Treasure Hunter Trophy

  • Treasure Hunter


    Open 25 supply crates

    Supply crates come in three different types (that I saw) and one spawns on every deck. There will be an exclamation point denoting the location on the map and when you look at it the map will say Supply Crate.
    Three Types:

    Puzzle – I only saw these on the Engineering Deck. You will need to interact with two terminals in a depressurized set of rooms. I saw these always with the same configuration, with the first terminal on the right. Path:

    Go forward until you reach the first wall then turn right and follow this path to a porter. After taking the porter continue forward to another porter to get to the first terminal and a temporary safe space. Once you interact with the terminal the room will depressurize and the locked doors will both open. Leave the room and go through the other door which was locked, then simply follow the path to the final porter and the terminal/supply crate.

    Battle – These are in square shaped rooms and you will have to kill a variable number of enemies before the crate unlocks, usually 10 or so. The enemies will spawn from teleporters that you can see.

    Movement – You will have to traverse a depressurized corridor to get to a terminal, either through a blast door or via porter to re-pressurize the area. While in the corridor you will lose health continuously so you will want to have a fair bit of health or an upgraded teleporter.

    Both the Movement and Puzzle rooms you first need to interact with a terminal to unlock to room to begin it. There is no way in game to track this but once you’ve gotten 25 the trophy will pop.

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