Berserker Trophy in The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition

  • Berserker


    Defeated a boss monster using Chaos Revelation.

    How to unlock Berserker

    (Story related)

    Chaos Revelation is obtained during the beginning of The Witch and the Hundred Knight. You can defeat any boss monster to earn the Berserker trophy, but the easiest boss is the very first boss you fight during Chapter 1, Part 2. To activate Chaos Revelation hold and press at the same time. You can easily wait until the boss is almost dead, activate Chaos Revelation, defeat the boss, and unlock the trophy.

    Be careful if you plan on using Chaos Revelation as while it adds the following benefits:

    • Increased Attack
    • Increased Defense
    • Increased AP
    • Increased Tochka power

    Once activated you will not be able to reverse it, and it will drain your Gigacal meter at a rapid rate. It is best to rely on your standard strength in the beginning of a boss fight, then finish the boss off with Chaos Revelation when its health is low enough.

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