Normal Ending Trophy in The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition

  • Normal Ending


    You earned the normal ending.

    How to unlock Normal Ending


    To obtain the normal ending, you will first need to make a save at a pillar called “U.G Pillar 4-X” then proceed to complete the game as normal. Once at your base, simply deny three times and the game will end, thus unlocking the Normal Ending. From here, reload your save and complete the game as normal again, but instead of denying, affirm and continue to Chapter 11, Part 2 - this will lock you into the True Ending path. Complete chapter 11, Part 2 as normal and beat the boss at the end of the chapter. After which you will then fight another boss, but will have no chance of winning, thus ending the game and unlocking the True Ending trophy at the end of the credits.

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