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    Complete the Campaign

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Both the trophy title and description are misleading. To get this trophy, all you need to do is complete Campaign Missions until you hit Level 15, which immediately ends the story. Once you get there, the trophy will pop. You do not need to complete all Campaign Missions in the game and you'll certainly have a few left over even after you finish the story and get this trophy. You can complete them if you want but they don't offer any rewards anymore and aren't necessary for the Platinum.

    In the beginning, there will only be one Campaign option to choose but as you level up, you'll begin to get 3 Campaign Missions on the board each time and you can choose which one you prefer to do. They may differ in suit/crew sizes in play (e.g. 2 suits vs 4 suits) and/or differ in amount of XP rewarded. 


    1. Campaign Classic vs. Plus: You'll notice that every time you choose a mission, you have an option between "Campaign Classic" and "Campaign Plus". Campaign Classic missions are randomized each time and do not have a limit on the number of moves you can make. Campaign Plus, however, has a strict limit on number of moves and the card placements are fixed in the same spot each time. Unless you're very skilled or really want a challenge rather than a fast Platinum, stick to Campaign Classic mode. The only benefit of doing the Plus levels is that they give slightly more XP points but it's not really worth doing as you'll get to Level 15 fast enough just doing the normal missions. 

    2. Restart to reset the deal: If you're ever stuck or stumped, restart by hitting square.png and choosing Restart. In Campaign Classic, the deal is random so each time you restart, you might get lucky and get a better deal this time. Plus, there aren't any undos here and it's easy to find yourself backed into a corner so don't hesitate to start over. In addition, there aren't any penalties for restarting so you can even do it in the very beginning if you don't like the deal you were given. If you want a fast, easy Platinum, you should use this to your benefit as it can make a difference, especially for the harder, 4-suit levels. 

    3. Use Crew Powers: Don’t forget to use your powers as several crews have great powers. My favorites are: 

    - Drive Team Six: Placing it on top of any number from a suit will automatically give you the next card you need for that suit. (If you don’t have any cards of that suit in play yet, it'll give you the Ace.)
    - Alpha Division: Placing this card on top of any stack will rearrange that stack from Highest on the bottom to Lowest on top. (ie: Kings on the bottom and Aces on top.)
    - Omega Coda: Placing it on top of any number from any suit will bring that same number card for all other suits on top of their respective stacks. In other words, if you place an Omega face card on a DT6's 3 card, and you have 3's for Omega and Scorpio buried in other stacks, it will bring those other 3s to the top of their stacks so that you can immediately play them. This is extremely helpful as you'll often have 2s, 3s, even Aces buried in the bottom of large piles. 
    - Humanity+: Placing a Humanity+ face card on top of any card from a suit will cause that suit's center deck (ie. the middle section where the cards you have already placed are) to "explode" and remove those cards and place them on top of surrounding stacks. While this sounds chaotic and annoying at first, it does have one major benefit: Doing this also *resets* the powers on that suit's face cards. So if you've already used that suit's King prior to using a Humanity+ power, you'll be able to re-use that King's powers a second time. You can even do this to another Humanity+ card! What this means is... At worst, it might cause you to lose a few moves but won't screw anything up for you. At best, though, it can give you essentially infinite powers. 

    This crew's powers can be very good if used strategically. That said, such a level of strategy is not really necessary for most levels or even the Campaign in general, but it could be helpful in Countdown mode where using powers increases your timer. 

    4. Placing Aces and activating Powers: In higher deck-number levels (e.g. 4 suit levels), sometimes it can be worth it to not put down some of the Aces right away, because once you do, all of the face cards activate and from that point on, anytime you move a face card, it will activate its power. Sometimes it's better not to so that you can freely move them around. Of course, this is more for later levels where strategy is important. Remember, not all crews have beneficial powers; some of them have negative powers, such as the Scorpio crew, which steals the next card you need and drags it down to the bottom of the pile. 

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