• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6 (Platinum Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 37 (17, 16, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 16
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Badass Hundred Knight
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

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Step 1: Play the game until Chapter 11, Part 1 on Normal and achieve each respective ending to the game leading up to the Bad Ending.

During this step, you will be playing through The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition until Chapter 11, Part 1 to achieve the Normal, True, and finally the Bad ending of the game.

Fair warning before proceeding to chapter 12: You may need to backtrack through any maps you have completed 100% and check for any unopened purple chests for the Gluttony trophy if you are missing any Stomach stones, as Chapter 11, Part 2 is the last point in the game when you can obtain all 64 stones. If you are past Chapter 11 and you do not have the trophy by then, you will need to play through the game again for the trophy. Lastly, be sure and run through any maps that do not have a 100% discovery rate on, if any, for the I RUN THIS SHIT! trophy. Once you reach the beginning of Chapter 13, you will need to discover and unlock the Martial Snowfield map for 333 anima which is located on Metallia’s Bucket List before beating the final boss.

Continue playing until you reach a pillar named "U.G Pillar 4-X" in Chapter 11, Part 1 which is located in the Green Sea area of the Green Corridor map. This pillar cannot be missed as it is located right before fighting the boss in the Green Sea area. After locating the pillar, head back to Metallia's Hut and save your game. Make one extra save file then proceed to fight the boss the Green Sea area. You will be making another save later on for the other ending trophy (i.e) the Bad Ending . However, for now we will only focus on two of the three endings: The Normal Ending and the True Ending considering they do not lead you to chapters 12 and 13.

Once you beat the boss in the Green Sea area you will then be taken back and prompted to make a decision. This will be your first ending out of three possible endings in the game. Below will list the requirements for all three endings (i.e the Normal, True, and Bad) for The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition, and how to obtain them.


Normal Ending: As I already listed above, once you have defeated the boss in the Green Sea area, you will be taken back to your base. When prompted with what you want to do, simply deny three times and the game will end, thus unlocking the Normal Ending trophy at the end of the credits. Now, reload your latest save, beat the boss on Chapter 11, Part 1 and proceed to the True Ending description.

True Ending: When you are prompted with what you want to do, agree to help and proceed to the second part of Chapter 11. Once you have reached a pillar called the "Fourth Floor Pillar" during Chapter 11, Part 2, make a save then proceed to fight the boss as normal. After beating the Chapter 11, Part 2 boss, you will be taken into another fight which, even if you win, you will still lose. After the credits roll, the trophy for unlocking the True Ending will unlock.

Bad Ending: Remember that save you made during Chapter 11, Part 2 before fighting the boss? Well, you are in luck because you will now reload that save. Instead of fighting the boss at the end of Chapter 11, Part 2, you will now retrace your steps and fight the Dark Witches which you have encountered at least once while playing through the story.

Here are the locations of each Dark Witch and their map location:

  • Cicite: Reverse - Witch Aramashira
  • Old City Ruins - Witch Faarenhait
  • Ominous Cavity - Witch Kilkenbyuut

Each Dark Witch is very powerful and is not to be taken lightly by any means. However, if you have been preparing and leveling yourself properly, they should not pose a huge threat and can be taken out with ease. All three Dark Witches are level 51. I would also like to add that from here on out the game will get exceptionally harder, so be prepared. By killing all three Witches you are now in-line to achieve the Bad Ending. Simply finish Chapter 11, Part 2 as normal and you will be taken to Chapter 12 and so on. Once you enter Chapter 12, you will notice a huge spike in the game’s difficulty. The best place to farm for EXP and weapons at this point is either at Wudes Way or Cinque Road. After spending a little time in either of these locations, you should amass some Chapter 12 weapons and armor. An alternative solution to this, however, is to find an omega type weapon while exploring Chapter 12, then sacrifice it in the Tower of Illusion. Once done, you will notice more and more omega type weapons and armor appearing from fallen enemies.

Once you are close to the end of and complete chapter 13 and have obtained Badass Hundred Knight along with the Bad Ending trophy, you will be asked if you want to save your game. Choose “yes” and once the menu pops up to save on a new save file. You will use this save later on to fight Metallia and obtain the Challenge Accepted trophy during new game plus. Lastly, you will want to grind any Facet to level 99 to obtain the 99 Problems but a Facet ain't One trophy. My recommendation is to max out the “Wonder Knight” facet first, considering it is the most balanced, stats wise, of all the facets in the game. By this time, you should be in the high 80’s (or higher), so it should not take you very long to get to 99. If not, however, that is fine as you will reach 99 without any issues while playing through the Tower of Illusion in the next step. Once you have reached and defeated the final boss at the end of chapter 13, watch the credits and the Bad Ending and the Badass Hundred Knight trophies will unlock at the end of the credits.

How to go from Chapter 12 to Chapter 13 without interruptions

As you progress through the main game of The Witch and the Hundred Knight, you will gain something called “Karma”. Karma is obtained by harming a resident (NPC) in a village or by Witch Domination. Early on, it serves no purpose, but once you are ready to pass Chapter 12 and work your way towards Chapter 13, you will need a certain amount of Karma to progress through Chapter 12. You will need to find tears, better known as Distortions, on select maps to advance to Chapter 13. For more information regarding the Distortions and how to obtain them, refer to the Bad Ending trophy.

Ways to gain Karma:

  • Witch Domination
  • Attacking residents in a village

When you reach chapter 12, you will have to obtain a certain amount of Karma to progress through the Bad Ending of the game. Raid any houses on different areas of the world map, without having the Marginal Gaze facet as a main or sub facet to gain Karma.

Trophies earned by completing this step:

Bad Ending
Badass Hundred Knight
The Chosen One
Bonus Broseph
The Notorious Killah
Like a Boss
Rare Pinata Murderer
Challenge Accepted
Training Mania
True Ending
Normal Ending
Rolling Crasher
You're a Wizard!
Supreme Leader Lia
Weakest Hundred Knight
99 Problems but a Facet ain't One
Pinata Murderer
Slow Motion
Pillar Garden

Step 2: Conquering the Tower of Illusion and your platinum

During this step, you will want to tackle and finish the Tower of Illusion. Unlike the previous installment, the Tower of Illusion is one of the many new additions to the Revival Edition of the The Witch and the Hundred Knight and features a grand total of 100 floors and a story of its own. In addition to this, you will need to get to basement level 100 on the highest difficulty while attempting the Tower of Illusion. Max Difficulty pertains to the Tower Level and not the actual gameplay difficulty. Finally, load up your clear save file (or beat the game again), fight Metallia and earn your . Congratulations!

Trophies earned by completing this step:

Legendary Hundred Knight!!
Invincible Hundred Knight!!
Marathon Runner
Ultimate Weapon!!!
Red Pill
Challenge Accepted
Blue Pill
Casual Play
Witch’s Wrath
Ultimate Weapon!?
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The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Trophy Guide

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37 trophies ( 16  17  )

  • You got all the trophies.

  • You earned the bad ending.


    To obtain the bad ending to The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition, you must first defeat the three Dark Witches, then proceed to complete the game as normal during Chapter 11, Part 2. After defeating the boss at the end of Chapter 11, Part 2, you will then be taken past chapter 11 and into another fight. While you may win the fight, you will lose regardless, but the story does not end once this path has been opened up. Proceed to complete chapters 12 and 13 and you will be rewarded with this trophy upon viewing the credits. Enemies during Chapters 12 and 13 are very difficult.

    Below are the list and locations of each Distortion for Chapter 12, and the requirements on how to initiate a scene for each Distortion. Unlocking these Distortions serve as your ticket to unlocking Chapter 13. Each Distortion requires a certain amount of Karma to unlock. To check how much Karma you have at a given point, hit the button and select the “status” tab. From there, you should see Hundred Knight, his facets, and below him a tab named “Karma” and the amount listed. Remember, you will need to tackle all 7 to advance to the final one which is located at the Castle Gate.

    • Valentine's Distortion (No Karma required; Near St. Dulche): To find this Distortion, warp to a Pillar called the Dutches Pillar. Once there, you will see a level 30 anti-magic stone blocking your path. After a scene, head to the Chocolatta Palace and warp to the Fifth floor pillar and fight the boss at the end of the hallway. This is a two part boss. If you win the first fight, but lose the second, you will only need to fight the second boss again; adds 60 karma upon activation.
    • Belda's Distortion (25-50 karma; Downtown Amataya): Take the first right upon entering and re-enter that same alley three times for three different scenes. After the third scene, the editor will appear; adds 30 karma upon activation.
    • Lucchini's Distortion (200 Karma; Tettara Desert ): Head to Lucchini's village and you will taken into a scene. After witnessing four scenes, fight the editor and you will unlock the Distortion.
    • Lily's Distortion (250 Karma; Yaptolacca Ravine): Warp to the Wind Pillar and head to the Shaman's shack and witness a scene. After the “scene”, you will fight the editor and unlock this Distortion upon winning. Some things just need to remain unseen; adds 30 karma upon activation.
    • Nezaria's Distortion (340 Karma; Wudes Forest): Head to where you fought Malia originally back in Chapter 1, Part 2. You will then fight two bosses, one of which is an editor. After winning both, a scene will play and you will unlock this Distortion; adds 50 karma upon activation.
    • Purple Peel and Lavi's Distortion (300 Karma; Brokenturm and Mt. Azbrocken): You will actually head to two places to activate this Distortion: first to Brokenturm, then finally to Mt. Azbrocken. At Brokenturm, warp to the Select Pillar and proceed to the meeting place of the Walpurgis Party, then watch a scene. Once you are at Mt. Azbrocken, simply warp to the Peak Pillar and once there you will fight two bosses and upon winning both, you will unlock this Distortion.
    • Visco's Distortion (350 Karma; Castle Gate): To activate this Distortion, you must first clear every other Distortion listed above, after doing so proceed to the Caste Gate for a scene and the completion of Chapter 12.
  • You earned the normal ending.


    To obtain the normal ending, you will first need to make a save at a pillar called “U.G Pillar 4-X” then proceed to complete the game as normal. Once at your base, simply deny three times and the game will end, thus unlocking the Normal Ending. From here, reload your save and complete the game as normal again, but instead of denying, affirm and continue to Chapter 11, Part 2 - this will lock you into the True Ending path. Complete chapter 11, Part 2 as normal and beat the boss at the end of the chapter. After which you will then fight another boss, but will have no chance of winning, thus ending the game and unlocking the True Ending trophy at the end of the credits.

  • You earned the true ending.


    See the Normal Ending trophy for more information.

  • You cleared the Tower of Illusion.


    The Tower of Illusion is a new addition to the PS4 version of The Witch and the Hundred Knight. The Tower of Illusion can be accessed as soon as you complete chapter 2 and can be cleared after chapter 10 of the main game’s story line. There are a total of 100 floors that need to be cleared before this trophy will unlock. Thankfully, you do not need to clear all 100 floors in a single run and can be done at any time. The game will track how many floors you have completed and you can either continue where you left off, or start from a current floor level (ie. 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, and so on.)

    In order to go inside the Tower, you will first need to sacrifice weapons to ascend the Tower, and based on the weapons you sacrifice, determines several factors, such as enemy Level, enemy strength, mana gain per kill, weapon rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) drop rates, and so on. The Tower of Illusion is essentially the game’s challenge mode and will test players to reach floor 100. Each floor is separated into a certain amount of rooms. A pillar may or may not appear until you reach a certain room on a particular floor.

    Next to the same hut where you find the lamp to change the game's difficulty, is the same area where you can find the Tower of Illusion's location.

  • Achieved a bad ending by never switching to Casual Mode.

    (Missable) (Difficulty)

    Simply put, you must play through the entire game of The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival without switching the difficulty to Casual. Unlike the previous installment where you could play on Casual and earn the Bad Ending of the game, this time around you cannot. However, this is not as hard as it may seem as the game is quite easy even on Normal. Just remember to train whenever you feel under-leveled and to change the difficulty only after achieving the Bad Ending and defeating the final boss of the game. You will notice a spike in difficulty once you progress from chapters 11 to chapter 12, however.

    Below are a few tips on how to become a Badass Hundred Knight

    • Be sure and upgrade your weapons, shrouds, and charms based on the current chapter as they provide more benefits than the previous one, and so on. Also, be sure to hit the button when equipping new shrouds and charms to check how much magic resistance they provide. The higher the better.
    • If you are having trouble with a particular boss in a given chapter, be sure and visit the Tower Of Illusion for some extra experience. Not only does the Tower serve as a great training ground for gaining levels, it will also provide you with weapons based on the one(s) you sacrifice.
    • If you have the Shells (money), you can buy items based based on the current chapter. You cannot do this once you reach chapter 13, however, as the max level this shop sells is chapter 12 weapons and armor.
    • Once obtained during progression of the story, the Shinobi facet is a great sub-facet to consider. By using this facet as a substitution (sub facet), you are given not only more stamina to run or to use in combat, but also a decrease in your Gcal meter so it will not drain as quickly while exploring.
    • Be sure and inspect the ground if you see it flashing. By doing so you will get either a Fool’s Rock to strengthen weapons and armor or a Nameless Egg (loot item) that you can sell for money.
    • Using the Physical Revelation from the pillars can boost your Attack, AP, Defense, Tochka power (TP), Bonus points Up, and Gcal recovery will increase your chances of surviving each chapter.
  • Performed 100 jump attacks.

    (Story related)

    To perform a Jump attack, you must first roll with the button then proceed to hit . You must have a weapon on-hand when performing a jump attack, or else the only thing you will perform is a dodge-roll. You do not need to hit any enemies for this to count.

  • Used up stamina 100 times.

    (Story related)

    Your stamina gauge is displayed on the person of the Hundred Knight. Every action you do (walk, run, eat, attack, dodge, etc.) will use up a certain percentage of the stamina gauge. To earn this trophy, you must completely use up the stamina gauge, resulting in the Hundred Knight falling down.

  • Performed Self Recovery 100 times.

    (Story related)

    In The Witch and the Hundred Knight, the Hundred Knight is able to heal himself using something called “Self Recovery”. You can activate Self Recovery by pressing and holding the button any time while playing, but be warned, you will use up a lot of Gcal meter in doing so. This is best reserved to be used while at Metallia’s house so you do not waste Gcals. For trophy purposes, use Self Recovery 100 times and it will unlock upon performing your 100th Self Recovery.

  • Performed 50 Witch Dominations successfully.

    (Story related)

    Witch Domination's are when you, The Hundred Knight, take over a residents home in attempt to take the family treasure. If you are successful, this will result in an increase in Karma points, but reward you with the family treasure. If unsuccessful, the Hundred Knight will be kicked out and will be penalized, and lose at least 90% of its overall health. Each house will have a level and based on that level, the chances of you being successful in attempting a Witch Domination. To increase your chances and to prevent you from losing when performing a Witch Domination, leveling up above the resident's level is advised. However, just because you may be a higher level than the residents in the home, does not mean you will always be successful.

  • Performed 100 Mystical Dodges.


    Mystical Dodges is an evasion technique and if properly timed will slow down time for your enemies, and allow you a brief period to inflict maximum damage. However, in order to perform a Mystical Dodge, you must have at least 1 AP available to use.

    If you are having trouble timing Mystical Dodges, there is a particular facut called, Trick Master, which will make Mystical Dodges a lot easier to perform since it widens the window to perform a Mystical Dodge. One enemy in-particular to make this trophy easier are the lily enemies who use hearts to attack you. These attacks are easy to avoid and can be used to activate Mystical Dodges very quickly. Other enemies to consider are the enemies at Wudes Way since they are very easy to predict, and are very weak just in case you do get hit.

  • Defeated 100 Notorious monsters.

    (Story related)

    Notorious monsters spawn more commonly on the Basement levels of the Tower of Illusion while on max difficulty, due to the Tower of Illusion being game’s challenge mode. You can, however, obtain this trophy while playing through the base game of The Witch and the Hundred Knight as while they do spawn, the chance for them to spawn is significantly lower than if you were to find them in the Tower of Illusion. Below is a photo that is featured in-game and explains what Notorious monsters are.

    Notorious monsters will feature a skull by their health and will also have a unique name (or nickname), next to their monster type. Notorious monsters have more Health, Defense, and a higher Attack strength than their initial counterpart in the game. However, while they may be a different tier and have better attributes, they still share that monster's weakness. Simply put, defeat 100 Notorious monsters and the trophy will unlock.

  • Defeated by a town folk.

    (Story related)

    Town folk are NPC’s and can be located in any Village in The Witch and the Hundred Knight. For this trophy, you must be defeated by a town folk. Each area on the world map may or may not have a village with town folk. You can get this trophy as soon as you locate the Wudes Forest map. Head to the village located on the map and simply attack a town folk until they attack back. You cannot kill a town folk as they are immune to all attacks inflicted by the Hundred Knight.

  • Changed to Casual Mode.


    To change the game to from Normal to Casual mode, simply talk to the lamp located southwest of Metallia’s house next to a hut. Once you talk to the lamp post, he will ask you if you want to change the difficulty down to Casual.

    Accept the change and the trophy will unlock soon after. It is advised to do this only after beating the game once on normal and have obtained Badass Hundred Knight . However, if you want to get it out of the way, simply start the game, get past the tutorial, change the difficulty, then play through the game again and start your normal playthrough.

  • Achieved all bonuses.

    (Story related)

    You can unlock this trophy by achieving all the bonuses on a stage. A photo example of the bonus list is listed below.

    You can check how far you are from the top by pausing the game, then scrolling down to the bonus tab, or by simply clicking the bonus tab by hitting left on the D-Pad while exploring. You will most likely get this trophy with little or no effort on Chapter 1. The trophy will unlock once you have finished a stage with the bonus gauge completely filled. To do this, simply stay in a stage long enough while killing enemies and the gauge will naturally fill itself up.

  • Leveled a facet up to 99.


    See Like a Boss for more information.

  • Leveled all facets to 99.


    You can unlock this trophy for leveling up every facet in The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition to 99. While it sounds intimidating and long, it is not as bad as you may think. The strongest enemy in the game is level 73 without using anima to make enemies stronger.

    The best area to level up before accessing the Tower of Illusion is the final area of the game which is only located on chapter 13 and Wudes Way once you access Chapter 12. Once you get your first level 99 facet, you will want to go through the Tower of Illusion on the hardest difficulty you can survive on, farm for the best gear, then put any facets you want to level up as sub facets. While on the hardest difficulty, every enemy will be at level 99 and you will average, at a minimum, around 4,000 or more exp per enemy kill. Having powerful gear and armor will help you immensely while going through the Tower of Illusion on the hardest difficulty and will require little effort to no effort while you descend through Basement levels of the Tower of Illusion.

  • Defeated 10 Pinatas.


    Pinatas are enemies that will not attack you, but instead will run away if they see you. You can only hurt a Pinata with a blunt weapon as using any other type of weapon will be “invalid”, thus doing zero damage. You can find Pinatas more commonly in the Tower of Illusion as they appear more often versus in the actual story mode. Once you have defeated at least 10 Pinatas, this trophy will unlock.

  • Defeated the Rare Pinata.


    You can find a Rare Pinata during the Basement levels of the Tower of Illusion. You will more than likely find one during the story mode of The Witch and the Hundred Knight, but if you do not, do not worry as you will find plenty while traversing the Tower of Illusion’s basement levels. Defeat one Rare Pinata and this trophy will unlock.

  • Defeated an enemy using Mystical Dodge.

    (Story related)

    You can earn this as early as the first area of the game, or even in the tutorial. Simply defeat and enemy after performing a Mystical Dodge and the trophy will unlock.

  • Defeated a boss monster using Chaos Revelation.

    (Story related)

    Chaos Revelation is obtained during the beginning of The Witch and the Hundred Knight. You can defeat any boss monster to earn the Berserker trophy, but the easiest boss is the very first boss you fight during Chapter 1, Part 2. To activate Chaos Revelation hold and press at the same time. You can easily wait until the boss is almost dead, activate Chaos Revelation, defeat the boss, and unlock the trophy.

    Be careful if you plan on using Chaos Revelation as while it adds the following benefits:

    • Increased Attack
    • Increased Defense
    • Increased AP
    • Increased Tochka power

    Once activated you will not be able to reverse it, and it will drain your Gigacal meter at a rapid rate. It is best to rely on your standard strength in the beginning of a boss fight, then finish the boss off with Chaos Revelation when its health is low enough.

  • Achieved 100% discovery rate on the map.


    This trophy requires you to discover each map in the game at 100%. Thankfully, the game allows you to cut some corners, but for the most part, requires you to fully explore the entire board of each area in the game. There are a few maps which are a bit large and will more than likely take a long time to discover, but will reveal purple chests, and pillars upon reaching a 100% discovery rate. You will only be able to obtain this trophy by progressing through the Bad Ending of the game, as you will need to discover three extra maps upon entering chapter 13. One of those three is Martial Snowfield map which can only be obtained by sacrificing 333 anima to Metallia’s Bucket list to something called “Release Neideca”.

    To make this trophy easier and to save Gcals, be sure and use the Type-72 Wikuk (scout) Tochka once you obtain it. You can use this particular Tochka to explore the map freely for a set amount of time. Be sure that the Hundred Knight is away from enemies when using it, as taking damage will result in the Tochka resetting. If the Type-72 gets damaged, you will lose time depending on the Hundred Knight’s current armor. Below are screenshots that have been taken by me of each map in the game with a 100% discovery rate along with the pillar locations. Each map below is in order based from game’s chapters and will be listed as such.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 6

    Chapter 7

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 10

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 13

    Hidden map

  • Filled the stomach stock completely.


    There are a total of 64 stomach stones to collect while playing through The Witch and the Hundred Knight. As you play through the game, your stomach will home various things, such as items, weapons, and even garbage for when you consume an enemy. Once you are full, you will not be able to carry anymore items, weapons, or consume any enemies. Every stomach stone in the game is in a purple chest and are scattered between chapters 1 through chapter 11, part 2.

    If by chance you have a 100% discovery rate on every location of the world map, but do you not have all 64 stomach stones, make of list of each location on the main map, and check each map thoroughly for any unopened purple boxes.

  • Released all pillars.


    As the trophy description states, you must release all the pillars in The Witch and the Hundred Knight, and upon releasing the last pillar, this trophy will unlock. You will need to thoroughly explore each map in the game to locate each pillar. There will be some maps which do not have a pillar, such as the Castle: Sewers. For a complete layout of each map in the game, please refer to the I RUN THIS HIT! trophy as it contains pictures to every map, and with it the pillar locations on each. Be sure once you start chapter 13 to unlock the Martial Snowfield map for 333 anima through Metallia’s Bucket list since the map does contain pillars.

  • Achieved max with Physical Revelations.

    (Story related)

    You can only access Physical Revelations through a pillar from inside a map by using Grade Points.

    You will gain Grade Points by killing enemies which can only be used on that given map on a pillar to enhance Hundred Knights abilities. You can do this on any map and the easiest to level up completely is the AP attribute bonus. Once you have 8 Grade Points, upgrade the AP bonus by using a pillar on any map, and the trophy will unlock.

  • Defeated Metallia in the opening.


    (Missable) (New Game + only)

    You can fight Metallia by being disobedient to her commands in the beginning of the game. Once Metallia hands the Hundred Knight a piece of gum (which he eats) and asks if you are mad. After she says this you will be prompted with several options. To fight Metallia, choose the affirm for the first dialogue choice then to deny the second choice. You will then fight Metallia in a one-one-one fight. Metallia is not very strong as she is only level 50, but should be tackled after you have completed the game once. Once you have defeated Metallia in the prologue of the game, this trophy will unlock.

  • Reached Floor B10 in the Tower of Illusion.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    Refer to Marathon Runner for more information.

  • Reached Floor B10 without ever going back.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    To unlock the basement levels of the Tower of Illusion, you must first complete the first 100 floors of the normal Tower. Once completed, you will have to go to Metallia’s house and exchange 113 anima to unlock the basement levels of the Tower of Illusion. You will then need to go from floor B1 to B10 without exiting the Tower. Once you have done so, this trophy and Blue Pill will unlock.

  • Reached Floor B100 in the Tower of Illusion.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    Refer to Invincible Hundred Knight!! for more information.

  • Reached Floor B10 on max difficulty in the Tower of Illusion.

    (Tower of Illusion only) (Difficulty)

    As the trophy states, you must reach floor B10 in the Tower of Illusion while on Max difficulty. Thankfully, you only need to reach floor B10 rather than do it all in one motion while on Max difficulty. Once you obtain the proper gear and have the proper status for your Hundred Knight, this trophy will unlock once you reach floor B10. For more information on how to prepare for max difficulty, refer to the Invincible Hundred Knight!! trophy.

  • Reached Floor B100 on max difficulty in the Tower of Illusion.

    (Missable) (Difficulty) (Tower of Illusion only)
    This will most likely be your second to last, or your last trophy in The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition. As the trophy description states, you must reach Floor B100 while on the max difficulty of the Tower of Illusion. To save you time, you will also unlock the Eternal when you reach floor B100.

    While this can be misleading in terms of in-game difficulty or Tower difficulty, the way to unlock this trophy is to have the Tower difficulty set to "Max" and not simply playing through the Tower of Illusion on Normal mode. Every enemy on Max difficulty is level 99 and when killed nets you 4000+ experience each. This will also make getting the Like a Boss trophy a lot easier to obtain considering you will have to farm for gear in order to survive on max difficulty, and while you are doing so will net a huge amount of experience. In order to achieve max difficulty for the basement levels of the Tower of Illusion, you must sacrifice two Omega weapon's; rarity does not matter.

    Gear preparation:

    Main facet: Wonder Knight (balanced in all areas)
    Sub facet # 1: Shinobi Knight (high stamina - more attacks and can run further)
    Sub facet # 2: Trick Master (allows you to perform mystical dodges easier and strengthens your Tochka )

    Alternative Facet # 1: Raptor Knight (high attack - arguably the best facet in the game; however, has low defense)
    Alternative Facet # 2: Marginal Gaze (magic defense - highest magic resistance of all the facets)

    At the very least you will want to have an Attack of 50,000 or higher ranging between all 5 weapons, and finally a Defense of 70,000 or higher between your charms and shrouds. The higher your Attack and Defense, the more likely you will survive while attempting this trophy. While not hard, going through the Tower of Illusion on max difficulty will be quite a daunting task in the beginning unless prepared. Try to find proper shrouds and charms that help improve your magic resistance, or to use the Marginal Gaze facet as a main or sub facet since it has high magic defense.

    In terms of what items to obtain is completely up to you, but I do recommend at least one weapon set category for Slash weapons and another weapon slot category for Blunt weapons, of your choice. For instance, when farming for items for my Blunt set, I would choose Blunt Lances over Hammers considering they attack quicker. One weapon in-particular to look out for when traversing through the Tower of Illusion’s basement levels is the Omega variation of Metallia’s Sword. While attack type suggests it is only a Slash type weapon, it also deals Blunt innate damage.

    Now, I am sure you are wondering what catalysts to look out for and what Tower Level you should start at to farm for weapons, am I right? There are tons of Catalysts to choose from in this game, however, there are only a few that we really need to get past those pesky Tower Levels, especially on Max difficulty. Catalysts will serve as your ‘buff’ and will be the main source for upgrading your weapons and armor as you venture deeper and deeper into the Tower of Illusion.

    • Common items = 1 upgrade
    • Rare items = 3 upgrades
    • Epic items = 5 upgrades
    • Legendary items = 10 upgrades

    From personal experience (and a few others), I would preferably start within a range I could kill enemies in, obtain Epic or Legendary weapons / armor / catalysts as I killed enemies, taking the strongest of each and leveling them up with ATK and DEF catalysts. While this may take awhile to do, it will help you immensely as you progress in the Tower of Illusion's basement levels. Additionally, you can upgrade your weapons and armor faster by using Fool’s Rocks. However, I would recommend using Fool’s Rocks on your Shroud protectors rather than your weapons and charms. Weapons will naturally level themselves up as you kill enemies while progressing through the Tower of Illusion basement. Regarding protector charms, these are fixed, and will remain the same regardless of the level.

    There is one particular catalyst called a, Concentrated Mana Pearl, that will drastically increase your weapon by at least 170% to a maximum of 323% power (thus awakening it); however, once used, you cannot use another Concentrated Mana Pearl on that same item. You can only find these particular catalysts while traversing through the Basement levels of the Tower of Illusion. Additionally, the catalysts listed below will be the ones you will want to focus on the most as they focus on Attack and on Defense, the two most important attributes in the game. There will be some exception to the rule as some of these high-powered catalysts will come with other properties attached to them.

    • Red Stone | Flaming Sand | Red Pearl = Attack bonus.
    • Green Stone | Green Sand | Green Pearl = Defense bonus

    Some of the catalysts listed above may or may not come with bonuses attached to them. Catalysts with unique names, such as Well-Rested Green Stone, provides both an increased HP recovery rate and increases Defense. Be sure to apply various bonuses to your items as there are tons to choose from.
    While the process may take awhile due to farming the proper materials and weapons, this trophy will unlock upon conquering all 100 floors on the Basement levels of the Tower of Illusion while on max difficulty.

  • Defeated an enemy with Metallia.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    While you traverse through the Tower of Illusion, you will have access to Metallia. To summon Metallia, you must first defeat enemies to fill up the concentrated mana bar beside your Gcal meter. Once one bar is full you can summon Metallia by hitting the right side of the . After summoning Metallia, simply defeat an enemy while controlling her and the trophy will unlock.

    Tip: If your concentrated mana bar is full and you summon Metallia, she will be able to stay out for a longer period of time.

  • Performed Alchemy.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    Alchemy is a new addition to The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition and should be utilized when it becomes available upon starting chapter 2 of the main game’s story-line.

    To perform alchemy you must:

    1. Choose the item you want to upgrade (red box).
    2. Choose an item to sacrifice (green box).
    3. Choose a catalyst to put on the weapon you want to upgrade (blue box).

    While this may sound confusing at first, the process will come in time as you will be using the alchemy shop for the Maximizer, A Hidden Power, Ultimate Weapon!?, and finally the Ultimate Weapon!!! trophies. To find the alchemy shop, take a right from the entrance of the Tower of Illusion and it will be the first hut you see with a hammer-shaped icon on the building front.

  • Performed Alchemy on a Legendary Equipment 10 times.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    As you progress through the Tower of Illusion, you will no doubt amass tons of Legendary items. For this trophy, you must upgrade a legendary piece of equipment 10 times. Once you have performed the 10th upgrade, this trophy will unlock. Be sure to put defensive catalysts on shrouds and charms, while putting attack catalysts on weapons.

  • Used Concentrated Mana Pearl for Alchemy.

    (Luck based drop) (Tower of Illusion only)

    In order to find a Concentrated Mana Pearl, you must first have access to the Basement levels of the Tower of Illusion. A Concentrated Mana Pearl drops just like any other catalyst in the game, however, does not drop as often and is rare. However, as you explore for items, weapons, and different catalysts you will most likely find a Concentrated Mana Pearl without even trying. Simply use one for Alchemy and the trophy will unlock soon after.

  • Obtained a weapon with over 10,000 ATK.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    Refer to Ultimate Weapon!!! for more information.

  • Obtained a weapon with over 30,000 ATK.

    (Tower of Illusion only)

    You will first need to find a Legendary weapon with an attack of at least 4000 or 5000. Anything lower than 4000 Attack will make reaching 30,000 Attack very difficult. However, if by chance you happen to come across a Concentrated Mana Pearl which can increase a weapon’s attack power by over 307%+, and add a few catalysts that offer at least 2000 to 3000 Attack per upgrade, you can reach 30,000 Attack or more with little effort. Once you have a weapon over 30,000 Attack, this trophy will unlock.

    The same applies to Ultimate Weapon!? , but requires 10,000 Attack on a single weapon at a given time.

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