You OK? Trophy

  • You OK?


    Get to Wave 15 in Countdown

    Countdown mode is surviving as many waves as you can against the clock. You only have a short amount of time for each wave and as you complete waves, the number of suits in play rises. You'll start at 1 suit but you'll soon have all 4 to deal with. Each time you place cards in their center deck or use crew powers, it increases your time by a few seconds, plus it's cumulative. Whatever time you end a wave on is what you start the next one with so make sure you are using powers as you play to keep increasing your timer. 

    For these trophies, you'll need to survive long enough until you reach Wave 15. This is probably the hardest trophy on the list so don't expect to beat it on your first try or even your first few. Just keep trying and you'll eventually get it. Once you finally reach Wave 15, the trophy will pop. 

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