• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.5/10 (Personal Rating, Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 1, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 12-16+ Hours (Poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: N/A - You'll be playing a LOT of rounds for 100%
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: YOU’RE INSANE must be done with the Too Hard Mode skill activated; the rest can be done without it
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

When the world has been overrun by hordes of zombie vegetables, there’s only one person we can count on to take the produce down and save humanity! You play as a mean muggin’, gun tote’in, harp playin’, son of a gun whose main purpose in life is a blow up, destroy, and eliminate all the evil carrots, broccoli, and other unfavorable foods your parents forced you to eat as a kid. Smack them with a bat, murder them with an uzi, or blow them to smithereens with a grenade - just do what you need to do to get rid of them all before they take over the planet! The game itself is a top-down twin-stick shooter. It consists of three levels, all randomly generated each time you play. The goal of the game is to make it to the end without dying, for if you do, you will lose everything you picked up along the way. Except for RadRocks, you get to keep those. Clear out houses, scavenge through item boxes, and spend your coins in the store for bigger and better weapons to become the most powerful veggie-butt kicker around!

Step 1: Work on unlocking all of the skills available

Unlocking all of the skills will take the majority of the time, and since the game is short, it’s best to work on them and get them out of the way first. Their requirements are listed under Mad Skillz! as well as when/where you’ll use them. There’s no one set order you should get them in, but you want to put some focus into Life Saver, Weapon Specialist, and Born to Kale, as they will by far be the most use to you. The progress for most of these are cumulative, so you don’t have to complete the requirements all in one run (unless otherwise stated).

There are 21 skills to unlock, and once you’ve done so, you’ll have earned the following trophies:

A New Sheriff in Town
A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Feet
That’s Rad!
There Goes the Neighborhood
The Final Countdown
Saved the World
Mad Skillz!

Step 2: Clean-Up/Too Hard Mode

You will have more than likely run into Bob the Ghost while working on the skills, but if you haven’t yet, keep playing and clearing houses until he shows up. Alongside that, you’ll want to work on your Too Hard Mode. This mode is exactly as it sounds and is an incredible increase in difficulty from the normal gameplay. You will undoubtedly have to play multiple times to complete it, so if you’re having trouble, please see YOU’RE INSANE for tips and how to make this easier for you.

Once you have found Bob and have completed your Hard run, you will unlock the last two trophies:

The Ghost of Runs Past

[PST would like to thank Velvet for this Roadmap]

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition Trophy Guide

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10 trophies ( 7  )

  • You've made your way to The Department Radical. Congrats! You are deemed fit for the job. Now, go out there and save the world!

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy will unlock as soon as you finish the opening cutscene and small tutorial. It’ll be the first trophy you earn.

  • Exchange your guns for gold, with Smith Wesson's latest invention, The Magnificent Monetization Machine! Available now at your local Shop n' Shizzle!

    You will need 15 RadRocks to unlock this trophy. They are dropped from bosses on Normal, in the Bonus Dimension, and you'll receive a bundle of them upon completing Too Hard Mode. They are the only item that carries over through each run. When you have 15, you will then need to locate a store. The levels are randomly generated so its location will vary. There is also a chance it will require a key to open, so just make sure you keep one on you just in case.

    When you’re inside the store, you’ll see a load of purchasable items and a bar in the back. To the left of the bar is Smith Wesson. For 15 RadRocks, he will activate the Magnificent Monetization Machine and unlock the trophy. When it’s activated, you can drop any undesirable weapon(s) from your weapon wheel onto the platform in exchange for coins. Once he has unlocked the machine, it is open forever and can be used during every run from here on out except to Too Hard Mode - the machines all disappear for that.

  • Who needs legs, when you have wheels? Tom from Finland has promised to serve as your new chauffeur. He must really like you.

    You will need 15 RadRocks to unlock this trophy. They are dropped from bosses on Normal, in the Bonus Dimension, and you'll receive a bundle of them upon completing Too Hard Mode. They are the only item that carries over through each run. When you have 15, you will then need to locate a store. The levels are randomly generated so its location will vary. There is also a chance it will require a key to open, so just make sure you keep one on you just in case.

    When you’re inside the store, you’ll see a load of purchasable items and a bar in the back. To the right of the bar is Tom. For 15 RadRocks, he will open up his taxi service for you to use. You will need this for the speedrun required for Mad Skillz!.

    When it’s activated, a taxi icon will appear in the section of the map you are currently in. Walk up to it and activate it with . Doing so will allow you to fast travel to any already explored area on the map. This will come in handy should you hit a dead end, make a wrong turn, or need to get to the store quickly to replenish on health, weapons, and/or ammo. The Taxi will remain active once it’s unlocked except on Too Hard Mode - the machines all disappear for that.

  • RadBox holds many wonderful guns 'n' gadgets. One acquired, gazillion to go.

    You will need 5 RadRocks to unlock this trophy. They are dropped from bosses on Normal, in the Bonus Dimension, and you'll receive a bundle of them upon completing Too Hard Mode. They are the only item that carries over through each run. When you have 5, you will then need to locate a store. The levels are randomly generated so its location will vary, but there will be one one each stage, you just need to find it. There is also a chance it will require a key to open, so just make sure you keep one on you just in case.

    When you’re inside the store, you’ll see a load of purchasable items and a bar in the back. In the center of all the weapons/items is a large purple container - this is the Radbox. Use the RadRocks to activate the box and it will unlock a random, new weapon for you. You will need to do this 5 times for one of the skills for Mad Skillz! so you will inevitably unlock it on your way to 100%.

  • I see you have some skills—nay, scratch that—You have ALL the skills.

    In total, there are 21 skills to unlock, each varying in difficulty. To unlock them, you need to complete challenges. They include dying a certain amount of times, killing enemies in specific ways, collecting RadRocks, among others. You will unlock slots to equip the skills in as you go. There are 4 available and open after 4, 8, 12, and 16 skills have been unlocked.

    The skills and challenges are as follows:

    Row 1

    Life Saver
    Challenge: Open 20 Health Boxes at full health

    • Skill Reward: All health drops are replaced with medkits
    • How to Unlock: Only the Health Boxes will count for this, not the hearts. You need to have full health and open up a health box 20 times. The boxes can be purchased in the store or they will appear randomly after clearing buildings.
    • Good/Pairs With: The best use for this would be on the Too Hard Mode run and your melee run for the for another skill. The medkits also appear on the map and drop far from often than normal hearts do, so it’s really good to use this to ensure you have some backup health you can grab.

    Tongue of Steel

    • Challenge: Defeat Coco & Loco
    • Skill Reward: Immune to Fire and Acid
    • How to Unlock: Coco & Loco is the coconut boss for Level 1. You just need to defeat them once to unlock the skill. The fight is outlined under Saved the World so if you’re having trouble, please see that trophy for more info.
    • Good/Pairs With: This is best used for the Melee Only run for the Super Smash PD skill, but since there are only 4 skill slots available, you should use other items for those.


    • Challenge: Die 10 Times
    • Skill Reward: Start with an extra heart
    • How to Unlock: Just as it says, you need to die 10 times for this to unlock.
    • Good/Pairs With: Everything. This will be the most equipped skill you use while working on unlocking all 21 skills. When you get to the more difficult challenges, you will most likely have to forgo it so you can use more damage-oriented skills, but really, use it as much as you can.


    • Challenge: Survive to Wave 20 in the Bonus Dimension
    • Skill Reward: Immediately enter the Bonus Dimension upon death
    • How to Unlock: This one will take a bit of luck. The Bonus Dimension randomly appears and does not have a specific method to opening up. It’ll show up as a portal in the current stage you’re in and will only remain for a short time before disappearing.
    • Good/Pairs With: Too Hard Mode, if you have room for it. The Bonus Dimension here will be treated just the same as a normal Bonus Dimension, in that when you die, you’ll be transported back to the normal world, this time alive again. It acts as a literal second life, which can come in handy during Too Hard Mode.


    Row 2

    Big Game Hunter

    • Challenge: Enter the boss arena with one health, and slay the beast
    • Skill Reward: Bosses will start with ¼ less health than normal
    • How to Unlock: It’s recommended you do this on the first stage boss. If you have a Plasma gun, you can easily fight Coco (the coconut). Otherwise, the slow and steady burn of Loco (the broccoli) will do just fine.
    • Good/Pairs With: This can come in real handy on the Melee Only run for Super Smash PD and the speedrun for WalkMaster 9001, but as long as you have good weapons going in, you’ll be able to burn down the bosses quickly and will be able to use a different skill in this one’s place.

    Weapon Specialist

    • Challenge: Unlock 5 weapons
    • Skill Reward: The gun type you have the most of gets a damage boost for each gun (of that type) owned.
    • How to Unlock: You’ll need a minimum of 60 RadRocks for this skill. You unlock weapons via the RadBox in the store. The first use costs 5 RadRocks, the second cost 10, and each use afterwards will cost you 15 RadRocks. When activated, a wheel of locked weapons and items will spin. Whatever the wheel stops on is what will unlock for you. You need the wheel to stop on 5 weapons for this skill. Landing on items doesn’t count towards this so if you do get an item, you’ll need to more RadRocks and try again.
    • Good/Pairs With: This skill is FANTASTIC and should be one of the first you aim at unlocking. The only time you should not use this is for the Melee only run for Super Smash PD. For everything else, you want to have it equipped as much as possible. How this works is simple - “Like weapons = more damage”. You want to aim to match weapons based on the color of their ammo. Old West, MP40, Heavy, Uzi… they all take Yellow Ammo and pair up with each other. Plasma Pistol, PlasmaShotter… they take the blue Plasma Ammo and pair up with each other. When you open up your weapon wheel (), the weapons will have a color outline matching their ammo type. The weapon type you have the most of is what recieves the bonus. You can also buy extra weapons from the store solely for that boost. It is a noticeable difference with even just two weapons. Having three creates a knockback effect when the bullets hit enemies, and having more than 3 is just plain straight Vegetable murder, even with the smallest of guns. This pairs really well with Akimbo if you are using that skill for any runs.


    • Challenge: Push 200 Zombies over the edge
    • Skill Reward: Increase damage and radius of all explosives
    • How to unlock: Throughout the stages (and even in the houses), you’ll come across areas with giant holes in the floor/ground. You need to push 200 Vegetable zombies into these holes. You can do so by hitting them with your melee weapon or by shooting them (if they’re close enough to the edge, they’ll fall in). Melee weapons are the recommended route as you can run up and hit them in. You cannot hit the Fire Hydrant Enemy or the pre-boss alien enemy (the single one that flies down just before the boss portal(s) open) into the holes, but all others are free to spartan kick.
    • Good/Pairs with: The only time you’ll really use this is on your Melee-only run, but it’s better to use other skills in its place.


    • Challenge: Complete the campaign without using your weapon wheel
    • Skill Reward: Dual wield weapons you have two of and start the game with dual pistols.
    • How to unlock: Your weapon wheel is activated with . You need to go through the entire campaign - all 3 stages - without pressing that button. This is actually a lot easier than it may sound, as you can still filter through your weapons, it just takes a little bit more time to do so.

      You can have two weapons active at one time and can switch between them with . When you pick up a new weapon, it will replace whatever weapon you currently have equipped. However, the weapon being replaced will not disappear. If you want to know what weapons you have available (or if you need to switch which ones are active), you can drop them with . Whichever weapon you want to be active should be the last weapon you pick up. While you may not be able to drop the starting pistol, you can still replace it. You’ll for the most part be using the pistol through your runs (to save ammo for the bosses) so a little switcheroo may be needed before you enter the boss arena(s).
    • Good/Pairs with: This is a skill you should keep close to you and use as often as you can. Combine it with Weapon Specialists and you’ll be a machine. To activate the dual wield, you need to pick up the same item in both slots. They will then combine into one.

    Born to Kale

    • Challenge: Complete one level without picking up any guns, melee weapons, or items.
    • Skill Reward: Start the game with a random gun, melee, and item.
    • How to Unlock: “Items” does not include Hearts, Keys, or Coins. It only includes things that you have to physically press a button to pickup. Your best shot will be to get this done on Level 1. You'll have a slightly better chance if you have the Akimbo skill unlocked as you start with dual pistols versus just one. Either way, you'll need to make it through the level with just the basic weapons. Just remember that no matter what happens, do not press to pick up ANYTHING. Once the first level is done, the skill will unlock and you'll be able to pick up anything that drops in the rest of the campaign.
    • Good/Pairs with: Everything. This should be one of the first skills you work towards unlocking as you can make sure you’re starting off the game with a decent arsenal. When activated, you can “give up” and restart the game until you get a favorable set of weapons, which is extremely helpful. This is especially handy when doing you Melee-only run and going for Too Hard Mode.


    Row 3

    Burning Sensation

    • Challenge: Un-live (kill) 150 Vegetables using fire
    • Skill Reward: Getting hit sets the ground on fire
    • How to Unlock: There are a few things that produce fire, but your best (and easiest) method will be using the Gas Stations throughout the levels or, if you can get ahold of it, the Molotov item. The explosion from the Gas Station will not harm you and it will leave a puddle of fire in their place. Angle yourself so the Vegetables chasing you walk through it. For the Molotov, just toss it into a crowd of Veggie Zombies and watch them burn. Kill 150 enemies using this method and the skill is yours.
    • Good/Pairs with: This is good for the Melee-Only run and, if you’re going to use it, you should pair it with Life Saver as you’ll be taking a hit to activate it. Alternatively, you can forgo this skill and try and get yourself a Molotov as it does the same thing and will open up a free skill slot.

    Morning Breath

    • Challenge: Kill 30 enemies with the last bullet of your gun
    • Skill Reward: When you run out of ammo, enemies will flee for a short time
    • How to unlock: You’ll need a weapon (or weapons) other than just your starting pistol for this (the starting Pistol has unlimited ammo so it’ll be impossible to get this with that gun). As you play, use your secondary-non-starting-Pistol as often as possible, making sure you empty the clip each time. The last bullet you fire needs to be a killing blow to a Vegetable. You’ll pick up more ammo as you go, so just keep repeating this until you have killed 30 Vegetables.
    • Good/Pairs with: This is useful if going for Reborn as the enemies will also flee from you in the Bonus Dimension. Outside of that, you won’t find much use from it.

    Near Death Rattle

    • Challenge: Blow up enemies after death
    • Skill Reward: When you drop to 1 HP, an explosion will happen, killing all enemies visible on the screen
    • How to unlock: You’ll need some grenades for this. You can purchase some from the store (if they’re available) or find them randomly in an item container. It is not guaranteed you’ll find them during your playthrough, though, so this may take a few attempts for that reason. When acquired, let yourself get hit until you are at 1 HP. When ready, throw the grenade into a group of enemies and get hit for the final time to die, before the grenade explodes. When it does, it will kill all the enemies near it, unlocking the skill.
    • Good/Pairs With: This is best used on Too Hard Mode as you start with only 2 HP for that mode and will most likely be dropping down to 1 HP a few times as you try to complete it. Pair this with Life Saver so you can continuously refill your health and you have a pretty good life saving system for when you get yourself into a tight spot.

    Too Hard Mode

    • Challenge: Win 10 boss battles
    • Skill Reward: Unlocks Too Hard Mode
    • How to unlock: Just as it says, you need to defeat 10 bosses. It can be the same boss 10 times. It can be a Level 1 boss 10 times. It can be all 3 bosses 3 times and an additional level 1 boss again. Defeat any 10 bosses to unlock the skill.
    • Good/Pairs with: See YOU’RE INSANE!.


    Row 4

    360 Blowscope

    • Challenge: Hit a grenade with your melee weapon and kill 30 enemies with those grenades
    • Skill Reward: Hitting 3 enemies with a melee weapon will cause an explosion
    • How to Unlock: As per the challenge description, you’ll need Grenades for this. You can get them a few ways, none of which are guaranteed though. You can get them from item boxes or buy them from the shop. Alternatively, if you’ve unlocked the [skill], there’s a chance you will start off with the Grenades at the very start. To use them, hit to toss them. To use your melee weapon, hit . You need to hit the grenade just once, and when it explodes, it’ll need to kill at least one Vegetable. Kill 30 with this method to unlock the skill.
    • Good/Pairs with: Melee-only run for Super Smash PD and Reborn. This should 100% be used when working on those skills as the explosion caused will kill all enemies in the area, which can be lifesaving when you don’t have bullets or can’t use your gun.


    • Challenge: Defeat 100 enemies using their own bullets
    • Skill Reward: All melee weapons are throwable
    • How to Unlock: There are two things you need for this: A melee weapon (the starting Baton will work just fine) and enemies with ranged attacks (the blue aliens, large mushrooms, Potatoes, and chili peppers as an example, all have ranged attacks). When they fire their weapons at you, you need to time it so when you use your Melee weapon (), it hits the projectile back at either them or another enemy. Kill 100 enemies this way to unlock the skill. You will get a good chunk of these while going for Super Smash PD if you have not already locked it by the time you work on that one.
    • Good/Pairs with: Not much, tbh. In theory, being able to throw any weapon sounds pretty cool, but it will cause you to hit with your melee weapon much slower and the time between swings will be increased. Your melee-only run can certainly use this, but with the other skills available, it’s best to keep this one unequipped.

    Golden Punch

    • Challenge: Destroy 10,000 entities in total
    • Skill Reward: Earn more money
    • How to Unlock: Kill 10,000 enemies. This is cumulative across all your playthroughs of the game so it will most likely unlock naturally as you go for some of the other skills.
    • Good/Pairs with: This is good if you’re not planning on using Life Saver, as they are both a means to making more money in the game. You’ll definitely want to have this equipped for the Unlocksmith run so you can make sure you have enough money to buy all the available keys in the store. Outside of that, you can use it at your leisure.

    Super Smash PD

    • Challenge: Go through one campaign only using your melee weapon (items allowed)
    • Skill Reward: Gain mad melee skills
    • How to Unlock: No guns allowed! You can only use melee weapons () and items () and will need to complete a full campaign with those. It’s recommended you unlock the [skill] before attempting this as the melee weapon you want to use will be a ranged one (Baseball, ninja stars, etc), with the best (imo) being the Ninja Stars. Using a non-throwing weapon will cause the boss fights to be incredibly difficult as getting close enough to hit them will all but guarantee you’ll take a hit. For the item, you’ll want something that does area damage; Grenade, molotovs, Harp, etc. The Harp being the most recommended. When placed down, it will attract enemies and immediately kill them when they touch it. After a certain amount have come into contact with it, it will explode, killing all enemies around it. Unfortunately, the chances of you getting the Harp and Ninja Stars together at the start is slim, so you will more than likely have to pick up one from an item box or buy one from the store. If you’re using the Born to Kale perk, you can “give up” and restart your game to randomize the weapons again. Keep doing this until you get a weapon (or even weapon combo) you prefer.

      The boss fights will take you just a little longer without a gun, but their concept will remain the same. Most of the bosses have some sort of ranged attack, so when they shoot at you, be sure to spam your Melee weapon () so you hit all their projectiles back at them. Take you time and don’t rush attacking them. There is no time limit, so only attack when you have a clear opening. Burn down any adds that spawn as fast as you can so you can focus on the boss.

      Complete all three levels using only these to unlock the skill.
    • Good/Pairs with: Itself. This is a skill you could really benefit from while doing the task required for it, so unfortunately you won’t get much use out of this one.


    Row 5

    Cool Beans

    • Challenge: Go through the first part of the campaign without stopping
    • Skill Reward: Item cooldowns are reduced
    • How to Unlock: It’s recommended you do this on Level 1, but you need to keep your feet moving at all times. Mind any obstacles around you (rocks, walls, fences, etc), but even if you run into one, always keep the angled so your feet are always moving. There will be a very slight pause when you change directions, this is ok and will not void the challenge. If you come to a dead stop at any time (outside of changing directions), you’ll have to restart and try again. Keep making circular motions around your enemies and the bosses while attacking. For the first level boss, Broccoliath (the broccoli) will be easier to defeat without stopping versus Coco and Loco (the coconut) who spews an acid that you can’t walk over without taking damage, as well as the aliens that come down and shoot at you. As long as you complete the world without coming to a full stop, the skill will unlock.
    • Good/Pairs with: The difference in the cooldowns is not very drastic. You can use this while doing you melee-only run, but it’s best to use your slots for other, more efficient skills.


    • Challenge: Unlock all doors in one campaign
    • Skill Reward: Unlock any door without a key
    • How to Unlock: You will need some luck with this one. Ok, a lot of luck. In each level, you’ll notice that some of the buildings have locks on them while others don’t. For this skill, you need to unlock all the locks. In the entire campaign. Keys are dropped randomly from everything you break: Trash cans, potted plants, bags, etc. They can also be purchased from the store. It’s not guaranteed they will be available purchase, though, so you really need to play it by ear. Don’t open any doors or locked item boxes (save for the store) until the boss portal in each level spawns. This will give you a chance to compare the keys on hand to the locks on the map. Keys do drop in the buildings, but it is not guaranteed that they will, so if you’re short on keys, you’ll have to decide if you want to go for it or try again on a different run. You do need to have every available square on the map visible so make sure the road it completely filled out. Buildings that are purple have not been cleared yet and if they’re blue, you’ve cleared them. You don’t need to clear the buildings for this, but it’s recommended to increase your chances of more key drops. Make it through all 3 levels unlocking all the doors to get the skill.
    • Good/Pairs with: This is another one where the most beneficial place to use the skill is during the challenge required to unlock it. You’ll rarely go for all the doors outside of this challenge, so this skill won’t get much use.

    Mr. Attractive

    • Challenge: Complete 3 buildings in a row without hitting anything destructible
    • Skill Reward: Attract the things around you (keys, coins, hearts, etc).
    • How to Unlock: Destructible items include furniture, decorations, etc. Anything that can be broken or shattered with bullets or by hitting it with your melee weapon. For the most part, the buildings will always have some room for you to kill enemies with your melee weapon without risking hitting anything. Hallways are especially useful as you can shoot straight down them to kill enemies. If the obstacle is not within view, you won’t destroy it. The issue arises when you get into a building with a foyer that is just full of breakable items before you even reach the first door.
    • It is impossible to clear these buildings without destroying anything and, since you can’t exit until the building has been cleared, it’ll null out your streak and you’ll have to start over.
    • Good/Pairs with: This will be fun just to try out, but if you’re going for trophies and working towards unlocking the other skills, you won’t really be using it much as there are far better skills you can have equipped to aid you.

    WalkMaster 9001

    • Challenge: Speedrun your way through the campaign in under 20 minutes
    • Skill Reward: Run faster
    • How to unlock: This skill will require you to be very quick. A single level can easily take you 10+ minutes to complete if you’re rummaging through everything, so you’ll need to be quick and straight to the point. It’s recommended you save this one for last, or at the very least, have Born to Kale unlocked prior to attempting. Having that secondary weapon can make or break your run. Normally, you’d be able to save ammo and just use your starting Pistol while clearing each level, but for this, you need to down the Vegetables quick, so make good work of your secondary weapon. Be sure to only stop if you need to (i.e., purchase health or weapons from the store). Do not attempt this without having the Taxi Service unlocked. Hitting a dead end and having to backtrack will waste valuable seconds, so with the Taxi unlocked, you can easily hitch a ride to whichever section you need to go. Also, do not enter any Bonus Dimensions.


    • Good/Pairs with: As with others, you could really use this for the challenge required to unlock the skill. The increase in run speed is quite noticeable so you can use it for you melee-only run to give yourself a better chance of getting out of tight corners and mobs of veggies, but it’s not a recommended skill to use in place of other, more valuable skills to equip.

    Radstone Gander

    • Challenge: Collect 100 RadRocks in Total
    • Skill Reward: Get better goodie drops
    • How to unlock: You don’t need to have all 100 on you at once. This is cumulative across all your playthroughs. If you spend any in the store, your total won’t deplete. You earn RadRocks by defeating bosses on Normal, having them drop in the Bonus Dimension, and you'll receive a bundle upon completing Too Hard Mode. Once you have collected 100, the skill will unlock.
    • Good/Pairs with: The difference between the drops is not super noticeable so if you’re looking to get some good weapons, you want to focus more on Born to Kale and use the restart method until you have a weapon combination of your liking.
  • ...for now.

    You will earn this trophy for completing all three levels of the game. There is no time limit for you to complete everything, so you can really take your time while clearing each level. The boss you encounter at the end of each one will be random and their fights, as such, will vary. The bosses and how to defeat them are all listed below.

    You can do this without having any skills equipped, but it’s recommended you unlock a few to make it easier on yourself, mainly Born to Kale, Life Saver, and Weapon Specialist. While playing, you want to try and keep your health as full as possible. Before buying any healthpacks from the store, make sure you break everything you can in each section for a chance to get a heart. You don’t have to clear the buildings if you don’t want to, but the more you clear, the more item boxes you will get, and in turn, the most weapons/items you will have available to you. Save your bullets for the bosses and try to use your pistol as much as you can while clearing the levels.

    For your item (), anything that does an area damage effect is ideal (grenades, molotovs, harp, etc). Personally, I highly recommend getting the harp if you can get your hands on it. When used, this attracts enemies and, when they touch it, they will immediately die. After a certain amount of kills (or after roughly a minute of being active), the harp will explode, killing all enemies nearby.

    The bosses on each stage are as follows:

    Level 1: Coco & Loco OR Broccoliath

    Coco & Loco:

    Coco is a coconut and Loco is a little alien that will pick him up and throw him down. There are two parts to this fight:

    Coconut will start in the middle of the stage (you are free to hit him here). Eventually Loco will come by and pick him up. After a few seconds, Coco will start to spew an acid that will damage you if you’re not using the Tongue of Steel skill. To avoid it, you need to run in a wide circle in the same direction Coco and Loco are flying in.

    After he’s done with the acid, Loco will toss Coco and when he lands, Coco will be vulnerable to attacks. At this time, 3 aliens will come down to attack you. Quickly burn them down and continue to attack Coco as much as you can. The aliens are immune to debilitating items such as the Harp, Music Note, etc. Plasma weapons do really good damage against them so even if you have just a Plasma Pistol, use that instead of a normal bullet weapon.

    These two stages will rinse and repeat until Coco’s health has been depleted.


    Out of the two bosses available for Level 1, this one is the easiest. He’ll do one of two actions:

    • Chase you around the stage
    • Stop and spawn mini broccoli adds as well as shoot rocks at you

    While he’s chasing you, you can just make one giant loop around the stage, constantly shooting at him (or swinging if you have a long enough melee weapon). When he stops, you still want to be shooting at him, but keep an eye on the rocks and hit them with your melee weapon if needed to avoid being hit.

    When the adds spawn, you don’t have to focus on them, but try and take them down as you go so you don’t accidentally run into one while running away from the main boss.

    Level 2: The Shroomer, Sir Loin, and the Punk’O Lantern

    The Shroomer (the Mushroom):

    This boss will remain in the center of the stage and will be vulnerable to attack for the entire fight.

    At the start, go crazy attacking him while there’s nothing else going on. After a few seconds, he’ll shoot a ring of orbs out from him 8 times. You can easily deflect these with your melee weapon or just do you best to dodge them. Along with the orbs, he’ll also start to spawn smaller add mushrooms. Burn these down quick as they will each periodically shoot one orb at you as well.

    The ring of orbs and the add spawn will rinse and repeat until he has been defeated.

    Sir Loin (the Carrot with the Pig on a stick):

    At the start of the fight, the boss will start to chase you, hopping along as you run away. Keep running along the outer edges of the stage in a full circle to avoid being hit.

    Eventually, he’ll stop chasing you and go into a whirlwind. When he does, you want to stay get on as opposite side of the stage as you can manage. After a few seconds, he will start to shoot blue orbs in a ring while he is spinning. You can deflect these with you melee weapon or do your best to dodge them (the former being the recommended). Along with the orbs, he’ll also spawn little carrot minions that will attack you. Burn these down as quick as you can and go back to fighting the main Carrot boss.

    This process will repeat until he has been defeated.

    Punk’O Lantern (the Pumpkin):

    This is the more difficult of the three bosses available for the 2nd Level, but he’s not horrible. The issue comes from his range of movement at the start.

    When the fight begins, he will start to chase you. His movement is that of jumping towards you, trying to crush you. The range for this is pretty high so you really need to make sure you are running in an open-enough area to get away from him. The boss stage of Level 2 can sometimes be cluttered with obstacles and buildings, so find a clear pathway and stick to it.

    After chasing you, he’ll stop and start to spit fireballs at you. You can dodge these easily, but it’s recommended you hit at least one back at him so it makes contact. This will set him on fire and damage him for a few seconds. In this time, he will also spawn smaller pumpkin adds. Burn these down as quick as you can and get back to focusing on the main Pumpkin boss.

    All of this will rinse and repeat until he has been defeated.

    Level 3: Dragonfruit and Spiderfruit

    This is a 2-part fight and you’ll end up fighting both bosses available for Level 3.

    Part 1: The fight starts off with a Dragonftuit. He will filter through 4 attacks: Periodically setting the ground on fire, shooting 3 sets of purple orbs in your direction, shooting 1 line of blue orbs in your direction, and tossing up a yellow lemon-like balls which, when they hit the ground, will turn into an acid spill. Along with these, he will also periodically spawn smaller adds (his heads) which can quickly be killed by hitting them off the edge of the stage.

    Your main focus of this fight will be that of an offensive approach. Melee the projectiles that come towards you and really watch where you’re running to make sure you’re not about to hit any fire or acid. Only attack the boss when you have a clear opening to do so.

    When you get him down to 0 health, he will spawn one more smaller alien vegetable. This single one is Spiderfruit and is Part 2 of the boss fight.

    This will be a literal run and gun fight. He runs after you and he is quick. Try not to run away in straight lines and make more of a circular motion if you can. Keep your gun aimed on him at all times and fire away (he doesn’t spawn any adds).

    Keep running and shooting at him until he has been defeated.

    For visuals on all the fights, please see the video below (massive thanks to Modactor 2004 for this!):

  • WHAT!? You actually passed the Too Hard Mode!? You truly are the Raddest of them all! Congrats on behalf of the whole development team! You Rock!

    This will arguably be the most difficult and will more than likely take you a handful of attempts to get. To play on Too Hard Mode, you first need to unlock it (it’s a skill). To do so, kill bosses 10 times. In Too Hard Mode, you have 2 HP and will be going up against some very aggressive vegetables. Whereas before, the first section you enter on a new stage is empty, in this mode it is not. They’ll will immediately begin attacking you, so be ready.

    To better prepare yourself, you’ll also want to unlock at least 16 of the 21 skills so you have all 4 equippable slots open.

    The skills recommended you use for this are the following:

    • Too Hard Mode (required)
    • Life Saver
    • Weapon Specialist
    • Born to Kale

    If you’re still having some trouble, you can swap out one of the skills with Reborn, as this will be a second life for you. When you die, you’ll be transported into the Bonus Dimension and, upon dying there, be reborn into the normal game. Do this only if you have to, though, as the 3 listed outside of Too Hard Mode all go really well together.

    The Born to Kale skill is incredibly useful for this mode. You can go about it with the standard/normal layout of starting weapons and replace that skill if you want, but do so only if you need to. When you start up a game, keep hitting “give up” and starting again until you get the Harp item or a great secondary weapon (Heavy, Lilligun... anything that does a LOT of damage).

    The Harp will attract all nearby enemies (except for any mushrooms, potatoes, aliens, and orange slices) for a certain amount of time before it explodes, killing all enemies close to it. The cooldown for this is about 2:15. To get the most use out of this item, you can place it down in the current section, wait for it to kill most of the enemies, and do some minor clean-up for anything left over. Then wait for the cooldown to finish, move on to the next section, and repeat the process. This will greatly extend the time it will take to finish the game, but it helps SO MUCH, especially if you don’t have the Life Saver perk activated. Though again, it’s up to you for how much time you want to spend on this so if you don’t want to wait, feel free to move on to the next section and go ham with your equipped weapons.

    This is not a timed challenge, so take your time and do not rush through any section. Pick up everything you can; keys, weapons, items, etc. Clean out any house that does not have a lock on it just to give yourself a chance to get a weapon from the item container. This is also where the Life Saver perk comes into play. When it’s activated, the hearts that would otherwise drop (and eventually disappear) are now Health Packs that will remain until you pick them up. The only time this doesn’t seem to work all the time is if a heart drops from a vending machine, but honestly, you’ll find that more than enough will drop for as you play so one or two hearts here and there won’t make that much of a difference. The health packs are all marked on your mini map so if you get down to 1HP and need a quick pick-me-up, you can run and grab one.

    Before you go through the boss portal, be sure to pick up all the health packs, even if you’re full HP. Instead of health, they will drop coins, which will be very useful in the store(s).

    The boss fights don’t change. They’ll be the same methods as before so if you need any help taking them down, please see ...for now..

  • Bob the Exploding Ghost is always happy to help you when you're on a hot streak of runs. He's a bit agoraphobic, so better look for him indoors.

    You will need to die at least once to get this trophy, which will happen as you work on Mad Skillz! as there is a skill unlocked by dying 10 times.

    Bob can only be found inside the houses that you have the option to clear in each level. It’s not required that you clear them, but they are good for coins and item boxes, so it’s recommended you do clean them out as you go, especially if they don’t require a key to open. Bob himself will appear in the first building you clear (on a new run) after dying. He looks exactly as he does in the trophy image.

    When the item box appears, so will Bob. Interacting with him will spin a wheel made up of all the weapons you picked up on your last run. Even if you dropped it or sold it at Smith Wesson’s machine, it will still be available so long as at any point you picked it up. The wheel will spin and whatever weapon it lands on is what Bob will give you. Doing this once will unlock the trophy.

    If the weapon is lands on is one you already have, you will receive coins instead.

  • Yet another city, fighting carrots and limes, these veggies ain't pretty, but at least this rhymes.

    This will unlock as soon as you reach the second stage. There is no time limit for the game (outside of the speedrun required for Mad Skillz!), so you can take your time and make sure you’ve cleared and picked up everything you can. You will need to defeat one of the first bosses to get to this point. There are two, but the one you will have to fight is chosen at random. For a breakdown on both fights and more tips on clearing the levels, please see Saved the World.

  • Hmmm... compared to the previous cities, this place somehow feels a bit more.... Alieny.

    This will unlock as soon as you reach the third and final stage. As before, there is no time limit to complete the stages (except for the speedrun required for Mad Skillz!) so take you time through each section and make sure you pick up everything available to you. You will need to fight one of the bosses in the second stage to get here. There are [three], but the one you will have to fight is chosen at random. For a breakdown on all the fights and more tips on clearing the levels, please see Saved the World.

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