Liliartie Neutral Ending Trophy in The Princess Guide

  • Liliartie Neutral Ending


    Unlock Liliartie's neutral ending.

    How to unlock Liliartie Neutral Ending


    To earn this trophy, you have to complete the game normally with Liliartie while her faith is 3 or under. Do not upgrade her faith above 3 before earning this trophy. The girl whom you choose at the beginning doesn't matter. What matters is after completing the first half of the game, you will get to choose a girl again. Make sure to select Liliartie to continue her story.

    If you have completed the first section of the game with all 4 girls' faith at 3 or higher, after completing the treaty chapter, you can choose if you want to continue with all 4 girls or not. Choose "No" to continue the normal path.

    After you’ve completed the game, after the credits and the epilogue, you are asked if you want to start over with the save or not. Choose "No" to continue playing just before the final mission so that you unlock some side missions and you can go for all three of Liliartie's endings in one playthrough.

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