• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.5/10 (Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (5, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-4+ Hours (Poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Will vary from person to person, based on skill, but it’ll average to about 10+ (the game is only about 5 minutes long)
  • Number of missable trophies: 3 - Better Late than Never, 3rd Time’s a Charm, and YOU SCORED 20000 points! all require you to make it to the end of the course
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
  • Do trophies stack?: There are 3 stacks: NA, EU, and JP
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

What’s a kid in the 80s to do when he’s short on cash but hooked on love? Deliver video tapes to his neighbors, of course! You play as Marty McFly The VideoKid, a righteously cool kid looking make some extra dough so he can treat his girlfriend Jessica to a nice dinner. With a bag full of bootleg movies recorded onto VHS tapes, you’ll dodge the cars, dodge the townspeople, and most importantly, evade the police, as you fill everyone’s mailboxes with those Blockbuster hits!

This game is very similar to Paperboy for the NES, except it takes you on a wild ride down memory lane as you pass all your favorite movie and TV characters along your journey. Grind on the hood of the Mystery Machine or even take out the aliens from Space Invaders with a few extra tapes. The references and homages to the 80s are countless and if you’re a product of that generation, you are sure to find yourself trying to name them all.

Switch Lanes: or (whichever is easier for you, but the latter is recommended)
Throw Tapes:

Step 1: Complete the course while delivering 30 Tapes

There are more than 30 tapes available through the course so you’ll need to count these as you go. See 3rd Time’s a Charm for tips on actually completing the course. When you’ve done so, you’ll get a bonus of 1000 points per tape delivered, putting you well over 20,000. Save any money you earn (the costumes don’t have any benefits tied to them, they’re just cosmetic).

After you’re done with this run, you will have earned:

YOU SCORED 1000 points!
YOU SCORED 10000 points!
YOU REACHED 500 metres!
YOU SCORED 20000 points!
Better Late Than Never

Step 2: Complete the course 2 more times

You can ignore the mailboxes in this step if you want. Doing so will allow you to focus solely on dodging the cars and obstacles throughout the course. Your score doesn’t matter, you just need to make it to the end. As with Step 1, save any money you earn as you’ll need it to buy everything from the store.

When you’ve completed your last two course runs, you’ll earn:

3rd Time’s a Charm

Step 3: Grind money and buy all the moves / clothing options

Now that you don’t have to worry about getting to the end, you can focus on collecting all the money come across. In total, you’ll need $2487 to purchase everything. The time this will take will vary from person to person and relies on your reflexes and skills. There are multiple ways to earn money, all of which are listed under Fashionista.

When you’ve bought everything available, you’ll earn the following trophies:

Pro Skater
You ARE The Videokid!

[PST would like to thank Velvet for this Roadmap]

The Videokid Trophy Guide

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Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

10 trophies ( 2  )

  • Score 1000 points

    See YOU SCORED 20000 points!

  • Score 10000 points

    See YOU SCORED 20000 points!

  • Score 20000 points

    When you complete the course, you get 5000 bonus points, plus 1000 points for every videotape you delivered. You’ll also earn points for grinding on cars/obstacles and hitting miscellaneous items with the videotapes (see below). As long you as you deliver at least 15 tapes, you will be fine. The hardest part will actually be completing the course, so please see 3rd Time’s the Charm for more information on doing so.

    The following is a breakdown of the points you get for the miscellaneous items:

    At the beginning, before the first intersection:

    • Hitting the Fraggle Rock Characters: 200 Points each
    • Hitting the California Raisins: 200 Points each
    • Hitting the Care Bears: 200 Points each
    • Hit the Chipmunks (Alvin, Theodore, and Simon): 200 Points each
    • Saving the girl from the creep: 200 Points

    Afterward the first Intersection:

    • Hitting a trash can (sides of the houses): 50 Points
    • Breaking a window on a house that has a red mailbox: No points, but you get $.10 per
    • Breaking a window on a house that has a gray mailbox: 150 Points
    • Hitting the man standing in his doorway drinking coffee: 150 Points
    • After you pickup the first Power Glove, you’ll pass a marble house (The Flintstones' house) with some purple plants outside, hitting one of the plants: 25 Points
    • Hitting Snoopy or Charlie Brown swinging on the tree: 200 Points
    • Hitting Lucy at her Lemonade Stand: 200 Points
    • Hitting planted flowers in front of a house (they are on a white or beige column): 25 Points
    • You will occasionally pass a man painting his garage. Next to him is a ladder with a paint bucket on it. Hit the paint bucket so it falls onto the man: 150 Points
    • Hitting the man with the lawnmower: 100 Points
    • Hitting the doghouse: 150 Points
    • Hitting the pink car so it falls on the man working underneath it (It’s the Simpsons' house/car - the man is Homer): 200 Points
    • Hitting a store window: 100 Points

    The Arcade Section:

    • Hitting the fruit: 150 Points
    • Hitting the Ghosts: 500 Points

    Space Invaders:

    • Hitting an Alien: 150 Points
  • Skate 500 metres

    The entire course is roughly 1635 meters long, so you need to do just under 1/3 of it to unlock this trophy. You’ll hit it on the 6th intersection on the course (not the one on the map on the game menu, but the actual course itself), but really you will get this as you go for YOU SCORED 20000 points!, YOU DELIVERED 20 VIDEO TAPES, Better Late Than Never, 3rd Time’s a Charm, and You ARE The Videokid!, as you need to complete the full course for those.

  • Deliver 30 video tapes

    You’ll need to count this one as you go. To deliver a video tape, you need to throw one with so it lands in a red mailbox. The Game Over/Restart screen only shows 29 Mailboxes, but there are more than 30 available throughout the course. You’re not limited on the number of video tapes you have, so you can just spam to constantly be throwing them. If doing this, you just need to avoid any obstacles in the road to make sure you don’t get hit. The trophy will unlock as soon as you deliver your 30th tape.

  • Reach Jessica

    See 3rd Time’s the Charm.

  • Get all the outfits

    There are 10 outfits available, which will cost you a total of $2,212 to unlock. They are all available to purchase from the start and you will undoubtedly recognize who the outfits are designed after. You get money by collecting coins and earning points through the course. The further you make it (and the higher your score), the more cash you will earn. The breakdown of items that give money are as follows:

    • $.25 for every tape you successfully deliver
    • $.10 for every window you break on a house that has a red mailbox
    • $50 for every purple gem
    • $.01 for every silver coin
    • $.02 for every gold coin
    • $1 for every small stack of cash (single bills)
    • $5 for every large stack of cash

    That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it all adds up. Just purchase the outfits as you go and upon buying the last one, the trophy will unlock. Note though, that the “this outfit is available!” notifications you get will continue even after you’ve bought everything.

    • The Wannabe - $10
    • The Badass - $15
    • The Poser - $25
    • The Slacker - $50
    • Danielson - $95
    • Wolf Boy - $145
    • The Trickster - $225
    • One Man Army - $357
    • Biscuit Guzzler - $495
    • Princess-Ra - $795
  • Get all the moves

    There are 3 moves to purchase, that come to a total of $275. They don't give any extra points and will happen randomly as you jump and grind on cars/obstacles. Since the clothing costs far more, it's recommended you purchase those for Fashionista first, then buy the moves. For a breakdown of each action that gives money, please see Fashionista.

    The moves available are as follows:

    • Method Air - $20
    • 360 Backside Air - $75
    • Christ Air - $180

    Note that the “this move is available!” notifications you get will continue even after you’ve bought everything.


Secret trophies

  • Complete the course 3 times

    Depending on how quick you are with your reflexes, this will most likely be the last trophy you earn. You don’t have to do all 3 runs consecutively, you just need to complete it 3 times period. There is a way to make this a little easier on yourself, but you sacrifice earning more money by doing so.

    In your first run, go big or go home. Go for the 30 Video Tape deliveries and when you finish, after all the bonus points have been awarded, you’ll easily have over the 20,000 required for YOU SCORED 20000 points!.

    In your second and third runs, ignore the mailboxes completely. Since you don’t need any trophies related to those, you can focus simply on avoiding the obstacles and making it to the end. Doing this will lower your overall score and the money payout as well, but it honestly makes it so much easier to complete the course. If you still need money for the clothing and moves, you can grind solely for cash when you're done here.


    Stay in the center lane as much as you can. Cars will never come from behind you here so you’ll be able to grind on the ones that appear ahead or move to the left lane if you can’t. For the most part, you can grind on all the cars, but avoid the following:

    Black Jeep: The lights on the top of the cab of this vehicle will prevent you from grinding on it

    The Ecto-1: The slights and siren will prevent you from grinding on it

    Cop car with loud speaker: The speaker will prevent you from grinding on it

    Lion O and the white tank: He does a lightning spell that will hit you

    Large tank: You can grind on it only if you jump off at the very end, before the gun, but it’s best to avoid it altogether

    Party Wagon/TMNT Van: You can grind on it only if you jump off before you hit the spoiler, but it’s best to avoid it altogether

    The A-Team Van: You can grind on it, but will need to jump off before you hit Murdock (sticking out the back) and will need to jump in time to also hit the green MP cars behind it. It’s best to just avoid this

    Mystery Machine: It has two bars on top that will prevent you from grinding, let alone the ghost chasing it that will be difficult to jump over

    Yellow Convertible from Scarface: There are actually two convertibles that look incredibly similar, so just avoid both of them to be sure, but the one pictured belongs to Tony Montana. When you jump on it, he will whip out a gun, say his every-so-famous line, and shoot you.

    If you need to avoid any cars, prioritize switching to the left lane instead of the far right (cars come from behind you in the far right lane and they are more difficult to dodge). When in the left lane, you can grind on benches and the blue mailboxes, but will need to move out of the way for the plethora of 80’s movie and TV characters making their way downtown.

    Twice on the course, you will come to an intersection that was a cop standing in the left lane, a sewer in the center, and a bus in the right:

    You need to go down into the sewer to get past. The first time, you just need to avoid the pipes and grind on the barrels. Ignore the crocodile, he’s not worth the trouble to get the coins. When you grind on the last barrel, you need to quickly move to the center lane to exit. The second time you go down, you’ll need to dodge and jump over the pipes as well as grind on the barrels. When you pass Splinter (the rat from TMNT), you will see some train tracks. Just before these is a switch on the wall that you need to hit with a video tape to stop the train:

    Also appearing twice in the course will be the Arcade area. You’ll either have Pac-Man fruit and ghosts appear, or aliens from Space Invaders. Stick to the left and center lanes here as a Cop Car comes from behind you in the right lane. It’ll spin out, blocking the road. You’ll avoid it if you stick to the far left lane.

    When you reach the intersection at about the 1345m mark, the final sequence will begin. A red car with 3 guys will pull up next to you (Biff and his buddies) oh whom will throw bottles at you. There will be a red circle that appears on the ground where the bottle is going to land, so just move out of that lane to dodge them. When they’re done, their car will slow down. You need to move over to the far right lane so you’re in front of the car (you’ll grab a hold of it) to dodge a large semi, swerving in the road. When you’re past it, hit to get away from the car and immediately move to the center or left lane (the red car will crash).

    The final part has a few variations, but they mostly just involve dodging very large things.

    Spy Hunter Truck: A large black truck will appear in the far right lane. It’ll open the back and drop coins and a black car. When the car is out, move to the right lane (so you’re behind the truck) to avoid the black car that will speed past you.

    AT-AT: A straight up AT-AT walker from Star Wars will appear in the middle of the road. Stick to the far left lane to avoid its feet.

    StayPuft Marshmallow Man: The large puff man himself will be walking in the road. Dodge him on by driving in either the left or right lane.

    Jessica is just after whichever character/obstacle spawns, so just make it through them, collect some coins and a purple gem, and you’ll be done!

  • Complete All Other Objectives

    This will unlock when you have earned all the other trophies.

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