Bad Ending Trophy in The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition

  • Bad Ending


    You earned the bad ending.

    How to unlock Bad Ending


    To obtain the bad ending to The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition, you must first defeat the three Dark Witches, then proceed to complete the game as normal during Chapter 11, Part 2. After defeating the boss at the end of Chapter 11, Part 2, you will then be taken past chapter 11 and into another fight. While you may win the fight, you will lose regardless, but the story does not end once this path has been opened up. Proceed to complete chapters 12 and 13 and you will be rewarded with this trophy upon viewing the credits. Enemies during Chapters 12 and 13 are very difficult.

    Below are the list and locations of each Distortion for Chapter 12, and the requirements on how to initiate a scene for each Distortion. Unlocking these Distortions serve as your ticket to unlocking Chapter 13. Each Distortion requires a certain amount of Karma to unlock. To check how much Karma you have at a given point, hit the button and select the “status” tab. From there, you should see Hundred Knight, his facets, and below him a tab named “Karma” and the amount listed. Remember, you will need to tackle all 7 to advance to the final one which is located at the Castle Gate.

    • Valentine's Distortion (No Karma required; Near St. Dulche): To find this Distortion, warp to a Pillar called the Dutches Pillar. Once there, you will see a level 30 anti-magic stone blocking your path. After a scene, head to the Chocolatta Palace and warp to the Fifth floor pillar and fight the boss at the end of the hallway. This is a two part boss. If you win the first fight, but lose the second, you will only need to fight the second boss again; adds 60 karma upon activation.
    • Belda's Distortion (25-50 karma; Downtown Amataya): Take the first right upon entering and re-enter that same alley three times for three different scenes. After the third scene, the editor will appear; adds 30 karma upon activation.
    • Lucchini's Distortion (200 Karma; Tettara Desert ): Head to Lucchini's village and you will taken into a scene. After witnessing four scenes, fight the editor and you will unlock the Distortion.
    • Lily's Distortion (250 Karma; Yaptolacca Ravine): Warp to the Wind Pillar and head to the Shaman's shack and witness a scene. After the “scene”, you will fight the editor and unlock this Distortion upon winning. Some things just need to remain unseen; adds 30 karma upon activation.
    • Nezaria's Distortion (340 Karma; Wudes Forest): Head to where you fought Malia originally back in Chapter 1, Part 2. You will then fight two bosses, one of which is an editor. After winning both, a scene will play and you will unlock this Distortion; adds 50 karma upon activation.
    • Purple Peel and Lavi's Distortion (300 Karma; Brokenturm and Mt. Azbrocken): You will actually head to two places to activate this Distortion: first to Brokenturm, then finally to Mt. Azbrocken. At Brokenturm, warp to the Select Pillar and proceed to the meeting place of the Walpurgis Party, then watch a scene. Once you are at Mt. Azbrocken, simply warp to the Peak Pillar and once there you will fight two bosses and upon winning both, you will unlock this Distortion.
    • Visco's Distortion (350 Karma; Castle Gate): To activate this Distortion, you must first clear every other Distortion listed above, after doing so proceed to the Caste Gate for a scene and the completion of Chapter 12.

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