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  • Lucky dog


    Die not even once


    There are a few points in the game where RT can die.  Obviously, for this trophy, you want to avoid that.  Back up your save before the following points:

    Bar Basement - there's a dialogue line here at the end of it.  When prompted, just say RT-217P.
    Driving Sequences - there's four in total.  The first two will start after the meeting scene after the bar basement.  The final two are after accessing the bike after disabling the first jammer.
    Lab - after unlocking That's much better! trophy_bronze.png , the game will autosave.  That's when you should back up your save, and get through the turret room (see Blade Runner trophy_silver.png ).

    If you kept the chip you received in Every little helps trophy_silver.png like I recommended, you can plug it into a computer in another room past those turrets, and it will disable all of the turrets on the ship, meaning you don't have to worry about dying anymore (and making the rest of the game quicker and easier).

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