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    Despite the trophy description, you need to read all notes AND AUDIO LOGS for this trophy.  Thankfully, there's only twelve.  In order:

    Note 1 - RT's House - on the ground in front of the couch
    Audio Log 1 - Hospital Cafe - on the left table
    Note 2 - Hospital Basement - post-it notes on the back wall of the room with the server
    Note 3 - Informer's Apartment - on the windowsill
    Audio Log 2 - Informer's Apartment - on the table
    Note 4 - Bar - on the table
    Note 5 - Bar Basement - on the ground, next to a small chalk drawing (not the drawing for Concrete painting trophy_silver.png )
    Note 6 - Jamming Location 2 - on the bed
    Audio Log 3 - Lab - past the turret door, in a room with rows of desks.  It's on the right desk of the middle row.
    Audio Log 4 - Lab - in the conference room past some lockers, on the table
    Note 7 - Lab - in the sleeping quarters, on the bench
    Note 8 - Lab - in the sleeping quarters, on the ground on the right between two red crates

    The trophy will not unlock until the cutscenes at the end of the game!

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