Hasta la Vista™ Trophy in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Hasta la Vista™


    Kill a frozen opponent with a crossbow bolt.

    How to unlock Hasta la Vista™

    There is two ways to achieve this, you can use a Northern Wind bomb or the Piercing Cold, which gives you a 25% chance to freeze opponents when Aard is cast. Using the bomb is the easier method as it is guaranteed to freeze them, whereas using the sign is not.

    Beat down the enemy until they are low on health and then throw a bomb at them or try and freeze them with the Aard sign (there is a chance they will die doing this). Once they are frozen finish them off with a crossbow.

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  • Use the Piercing Cold mutation or a Northern Wind bomb to freeze an enemy and have a crossbow bolt kill him.
  • can it be any bolt? tried and killed a few frozen but wont pop?
  • @2 For some reason when i do it i made sure they had just enough hp to die from a bolt but they would end up just falling to the ground and the bolt did 0 damage for no reason and they just lay on the ground with a sliver of HP.
  • Don't know if this is true for all bolt types, but i tried this roughly 15 times with split bolts equiped and got nothing. unequip them and tried it using the default bolts and it worked first time.
  • Seems to work only with the normal bolts , at least for me
  • I got this yesterday with standard bolts and Northern Wind bomb. Just found a Bandit Camp andkept one guy alive to do trophy with
  • The Trophy wouldn't pop up when I tried peircing cold mutation and struck him dead with a cross bolt.
  • This totally works with cows, northern wind with a side of stock bolt.
  • I just used the generic, infinite bolts, didn't even aim. Just fought a bandit unarmed until he was near death, chucked a bomb at him, and immediately selected my crossbow and fired. Trophy Unlocked.
  • @#8 Seriously. A cow is considered an "oppenent"?
  • Geralt said "Hasta la vista" when I did it, so if he doesn't say it, it's possible that's an indication of not doing it properly
  • Like others have said, this will work best with standard bolts. Tried a few times with spilt, blunt bolts etc. Only popped when using the standard.
  • You can do this one with wild animals that die with just one bolt. I unlocked it with a Snow Hare.

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