Blade Runner Trophy

  • Blade Runner


    Escape the fire from the turrets by yourself


    This may be the most difficult trophy of the game.  Soon after unlocking That's much better! trophy_bronze.png , you will enter a room with some boxes and two turrets guarding the door on the back wall.  For this trophy, you will need to navigate through the room without dying and without using a nearby robot to help you.

    I've posted the relevant part of my walkthrough below.

    Get behind the left boxes, then when you can, go forward to the next set of boxes on the left. When both searchlights are moving to the right, run forward and to the left – you'll be in the left searchlight's beam but not in the active part that's searching for you. When you're at the front of the room, go right to the door. HERE is a video by Zombie of that particular strategy if you want visual help.
    Note that the turrets will lock onto you for 2-3 seconds before they start firing. You can use this to your advantage to switch up their pattern (like ducking behind the crates after they lock on). It's also possible to outrun the bullets, so you could possibly make your way to the crates on the right at the front of the room (that's how I eventually did it).

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