knockout to unlock this trophy. Obviously guards will count towards this, but caged animals are off limits as well. Each mission in this game is made in such a way that you can remain undectectd and avoid combat altogether if you explore well enough. As always, take note of the different routes you can take when trying to get through each area, such as rope arrow beams or hidden pathways you can use.

    As with the other stealth related trophies, you will want to earn this trophy during your second playthrough on this game on Master Custom difficulty, since it would be to your advantage to not engage in combat anyway and stealth your way through each chapter given how limited and constrained you will be with your abilities.

  • Disarm ten trap mechanisms

    Occassionally while you're progressing through the chapters or doing one of the many fetch quests in The City, you'll run into traps (which really just fires miniature arrows and darts at you but for some reason kills you). A trap will be indicated in red glow when upon activating focus mode. To disarm a trap, you will need to find the control box that links with the trap. The wires leading to the trap will be highlighted in blue thanks to focus vision, so simply follow the wires to the control box and disable it. You will obviously need to purchase a pair of wirecutters from a tavern merchant before you have the ability to disarm traps.

    You will without a doubt unlock this trophy naturally through the course of gameplay. Even more so if you're going for all the collectibles in this game and are taking time to explore the different ways you can complete each room in a level.

  • Reach the final chapter without using the focus ability

    Focus ability (activated via ), grants you the ability to survey your surroundings for thieving opportunities. While in focus and briefly after deactivating focus, objects that you can interact will glow in blue, such as rope arrow-able beams and loot you can pilfer, and so forth. Therefore, focus mode serves as a fundamental ability in progressing through this game as it shows you possible routes that you can take when completing a level.

    However, for the purpose of this trophy, you will not be able to use the focus ability at all until the final chapter to unlock it. That said, it is recommended you do this on your Master Custom second playthrough of the game, as one of the handicaps we suggest is having the "No focus" into play. This will also remove the possibility of you activating focus by accident, forcing you to replay the game once again for the trophy.

  • Finish the game on Master difficulty

    Master difficulty is the hardest difficulty in Thief (not counting custom difficulty). Master is automatically made available to you in the beginning of the game. As noted by the game itself, opponents on Master are able to take you down in just a few hits. Harming civilians will also automatically net you a game over. Though the gold you obtain from loot is the same as other difficulties, resources and upgrades are more expensive. Focus meter also depletes at a much faster rate.

    Due to the way multipliers work on Custom difficulty, it is recommended you pair your Custom difficulty run on Master. Since you're limited into what you can do on Custom given all those constraints, breezing through the game in a stealthiest manner as possible will make your Master run easier.

    Some tips:

    • The swoosh ability () is your best friend. Always use this technique as opposed to sprinting if you want to move around faster. Do note that although this technique is silent, it will make noises if you're using it over fragile surfaces or near caged animals. Although useful and should always be used, keep in mind that overuse will cause Garrett to overexert himself (heart icon at the bottom right of your screen) so use wisely.
    • Purchase a wrench, a pair of wirecutters, and a razor as soon as possible. Aside from these being required for collecting certain loots/collectibles in the game, the stealthiest way to get through each area in the story almost always requires you have one of these at your disposal.
    • In addition to the above upgrades, always keep a few rope arrows on hand. Water arrows are also useful but priority should be given to rope arrows.
    • If you have upgrades enabled, focus on upgrades that increases the efficiency of stealth, and then maybe health/focus related upgrades. Upgrades to your bow can be ignored, since you'll hardly be using your arrows.
    • Always avoid fights, simply because enemies are capable of finishing you off in just a few blows. The combat in this game is pretty clunky, so always go for stealth.
  • Score an epic 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map

    Challenge maps can be accessed through the main game menu, under "Challenge Mode". There are 2 maps available to you as well as 3 modes. We recommend you select "House of Blossoms" and then "Chain & Gain". The objective of this mode is simply to keep collecting loot. As you pick up more your multiplier increases to x10, you have 60 seconds after each pick up to loot something else before the challenge will automatically end.

    There are enemies throughout the area and although knocking them out loses you an amount of points (which increases with each subsequent knock out) It is a good idea to just speed through the area dealing with the guards while looting enough to not fail. Then you can just sweep the entire area with ease quickly chaining all the loot. While in the challenge you don't need to get 5 million, as the score will multiply on reaching the end door (the glowing green exit on the back stairs). So just as long as the in game score reaches somewhere near 2.4 million you should get well over 5 on completion.

    For those who prefer visual aid, please refer to the video below courtesy of PowerPyx:


  • Finish a single chapter without alerting anyone

    Enemies will become alert when they become aware of your presence. As such, even if you've never made face to face contact with a guard (red cross above their heads), an enemy will be put into alert status if the eye icon on top of their fills up 3 stars or fall into suspicion noted by a yellow eye icon atop of their heads.

    Seeing as you'll want to be completing the story chapters by sneaking your way through all possible encounters on your Custom Master difficulty run, you will most likely earn this trophy naturally.

  • Shoot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow

    Before you can attempt this trophy, you will need to have unlocked at least one level of Speed as part of your list of focus upgrades. This is because this upgrade "slows down" time when you're aiming with your bow or picking a lock.

    Once you have purchased at least one Speed upgrade (II is obviously preferred), find a bottle if you don't have one already, aim straight up and throw it. As the bottle is in the air, quickly switch to your bow (any type of arrow works) and wait for the bottle to appear just over your reticue before you fire. With any luck you should have hit the bottle unlocking yourself the trophy. Obviously, you will want to make a quick save before you attempt this not only to save yourself a bottle, but allowing you to restart right away from a quick load and try again.

    For those who prefer visual aid, please refer to the video below courtesy of PowerPyx:


  • Kill or knockout 10 people using the environment

    Occasionally within each chapter, there will be objects in the environment that you can interact with to kill or takedown a guard. These objects come in the form of gas pipes that you can leak with a blunt arrow and then lighting it on fire with a fire arrow, or using explosive barrels against enemies in the later chapters. However to save yourself some time in looking for these objects, you can take down 10+ enemies at once and earn this trophy in Chapter 3. You will need to have purchased a pair of wirecutters before you can attempt this trophy.

    Play through the chapter until you make your way into the House of Blossoms brothel. Whereas normally you would simply try and make your way to the second floor by sneaking by/taking down/or killing any guards you pass by, there is actually a much simpler method in getting past this section. It involves you rigging the brothel's opium machine to knock out everyone in the building. To do that, once you've made your way inside, immediately head to the right going east, and you'll come to the brothel's basement. Wait for the guard to walk away and the two prostitutes to head downstairs to where the machine is, then make your way across to the back while staying on the upper level to a door in which you'll have to pick. Pick it open it, drop down, and go underneath to reach a control box that you can disarm with your wirecutters. Make your way back to where the two lady workers are, wait for them to finish conversing and leave, then pull the lever by the machine to overheat it. Everyone in the brothel will be knocked out unconscious and you'll be rewarded with the trophy.

    For those who prefer visual aid, please refer to the video below courtesy of PowerPyx:


  • Complete a collectible set

    See "What's Yours is Mine" for details.

  • Complete all collectible sets

    As mentioned before, collectibles unlike loot will not reward you any money when picked up. They serves as memorabilia purposes, and will be displayed in your showcases back in your Clocktower hideout. While each individual collectible will not reward you any money, collecting all of the collectible sets however will net you 30,000G. Each story mission and client job will have a number of collectibles for you to collect. Collectibles can also be found throughout the game's hub The City. Do keep in mind though that completing all of Basso's jobs will involve you picking up some of these collectibles already. There are a total of 82 unique loots that you need to find.

    Please refer to the an easy to follow collectibles guide for the locations of all of Thief's unique loot, courtesy of PowerPyx: Thief Collectible Guide (What's Yours is Mine Trophy)

    You can check your which chapters you're still missing a collectible for at anytime by accessing your Journal via -> Player Progression -> and then cycling through each chapter. Keep in mind though that if you do miss a collectible in any of the story chapters or client jobs, you will have to collect all of the collectibles in that mission again.

  • Discover 15 secret areas

    See "Finders Keepers" for details.

  • Discover all secret areas

    The trophy that will make the difference between whether you can earn this game's platinum or not. This trophy requires you to access all of the secret areas in this game, both the ones located in story chapters as well as the ones throughout the City (there aren't any in Client missions). Secret areas basically refer to (but not limited to) any hidden pathway that is accessed by prying open a previously inaccessible hidden window via a rope arrow, or crawling through a duct by unscrewing vent covers. Although often at times you will see a +New Map notification on the top right corner screen when you enter these secret areas, secret areas are not restricted to these locations. Every time you enter a secret area, you should hear a "chime" play in the background; serving as an indicator that you found a secret area. Take note that the chime will play every time you enter a secret area, whether you've been to it previously or not. Furthermore, whereas any secret areas you find in the City can be be saved right away via quick saving, secret areas found in story chapters, in order for them to add to your total you must complete the chapter all the way through to the end.

    There are a total of 73 secret areas to be found in Thief. Unfortunately, there is no way to track exactly which secret area(s) you've already been in within the game. You can however if you choose to do so, purchase the official Thief Companion App (iOS or Android) to take note of how many secret areas you have found so far (why this app has a tracker for secret areas but the actual game does not, we don't know). Keep in mind that the app only keeps track of the total amount of unique secret areas you have found; it does not tell you which one exactly you are missing. As such, it comes down to a process of elimination and looking through every possible route there is in the game. The horrible in-game map design in this game also does not help in making things easier.

    Number of secret areas in each story chapter and City:

    Prologue: 0
    Chapter 1: 0
    Chapter 2: 7
    Chapter 3: 5
    Chapter 4: 4
    Chapter 5: 5
    Chapter 6: 5
    Chapter 7: 4
    Chapter 8: 2
    The City: 41 Total: 73

    Please refer to these maps in your trek for finding all of the game's secret areas, compiled and created by the wonderful people of TrueAchievements (also thanks to Swotam for going through the trouble of providing us a cached and downloadable copy of these maps): THIEF Maps

    Note that in the process of finding all of the secret areas in this game, you will most likely find most if not all the loot and collectibles throughout the City. However, if you don't, it does not necessary mean you're missing an area within the City. When I unlocked this trophy, I was still missing around 10 loot in the City, a few documents, and one or two loot in each story chapter. If you're making sure to follow the maps linked above and made sure you've been into each listed secret area, you should be able to unlock this infuriating trophy.

    For those of you who prefer a video guide, see this great video by PowerPyx:


  • Use 40,000 gold

    Simply put, spend your "hard earned" monies! You will need to purchase a total of 40,000G worth of items in one save file in order for this trophy to pop.

    Because this is quite a high amount of money that you will need to amass, you will want to almost always look for possible loot when playing through the game, no matter how valuable or not they are. Do note however, that completing collectible sets will reward you with gold as well. A total of 30,000G is rewarded to you for finding all of the game's collectibles.

    For the sake of having a list, here’s a list of items that Garrett can purchase that can improve his arsenal and efficiency and whatnot. Prices listed in the list are of Master difficulty:

    Queen of Beggars (Focus Upgrades)

    • First Donation - 150G
    • Second Donation - 300G
    • Third Donation - 450G
    • Fourth Donation - 600G
    • Fifth Donation - 800G
    • Sixth Donation - 1000G
    • Seventh Donation - 1200G

    *The rest of the Focus Upgrades are located in specific story chapters, as well as in the City.

    Merchant (The Crippled Burrick and/or The Siren's Rest)

    • Resources
      • Broadhead Arrow - 75G
      • Fire Arrow - 100G
      • Water Arrow - 20G
      • Choke Arrow - 75G
      • Rope Arrow - 75G
      • Blunt Arrow - 5G
      • Flash Bomb - 125G
      • Poppy - 175G
      • Food - 125G
    • Tools & Upgrades
      • Wrench - 100G
      • Wirecutter - 450G
      • Razor - 500G
      • Bow Balancing -1400G/3600G
      • Bow Shot Strength - 1800G/2800G/????G
      • Quiver Capacity - 1200G/5000G
      • Leather Hardening - 1300G/2900G
      • Leather Padding 1000G
      • Leather Oil - 2800G
      • Blackjack Damage - 1500G/3500G/4990G
      • Lockpick Quality - 300G/840G
    • Trinkets
      • Lucky Coin (increases maximum focus)- 290G
      • Worldslayer (massively increases maximum Health and Focus) - 28000G
      • Ovengut Tonic Water (increases maximum Health and Focus) - 9800G
      • Doctor’s Orders (reduces cost of poppies)- 155G
      • Blackwing Feathers (increases damage of all Broadhead and Sawtooth arrows)- 3500G
      • Basso’s Bond (reduces cost of resources by 25%) - 750G
      • Grinning Salt (increases the health benefits of eating food) - 375G
      • Troy’s Satchel ( poppies + food capacity +2)- 1299G
      • Moss Quiver (Broadhead and Sawtooth arrows produce no sound on impact)- 325G
      • Embersage Oil (reduces damage taken from burning and traps) - 170G
      • Crosswind Medallion (reduces the chance of being hit by enemy projectiles) - 140G
      • Spectral Aspect (greatly reduces the chance of being seen by enemies) - 28000G

    *You will occasionally run into merchants through certain story chapters and even certain parts of the City if you explore. However, they unlike the tavern merchants, they only sell you resources; nothing else.

  • Complete all Client Jobs in The City

    There is a total of six possible Client Jobs available to you through two different people (kinda small we know) in Thief. They can be found in the two different parts of the city as shown on your City map from these icons. You will not be able to complete all of the Client Jobs until you've completed Chapter 6.

    Client Jobs differ from Basso's Jobs, in which instead of simple grab and fetch quests, each Client Job consists of a mini-level, together with its own set of collectibles and Thieving Challenges that you can collect and complete. Because of this, it is highly recommended that in addition to completing these Jobs, you will want to complete most if not all of the Thieving Challenges that each mission lists out for you. This works in your favor too as these Challenges usually involve very little challenge as the areas are so small.

    Hand Tailored

    Silence is Golden



    Happy Medium

    The Carnal Connoisseur

    Sideshow Attraction

  • Complete all Basso Jobs in The City

    Basso, pretty much your only ally/friend in this game can be found- depending on what point you are in the game- in the City's taverns; The Crippled Burrick or The Siren’s Rest. He differs from other NPCs in that he offers you a set of small side jobs that you can complete to earn some quick gold. These jobs require you steal a particular item for his request-tees from areas located all around the city. These are basically fetching quests, no matter how varied they may appear to be. There are a total of 25 jobs that you have to complete.

    Fortunately, you don't have to go back to Basso in order to claim credit for competing each Job; you will automatically complete it as soon as you've picked up the requested item. The difficulty in these quests however comes down to figuring out how to gain access to these particularly hidden areas in the hub. Therefore, you will want to abuse the use of your focus ability in order to locate blue highlighted objects that you can interact with, whether it be a rope-arrow pint, a trap you can disable to open a gated window, a hidden vent, and so forth.

    List of all Jobs is as follows:
    Unlocked to you upon completing Chapter 2:

    • Sick Willy
    • Beauty Within
    • Medical Misery
    • Writing Wrongs
    • Machinations
    • Carnivalesque

    Unlocked to you upon completing Chapter 4:

    • Shark Bait
    • Fit for a Queen
    • A Stroke of Madness
    • The Disappearing Poet
    • Taking a Fence
    • A Lady’s Bequest
    • Watch Your Step
    • Saving Face
    • Casing the Cargo
    • Poor Protection

    Unlocked to you upon completing Chapter 5

    • Long Drop Full Stop
    • The Path to Riches
    • Eyes on the Prize
    • Check, Mate
    • A Grave Matter

    Unlocked to you upon completing Chapter 6

    • The Point of No Return
    • The Witch of Stonemarket
    • The Tinker’s Trinket
    • The Rule of Thumb
  • Steal 5 collectibles

    See "What's Yours is Mine" for details.

  • Finish the game in 15 hours or more

    You must acquire a total of 15 hours of gameplay time to unlock this trophy. Replaying Chapter 8 once you've beaten the game already will unlock this trophy if you have accumulated the 15 hours of play time. The last chapter in Thief is Chapter 8. If you've followed our suggestion in the roadmap about doing everything you possibly can on your first playthrough, you should have no problem getting over 15 hours of playtime. You can check at any time how many hours you've played through the main game menu, when you're hovering over your save file or the "continue" option.

    Of course if you want to just leave your console running so you can get the 15 hours like so, you are welcome to do that as well. Simply find a roof and leave Garrett idle there so he's safe from harm.


Secret trophies

  • Sweet sixteen. Snuff said.

    If you were like us and came to the conclusion that we had to find a hidden birthday cake easter egg somewhere in the game or trash some poor little girl's birthday party, you thought wrong (unfortunately). The requirements for this trophy simply refers to extinguish 16 candles through the course of the game. As traversing in the shadows is preferred in this game anyways, getting rid of the light from candles will be to your advantage so you will definitely unlock this trophy naturally through the course of regular gameplay.

    Only fire from candles will count towards this trophy obviously, torches and the likes will not count. Note that on Master difficulty, turning off candles if a guard is nearby to see the light go off will alert the guards that there is someone in the presence. You can eliminate that factor by purchasing stealth focus upgrades and equipment to make yourself more invisible.

  • Find all the secret stashes in Moira

    This trophy can be earned in Chapter 5. There will be five golden pocket portrait loot that you will need to collect for this trophy. All five loot reside within the men's/women's ward area, with most of them hidden on the vents and walkways above the hallways. If you are going for 100% loot in this level, you will have to pick these up.

    For those who prefer visual aid, please refer to the video below courtesy of PowerPyx:


  • Uncover Lyegrove's secret

    This trophy can be earned in Chapter 1. Not long after starting the chapter, after hearing a conversation from a few guards, Garrett will mention that he wants to steal this jeweled mask. You will need to steal both the fake and real one in the jewelry store. This trophy will unlock at the end of the chapters at the statistics screen provided you picked up both masks.

    You will automatically earn this trophy as well if you're going for all the collectibles in Chapter 1. Please refer to "Obsessive Compulsive" for more details.

  • Finish the Prologue

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of the Prologue, following the cutscene.

  • Finish Chapter One

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 1, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


  • Finish Chapter Two

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 2, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


  • Finish Chapter Three

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 3, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


  • Finish Chapter Four

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 4, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


  • Finish Chapter Five

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 5, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


  • Finish Chapter Six

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 6, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


  • Finish Chapter Seven

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 7, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


  • Finish Chapter Eight

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock upon completion of Chapter 8, during the chapter-end statistics screen.


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