• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 ( Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 44 (32, 7, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15-20hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + cleanup
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting until after completing the game once, no difficulty related trophies.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the NA and EU versions stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies? Yes. Using the assist settings added by the October 2018 update, will disable trophies so you cannot use unlimited dark matter or ammo or any of the other additions.
  • Additional peripherals required?: Yes, PS VR.


The Persistence is a horror stealth roguelike hybrid where your ship has been taken over by mutant clones and you are the only survivor. You will work with another crew member whose mind is in the ship's computers to work through 4 decks and get the ship ready for a return flight to Earth. Along the way, you will find new weapons, equipment and abilities which will help you along the way, some of which will be persistent while others only last until you die.


The controls are pretty straightforward, is your attack button, with being using to harvest "currency" from enemies. Locomotion is via teleportation on a cool down cycle or using standard FPS controls, you will not have to pick one over the other as both are available at most times throughout gameplay. You will also have a shield and be able to cycle through up to 18 weapons with . All aiming including for weapon use and teleportation is done using you head to look at where you want to moveattack.


Step 1: Complete the game and try for Super Happy Ending

This step will be simply completing the game, it is not necessary to focus on any trophies as nothing is missable but you will likely want to get a couple out of the way anyway as they are simpler before cleanup. You'll get all story related trophies in this step and will likely get some of the others or at least begin your progress towards them.

  • Let's Do This
  • Plot the Jump Vectors
  • Mutant Madness
  • Repair the Sensors
  • A Fallen Hero
  • Going Home!
  • First of Many
  • As Good as it Gets
  • Feeling Good
  • Payback Time
  • Six Shooter
  • Keep Your Distance, Buddy
  • Super Happy Ending

Step 2: Cleanup

This is where the grind occurs and where you will be able to get what you don’t have already. After beating the game, you can hit continue and will start back in Recovery just before going through the final sequence. At this point you can go anywhere you would like in the game.

  • Treasure Hunter
  • Epic!
  • Everything is Awesome!
  • Full Arsenal
  • Feeling Great
  • Feeling Unstoppable
  • Samurai
  • Lock and Load
  • Sharp Shooter
  • A Bundle of Limbs
  • Thanks, Guys!
  • That's Gotta Hurt
  • Abrakebabra!
  • Stealth is for Wimps
  • Who's a Good Boy!
  • Shields Up!
  • Shields at Maximum
  • Fully Fortified
  • A Lost Friend
  • A Lost Family
  • Not Feeling Myself…
  • All the Crew
  • Full House
  • The Ship is Your Friend
  • Big Bad Buddy
  • Thank You!
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  • Boom!
  • Teleport Technician
  • Nah, I'm Good.
  • Persistence Pays Dividends

[PST Would Like To Thank bigdrama for this Roadmap]

The Persistence Trophy Guide

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44 trophies ( 32  1  )

  • Collect all trophies

    Once you get the rest of the trophies enjoy your Platinum!

  • Enter Research Deck after the tutorial

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The trophy should pop shortly after you teleport to the first deck after leaving recovery.

  • Plot the jump vectors home on Research Deck

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After you complete the first objective, on the Research Deck, the trophy should pop. You will need to interact with two or three terminals in a cramped section of hallways. Simply follow Serena's directions and you will get it. For me there were only a handful of enemies in this area with the first Berserker of the game showing up after completion, it killed me.

  • Refuel the Stardrive

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After you complete the second objective, on the Stardrive Deck, the trophy should pop shortly after starting up the engines. This section will involve interacting with terminals again but this time you will also have to shoot enemies into portals first. There will be infinitely spawning enemies and you will have a Valkyrie weapon with infinite ammo.

  • on Communications Deck

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After you complete the third objective, on the Comms Deck, the trophy will pop after a brief scene once your interact with the terminal across the destroyed corridor in Gravimetrics. In this section, you will have to install some batteries to open up the corridor but you will have infinite ammo for the Grav Hook and have to face a wave of enemies after installing each of the three batteries. If you die in the corridor, you don't have to install the batteries again as everything will be open already.

  • Find the Captain's body on Engineering Deck

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After you complete the fourth objective, on the Engineering Deck, the trophy should pop before you get back to Recovery. You will follow the captain’s swath of carnage until finding the body. On the way there, you'll have to fight off a wave of enemies then get passed an infinite number of weepers and regular mutants, I used invisibility and just ran through. There will be a few floors you’ll have to navigate but they will be in a single room.

  • Complete the game

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Complete the final objective and start the jump back home. See Super Happy Ending for details.

  • Open 25 supply crates

    Supply crates come in three different types (that I saw) and one spawns on every deck. There will be an exclamation point denoting the location on the map and when you look at it the map will say Supply Crate.
    Three Types:

    Puzzle – I only saw these on the Engineering Deck. You will need to interact with two terminals in a depressurized set of rooms. I saw these always with the same configuration, with the first terminal on the right. Path:

    Go forward until you reach the first wall then turn right and follow this path to a porter. After taking the porter continue forward to another porter to get to the first terminal and a temporary safe space. Once you interact with the terminal the room will depressurize and the locked doors will both open. Leave the room and go through the other door which was locked, then simply follow the path to the final porter and the terminal/supply crate.

    Battle – These are in square shaped rooms and you will have to kill a variable number of enemies before the crate unlocks, usually 10 or so. The enemies will spawn from teleporters that you can see.

    Movement – You will have to traverse a depressurized corridor to get to a terminal, either through a blast door or via porter to re-pressurize the area. While in the corridor you will lose health continuously so you will want to have a fair bit of health or an upgraded teleporter.

    Both the Movement and Puzzle rooms you first need to interact with a terminal to unlock to room to begin it. There is no way in game to track this but once you’ve gotten 25 the trophy will pop.

  • Make any schematic

    There are five levels of schematics which can drop from enemies, although early in the game you are most likely to get them from Supply Crates. The levels on the NA version are Common (green), Uncommon (Blue), Rare (Purple) and Epic (Orange). The game will walk you through this process of making the schematic itself.

  • Make an epic schematic

    Once you have an epic schematic, you will need to make it while in Recovery. The game will walk you through this process. Epic schematics cost 15,000 fabchips each but once made can be equipped or unequipped at will from the same location. Fabchips can drop from enemies, be found in supply crates or found in regular lockers/boxes

  • Make an Epic of each suit, teleporter, shield, harvester and supersense

    This is likely to be one of your last trophies because of the RNG nature of the drops. It was my second to last but that is only because I stopped dying for the last 6 hours of my time with the game (I needed one more crew member spawn at that point). You can get many difference schematics for each of the items you need to upgrade which is why this is a real hassle. Your best bet is to farm supply crates on decks 3 and 4. You will need to upgrade a total of 10 difference items for a minimum expenditure of 150,000 fabchips.

    • Suits (Subclass: Weapon, Sneak, Vampire, Dark Matter, Survival, Loot)
    • Teleporter
    • Shield
    • Stem Cell Harvester
    • Supersense
  • Unlock a weapon

    See Full Arsenal.

  • Unlock all weapons

    To unlock and thus be able to fabricate weapons, you need to pickup Erebus tokens. It costs one token to unlock a weapon. Each weapon can only be unlocked, upgraded, or fabricated from a specific "shop":

    Experimental (purple):

    • Grav Hook
    • Rage Serum
    • Reaper
    • Escape Artist
    • Time Warp
    • Invisibility

    Firearm (blue):

    • The Needle
    • The Sentinel
    • Valkyrie
    • Stormfury

    Grenade (yellow):

    • Siren
    • Gravity Bomb
    • Swarm Droids

    Melee (red):

    • Lance
    • Peacekeeper
    • Ivy Serum
    • Riot Baton
  • Upgrade a weapon

    See As good as it Gets.

  • Get any weapon to Max level

    Once a weapon is unlocked, you can upgrade it from the applicable shop by pressing to see the status of upgrades on the weapons. You can then make upgrades with Erebus tokens, approximately 10-12 per weapon to max out a weapon. By the end of the game, you will likely have everything maxed out but I would suggest the Lance or Ivy Serum first as them are way overpowered.

  • Upgrade any DNA stat

    See Feeling Unstoppable.

  • Upgrade each DNA stat at least once

    See Feeling Unstoppable.

  • Get all DNA stats to max

    You will have to upgrade all four DNA stats to max, the maximum varies depending on the stat with health and melee having 9 upgrades while stealth and dark matter having fewer. Needless to say, you will need an awful lot of stem cells to get this so I suggest using your harvester as your main weapon and the looting crates. I had this well before getting the final epic schematics I needed but if you need more stem cells once everything else is done you can farm Berserkers as they seem to give the best amount, often between 1,200-1,800 if you do it on stage 3 or 4 and kill them solely via harvesting.

  • Kill 100 enemies by harvesting their stemcells

    This goes hand in hand with Feeling Unstoppable as it is a great way to get stem cells. To harvest an enemy, you simply need to get behind them then hit . If done right, you will enter into an animation and harvest your opponent but it doesn't matter what weapon you have equipped. You don't have to sneak up on an enemy nor do they have to be stunned although that can help if you are having trouble but the most likely way to get it during combat is to teleport behind the enemy and turn around really quickly.

  • Shoot and kill 6 enemies in a row, with just 6 bullets

    The easiest place to get this is at the end of stage two when you have the Valkyrie with infinite ammo. It will be a one hit kill on all the enemies spawning so simply shoot 6 in a row without missing and you’ll get your trophy. Otherwise you can use the Stormfury or Valkyries at any point on decks one or two assuming you have enough ammo.

  • 10 headshots in a row

    You can get this in the same place as Six Shooter but I found it easier to do on a Bloodhound on deck 3 or 4 with The Needle. The reason this is simpler is because you don't need to kill the enemy and The Needle has perfect stability while the bloodhound enemy moves quite slowly and doesn’t not attempt to dodge. If you still have trouble, then you can use a Time Warp to make things easier but it should not be necessary.

  • Kill 3 enemies with the same gravity bomb

    You can do this the same way as Thanks, Guys! but you shouldn’t need to. Simply ensure you have three enemies somewhat grouped together and throw a Gravity Bomb on them. I actually got this several times although there is some luck involved. If you are having trouble, you are likely to have more luck in a battle room or possibly during a final stage of a deck.

  • Kill 5 enemies with the same Swarm Droid

    This one can be a pain, because the Swarm Droid is weak and only last for 20-30 seconds. What I found to work was to go to Research while wearing a good weapon suit, preferably epic but rare can work too, then running around trying to get five enemies in the same room. Once you have five enemies in one place release the swarm and teleport around the room while the swarm does its job. You may have to do this a few times depending on the stats of your weapon suit. I found including one or two Listeners was helpful as they won’t fire on you while teleporting around usually.

  • Smash an enemy to death with the Gravimetric Hook

    This description is odd as really all you need to do is kill an enemy with the Grav Hook. While using the Grav Hook you can pick up enemies and, using your head, smash them into things. Just do this until they go full ragdoll. Conversely you can throw enemies into walls for the same effect. Note that different enemies take various slams to die but everything can be killed. You may want to save this until the end of deck 3 when you have unlimited Grav Hook ammo and need to fight off enemies anyway.

  • Pin two enemies with the same Valkyrie bolt

    You may get this by accident at the end of deck 2 but if you don't, then you should focus on getting it there when you have infinite ammo as the enemies tend to line up if you don't cross over to the second portal.

  • Melee kill a Berserker with the Stem Cell Harvester

    Once your melee damage has been upgraded a few times, you will be able to take on the Berserker enemies head on, I do suggest harvesting them once or twice and once that is done you can hit them with once or twice to kill them. This will vary based on deck and your melee stats.

  • Have a single Ivy Serum buddy kill 5 enemies

    If you focus on upgrading your Ivy Serum early, you will be able to get Berserkers to wipe out whole decks for you. Even at only unlocked, you'll likely be able to have a Berserker get five or more kills for you. Just make sure not to move too fast when traversing rooms as you don’t want to have your buddy get stuck.

  • Power up any Debris Defence Shield machine

    See Fully Fortified. The difference being you only need to start one DDS Generator for this trophy.

  • Power up all the Debris Defence Shield machines

    See Fully Fortified. The difference being you do not need to use all of the DDS Generators in one life for this.

  • Use all 4 Debris Defence Shield machines on the same life

    I recommend not doing this until after you have an epic Survival suit. There are two ways to do this, you can either start the machines all on the same life or if they are already started you can simply interact with the terminal at each again. I suggest the latter as it makes things simpler since you won't be rushed after the terminal interaction. The DDS rooms will spawn on each deck usually but if you don't see it then leave and re-enter the deck until it is available. Start or use the machine on all four decks without dying for this trophy.

  • Find a crew member artefact

    See All the Crew.

  • Find all 6 crew member artefacts

    See All the Crew.

  • Print a clone of any other crew member

    See All the Crew.

  • Print a clone of all 7 crew members

    To be able to print a clone of a crew member, you need to find their artefact first. The crew member artefacts are a collectable in this game, with the Captain being story related. As the game is a roguelike with procedurally generated layouts each time you load up a deck there really isn't a guide for finding them. However, I found that the crew member rooms to generally be on the outsides of the map with only one entrance, except for the doctor who spawns in a Medical Room. Once you have found a crew member artefact room, you'll have a brief conversation with Serena and then will need to extract the crew member's DNA from their body which is in the same room as the artefact, except for the Captain. After extracting the DNA, you will be able to respawn as the crew member you just unlocked. Each crew member has a special bonus, from increased health to increased drop chance. Other than Zimri, each crew member costs a certain amount of Stem Cells so I would suggest not focusing on printing the clones unless you are specifically going for this trophy or you simply want to use a different bonus. You can respawn as any unlocked crew member each time you die.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about collecting the artefacts until after you have finished deck 3 as that will mark the rooms on your map from that point on. The rooms are not a guaranteed spawn so if you see one try and get it because it might be awhile before you see another.

  • Kill one of each type of enemy

    There are 8 different types of enemies:

    • Mutant – These are the regular enemies which attack you on site and rush you. There are various versions of these but only one version should be necessary
    • Listener – Mutant with a gun that is missing half of its head. They attack based on sound.
    • Lurker – They hide and attack on site, they’ll scream at you while rushing you with two screwdrivers then retreat after their attack.
    • Weeper – Crying girl who will blast you with a ray from her chest then will be stunned briefly. If you try to attach when they are not stunned they’ll teleport away.
    • Berserker – Giant enemies that take the second most damage. These guys look like the Incredible Hulk basically but not green.
    • Bloodhound – Purple enemy with an electric lance that will keep coming and can open doors. They are highlighted on maps when they spawn (deck 2 onward). They are slow and disable your dark matter when in range. Killing these can be difficult as they take the most damage by far.
    • Fireball – Invisible enemy that rush you then explode.
    • Droid – This was the last enemy I needed for the trophy as they show up last. They are immobile and if they see you will attack with twin guns. You can shoot or melee kill them. Melee appeared to damage me when they explode on death though.
  • Use the environment to kill 10 enemies

    There are only two environmental kills that I could confirm, the electrified plates on the ground in various rooms and the red barrels that gamers love so much. I suggest focusing on the barrels as the plates don't kill in one hit. The barrels are easiest to find in the DDS rooms but do exist elsewhere, you can either throw them with the Grav Hook or shoot them. This is best done on decks 1 or 2 to ensure you get kills.

  • Rage Berserkers to kill 10 enemies

    Shoot a Berserker from outside of the room they are in and let them rage on the other enemies in the room. If you are doing this throughout the game when there are enemies with the Berserker you won’t have to worry about this one. One shot from The Needle or Sentinel is all that it takes, using something bigger will increase the chance the Berserker dies first.

  • Get a weeper to kill another mutant (without using Ivy Serum)

    The weeper can kill most enemies with one blast. The description on this is confusing as you cannot use the Ivy Serum on the weeper but you can use it on other enemies so just have a buddy with you when you run into a weeper and let the weeper kill your buddy. Conversely, you can try to line up an enemy for a weeper to kill but since the weeper teleports so often that can be much more difficult.

  • Kill any enemy with a hidden Siren Grenade

    This may prove difficult as it is entirely up to RNG. However, there is a workaround. If you find a siren grenade in a locker or other lootable box you can hit then exit the game from the pause screen. When you continue, you will have the same layout and the grenade will be in the same place. Now you just need to make sure you don’t kill the enemies in the room and make sure one ends up near the grenade, the sound will draw them in. I only saw 8 siren grenades in total this way and 3 were in Medical Rooms where enemies do not spawn so I would suggest using the workaround on the first or second grenade you find just to be safe.

  • Use your shield 10 times against the same enemy

    The easiest time to do this is during the tutorial as your shield will not deplete during the tutorial. Just hit before the enemy attacks 10 times in a row without killing them and the trophy will pop.

  • Get fireballs to kill a total of 10 mutants

    Prior to exploding, you will be able to see them and they will look like they are on fire. There are two ways to do this. When one spawns you can let them rush you and explode catching other enemies in the blast or you can use the Grav Hook at the end of deck 3 and throw the fireballs into other enemies. To ensure there is no confusion you should use your shield just prior to their exploding, they will duck under you a moment before they go boom. The deck 3 sequence won’t have enough but will help towards the goal of 10. The fireball enemies seemed to show up more often during the supply crate Battle stages for me.

  • Visit Research and then Stardrive decks on any one life, without walking

    This sounds harder than it is. Once both decks are unlocked go back to Recovery (dying or otherwise) then port to Research. Now you need to get to the Stardrive Deck without walking, which means you will be teleporting only so a teleport upgrade helps but is not necessary. The trophy should pop shortly after getting to the Stardrive Deck. Also, when I got it I walked around in Recovery but I would suggest not doing so just in case.

  • Visit all 4 Decks on any 1 life, without collecting anything or making a weapon

    First things first, don't pickup anything and don't die. Since you also can't make anything I found it best to do after getting the Super Happy Ending as I had a bunch of weapons. Conversely, you can simply teleport to Engineering first and work your way backwards to Research without engaging in fight except when necessary. If you do have to fight then use your harvester only, the melee attack is fine. The trophy will pop after you get to the final deck.


Secret trophies

  • Save both Serena and Zimri

    Once you have the Captain's body you can enter the rooms next to Recovery that were previously off limits. First, you will interact with a terminal then watch a conversation between Zimri and Serena then you need to pick which one to save if you die by interacting with a terminal, you'll have two to choose from. Once you've picked the person to save, you will need to try and get through 6 rooms, three are safe and have shops while the other three have enemies in them. There are supposedly two configurations for the enemies either infinite spawns that you can simply run through or finite spawns that you need to kill. I only saw the finite spawns and had to fight my way through. After the fight in the sixth room, you will interact with a terminal to end the game. If you die, you will only get the Going Home! trophy. You can restart in Recovery by selecting Continue and you will be able to go through the ending sequence again.

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