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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 29 (14, 7, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10 to 15 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, but a second playthrough for new players is recommended
  • Number of missable trophies:​​​​​ 1 (see Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png), all others should be possible through Chapter select 
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


The Last of Us has been heralded as one of the best video games of all times and for good reason. In its ten years of being a Playstation exclusive, Sony's first party developer Naughty Dog has released the original version on PS3 in June of 2013, the PS4 Remaster in July of 2014, the game's sequel in June of 2020 and now with the premiere of the HBO series, Naughty Dog has remade the 2013 game "from the ground up" exclusively for the PS5. Most of the content of the game is the same but with a beautiful new look all around. Game characters more closely resemble their motion capture (and voice) actors, ray tracing and fidelity improvements make every scene so much brighter than the original and sets, furniture, debris and enemy designs have improved greatly. This last improvement, and the different trophy requirements are the primary reason for this guide as collectibles are in slightly different spots and there have been six new miscellaneous trophies added to replace all the difficulty and multiplayer trophies from 2013.

My difficulty rating for this game was decided more in regards to the collectibles than any other possible roadblock on your way to the platinum. The game can be played on Very Light up to Survivor as you see fit and playing on the lowest difficulty will still get you all trophies you need in one playthrough of the main game and the Left Behind DLC that is already available in the game (and can be played first if you desire). Anyone familair with the game from previous versions will have a very easy time and all missed trophies or collectibles can be obtained through chapter select or a second playthrough on New Game Plus if you wish, but currently it is believed that the five Workbench Tools need to be collected in one playthrough for Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png  


Thankfully for trophy hunters or anyone who may be playing this game for the third or fifth time and would just like to breeze through the game to relive the captivating story without the stress of two playthroughs and the need to play on the highest difficulty on New Game + for the platinum (to say nothing of the thirty hours plus of multiplayer that was needed back in the day)  - Fear Not! The Last of Us Part I only requires one playthrough on whatever difficulty you are comfortable with, be it Very Light to Grounded, you can enjoy the game as you wish. 

Much of the work you will need to put in to this platinum is with the collectibles, and as there are a lot of them, I offer the following playlist for all teh Collectible Guides as well as a few extra trophy videos for you to use: 

The Last of Us: Part I - Collectible and Trophy Guides - YouTube

Step I: Play through The Last of Us
If you are new to the game, even if you feel familiar with the world through the new HBO series based on the game, I would suggest a blind playthrough on whatever difficulty you prefer. This will mean you will miss many of the collectibles and may miss entire portions of the game.

If you would like to finish the game in one run, then feel free to bring the difficulty down to Very Light and follow along with the linked collectible guide series as you play through the game, so you don't miss too many of the 238 items including notes/artifacts, optional conversations and jokes, training manuals, workbenches, workbench tools, shiv doors, comics, pendants and safes to open. Please keep in mind, it is believe that the five Workbench Tools that appear in Bill's Town, Pittsburgh, The Suburbs, The University and the Bus Depot need to all be picked up in the same playthrough to count towards Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png so check that trophy guide for all the collectibles in the game and DLC so you don't miss anything.

Completing this step should earn you the following:

Fallen Firefly trophy_bronze.png 
Self Help trophy_bronze.png 
Savage Starlight Fan trophy_bronze.png 
Geared Up trophy_bronze.png 
Sticky Fingers trophy_silver.png 
Combat Ready trophy_silver.png 
Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png 
Build Em Up, Break Em Down trophy_silver.png 
No Matter What trophy_gold.png 

Step II: Clean Up any missed collectibles
After you finish your first playthrough, you can return to chapter select and see the chapter and sub-chapter breakdowns of all collectibles. Consult the linked YouTube series in Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png for any missed collectibles and clean up any you missed. As mentioned in Step I, please do your best not to miss any of the five Workbench Tools so you don't require a full second playthrough for this step. Regardless of which step you complete all the main game collectibles, you will still have 14 optional conversations and 14 Artifacts to collect in the DLC, as well as the final set of jokes Ellie will tell so don't worry if you still have those trophies left to complete before the next section.

Also, if you happened to miss any of the five miscellaneous trophies from the main game, this step would be a good time to finish those up if needed. Please check on In Memorium trophy_bronze.png, Lights Out trophy_bronze.pngWaterlogged trophy_bronze.png, Left Hanging trophy_bronze.png and Who's A Good Boy? trophy_bronze.png 

Completing this step should get you the following:

In Memorium trophy_bronze.png 
Lights Out trophy_bronze.png 
Waterlogged trophy_bronze.png 
Left Hanging trophy_bronze.png 
Who's A Good Boy? trophy_bronze.png 
Something to Fight For trophy_silver.png 
Prepared For the Worst trophy_silver.png 
Master of Unlocking trophy_silver.png 
Endure and Survive trophy_gold.png 

Step III: Play through Left Behind
Please Note: You will be given the choice to play Left Behind first or The Last of Us. I suggest the main game then this portion (originally DLC to the game) There are a few spoilers in the DLC that explain the state of some of the characters from well into the story, while also flashing back to events that happen before the main game, so I feel it works so much better after the fact.

Left Behind is a much more pared down experience with only two of the five chapters involving any real danger or combat and the whole experience only taking about an hour to play through. That being said, the DLC still contains 14 Optional Conversations, 14 Artifacts and one set of Ellie's Jokes that need to be collected for the last three collectible trophies, as well as five other trophies tied to various activities Ellie can accomplish either in her chapters with Riley, or alone in the more current chapters. Check Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png for all the collectible guides and the corresponding Left Behind troophies listed below. If all other items have been cleaned up in previous steps, you should be able to finish this section and receive the platinum.

Completing this step should earn you the following:

Brick Master trophy_bronze.png 
That's all I got trophy_gold.png 
Getting to Know You trophy_gold.png 
Nobody's Perfect trophy_bronze.png 
Angel Knives trophy_bronze.png 
Skillz trophy_bronze.png 
Chronicles trophy_gold.png 
Live Bait trophy_bronze.png 
Don't Go trophy_gold.png 
It can't be for nothing trophy_platinum.png 

The Last of Us: Part I Trophy Guide

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29 trophies ( 14  )

  • Collect all trophies

    You have Endured and Survived. Congratulations!
  • Complete Part 1

    Story Related, Cannot be missed

    Play through the main game of The Last of Us on any difficulty you choose. Once you complete the Epilogue, you will receive this trophy. Unlike the original game or the PS4 remaster, there is no need to play New Game Plus, nor is there any requirements for playing on higher difficulties such as Survivor or Grounded difficulties, so enjoy the beautiful story and the well paced action however you choose.
  • Complete Left Behind

    Story Related, Cannot be missed.

    Play through the Left Behind portion of the story to completion for this trophy on whatever difficulty you choose.

    Left Behind can be played as a Prologue to the main game if you desire a more chronological order, or it can be played after you have completed the main game as it was orignally released as DLC and then as a standalone game on its own.  Please be aware if you choose to play Left Behind first, there is a minor spoiler that places the story in the middle of the main game's events as a flashback, so if it is your first experience with the game you will briefly see characters in situations that will spoil some of the action leading up to the "Lakeside Resort" chapter of the game.
  • Find all Firefly pendants

    There are a total of 30 Firefly Pendants to collect through the Part I portion of the game. The breakdown per chapter are as follows:
    • The Quarantine Zone - 3 Firefly Pendants
    • The Outskirts - 4 Firefly Pendants
    • Bill's Town - 3 Firefly Pendants
    • Pittsburgh - 3 Firefly Pendants
    • The Suburbs - 4 Firefly Pendants
    • Tommy's Dam - 2 Firefly Pendants
    • The University - 5 Firefly Pendants
    • Lakeside Resort - 2 Firefly Pendants
    • Bus Depot - 3 Firefly Pendants
    • The Firefly Lab - 1 Firefly Pendant

    A quick note about the Pendants: There is an additional pendant in Ellie's inventory during the Lakeside Resort chapter that is not counted as part of the 30 you need to collect. Pendants can be found in the environment, with a number of them hanging from trees that you will need to shoot down to collect.
  • Collect all comics

    There are a total of 12 comic books to collect through the Part I portion of the game. The breakdown per chapter are as follows:
    • Pittsburgh - 3 Comics
    • The Suburbs - 2 Comics
    • Tommy's Dam - 2 Comics
    • The University - 1 Comic
    • Lakeside Resort - 2 Comics
    • Bus Depot - 2 Comics
    • Jackson - 1 Comic
    A quick note about the Comics: There is an additional comic book in Joel's inventory at the beginning of the Pittsburgh chapter that is not counted as part of the 12 you need to collect. This is the initial Comic that Ellie steals from Bill and will be the reason you will begin finding and collecting the Comics so there will be no Comics in any chapter before Pittsburgh.
  • Find all notes and artifacts

    There are a total of 97 Notes and Artifacts to collect through both Part I and the Left Behind portion of the game. The breakdown per chapter are as follows:

    Part I
    • The Quarantine Zone - 7 Artifacts
    • The Outskirts - 9 Artifacts
    • Bill's Town - 11 Artifacts
    • Pittsburgh - 17 Artifacts
    • The Suburbs - 10 Artifacts
    • Tommy's Dam - 2 Artifacts
    • The University - 9 Artifacts
    • Lakeside Resort - 10 Artifacts
    • Bus Depot - 4 Artifacts
    • The Firefly Lab - 4 Artifacts
    Left Behind
    • Back in a Flash - 4 Artifacts
    • Mallrats - 2 Artifacts
    • So Close - 4 Artifacts
    • Fun and Games - 2 Artifacts
    • The Enemy of My Enemy - 2 Artifacts

    The Notes and Artifacts you will find will generally be documents, posters, letters, notes and maps you will be able to pick up and read through for additional story elements or information. Some will come in the form of objects as well as voice recordings in the final chapters of the main story. 

    A reminder, as shown above: Completing Part I (the main game) will give you 83 of the Artifacts you need to collect. You will need to also play through Left Behind for the final 14 in order to be awarded this trophy.
  • Engage in all optional conversations

    There are a total of 54 Optional Conversations to activate by pressing triangle.png when prompted through both Part I and the Left Behind portion of the game. The opportunity to initiate many of these conversations will require being close to a companion at the right time or after meeting the correct requirements to allow for the dialogue to occur, so it is important to know when these conversations will pop up.

    The breakdown per chapter are as follows:

    Part I
    • The Quarantine Zone - 4 Optional Conversations
    • The Outskirts - 4 Optional Conversations
    • Bill's Town - 5 Optional Conversations
    • Pittsburgh - 10 Optional Conversations and 4 Ellie's Joke dialouges, see That's all I got trophy_gold.png for more info
    • The Suburbs - 3 Optional Conversations, 1 Ellie's Joke dialouge (does not require triangle.png) See That's all I got trophy_gold.png for more info
    • Tommy's Dam - 4 Optional Conversations
    • The University - 3 Optional Conversations
    • Lakeside Resort - 14 Optional Conversations
    • Bus Depot - 6 Optional Conversations
    Left Behind
    • Mallrats - 12 Optional Conversations
    • Fun and Games - 2 Optional Conversations and the final Ellie's Joke dialogue of Left Behind  

    While the Jokes Ellie tells from her Joke Books in Pittsburgh, The Suburbs, and the Carousel area in Left Behind chapter Fun and Games should be considered an additional collectible separate from the 54 counted events, I have included them in the count here as they are activated much the same way.

    A reminder, as shown above: Completing Part I (the main game) will give you 40 of the Optional Conversation events you need to activate. You will need to also play through Left Behind for the final 14 in order to be awarded this trophy.
  • Survive all of Ellie's jokes

    As listed in Getting to Know You trophy_gold.png, Ellie will pull out a joke book and read off some one liners during four specific moments in the Pittsburg chapter, once in The Suburbs, as well as once while messing around the carousel area in the Mall with Riley during the Fun and Games chapter of the Left Behind portion of The Last of Us Part I.

    The events in Pittsburgh are as follows:
    • After crossing through the bus where Joel will find the first collectible Comic, the pair will come upon three or four hunters. Eliminate or hide from the hunters until they have left the area and then make sure to wait before climbing the tall barrier. Ellie will eventually whip out her Joke Book and begin the first series of jokes when you activate the conversation with triangle.png
    • After clearing out both floors of the Bookstore, wait by the area that looks like it was the coffeeshop area of the Bookstore but now has a small bonfire, next to the second floor Shiv Door. Activate with triangle.png when she pulls out the book.
    • Directly after the cutscene of the two hunters walking into the Hotel, Joel and Ellie will be standing by a taxi cab. Turn around for an Optional Conversation about the fashion model. After a minute or two, Ellie will give Joel another chance to crack a smile when you press triangle.png
    • Lastly, after entering the Hotel, you will find an artifact that gives you the combination to the safe behind the concierge desk. After opening it head back up to the elevator in this area (before going up the stairs). Wait by the elevator for the last joke event in this chapter by pressing triangle.png

    One Joke event in The Suburbs chapter, and it needs a few conversations before activating:
    • To start, you need to enter the back of the first house you come to after leaving the Sewers. There is a hole blown out of the exterior wall that leads into a kitchen area. Move into the kitchen and Henry will start sharing his memories concerning neighborhood barbeques. This is not an Optional Conversation you prompt with triangle.png but just make sure to hear Henry start before moving out of the kitchen to make sure.
    • Down the hill from the kitchen, there is another street, walk up to the first house so Sam reads the warning "Will Shoot On Site." This will prompt Optional Conversation #24 between Henry and Joel about apocalyptic paranoia.
    • Walking down this street, you will see two dogs in the distance and a broken down Ice Cream truck. This will initiate Optional Conversation #25 from Sam and Ellie asking about ice cream.
    • Go to the end of this street and around the last house to the left to find a Firefly emblem painted on the wall under the fence of the house where you can find Firefly Pendant #17. Wait here, Joel will invite Henry and Sam to join them on the trip to Jackson, Sam will ask about the chances of some of their party surviving, and then Ellie will finally get bummed out (or bored) and will give you the last joke even of Part I.

    The final set of Jokes will be in Left Behind, during the Fun and Games sub-chapter. 
    When the chapter begins, Ellie and Riley will pick up right where the Mallrats chapter ended, as they are walking into the Carousel area of the Mall. Ellie will then be told to ride the Carousel for Optional Conversation #53 and Riley will join before the ride winds down. In the cutscene that follows this interaction, Riley will hand Ellie a Joke Book, which will automatically lead into Ellie reading each of the jokes in the book to Riley (with triangle.png activating each joke) until she has told all 21 Jokes. Once you hear the toilet humor joke involving should be awarded this trophy.

    All Joke sections are in the Collectible Guides found in the Roadmap and in the Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png guide, but I have also compiled just the Ellie's Jokes entries from Pittsburgh, The Suburbs and Left Behind below for extra clarity:  

  • Find all training manuals

    There are a total of 12 Training Manuals to collect through the Part I portion of the game. The breakdown per chapter are as follows:
    • Bill's Town - 1 Training Manual
    • Pittsburgh - 4 Training Manuals
    • The Suburbs - 2 Training Manuals
    • Tommy's Dam - 1 Training Manual
    • The University - 2 Training Manuals
    • Lakeside Resort - 1 Training Manual
    • Bus Depot - 1 Training Manual

    The Training Manuals are useful as they directly improve combat and crafting with upgrades to Shiv, health pack, melee weapon and throwable wepaon integrity, area of of attack and crafting speed improvements so pick them up whenever you find them for benefits to your gameplay.
  • Fully upgrade a weapon

    Luckily, The Last of Us Part I only asks you to fully upgrade one weapon, as opposed to all eight weapons that were required for the prevoious versions of the game.

    If you would like to take the easiest, quickest and cheapest route to this trophy, you can simply focus upgrades on the Revolver. The Revolver is the second weapon Joel will obtain and can be fully upgraded with only the first three Workbench Tools The revolver only needs a total of 155 parts. The next cheapest upgrade is the Flame Thrower, at 160 parts, but you don't get it until The University and it is not nearly as resourceful in combat in my opinion. A step up from the Flame Thrower is the Bow at 230 parts. It is an early get (Bill's Town) as well as worth the money you put into it. The third alternative is the 9mm Pistol, which requires 264 parts and is your initial weapon - which is a moot point as you don't reach your first workbench until you already have the Revolver.

    Below is the list of possible weapon upgrades you can add through workbenches in the game:

    Weapon Holsters (These allow for a second weapon slot for quick selection, worth getting for Long Gun)
    Short Gun: 75
    Long Gun: 75

    Hand (Short) Guns

    9mm Pistol (Obtained in The Quarantine Zone) 
    Reload Speed: 15 > 20 > 25
    Fire Rate: 20 > 30 > 40
    Clip Capacity: 15 > 20 > 30 > 40

    Revolver (Obtained in The Outskirts)
    Reload Speed: 15 > 20 > 30
    Fire Rate: 20 > 30 > 40

    Shorty (Found in the Sewers/The Suburbs)
    Reload Speed: 15 > 30
    Fire Rate: 30 > 40 > 50
    Clip Capacity: 20 > 30 > 40 > 50
    Recoil: 20 > 30
    Spread: 20 > 30 > 40 > 50

    El Diablo (Found at the beginning of Tommy's Dam)
    Reload Speed: 15 > 25
    Fire Rate: 20 > 30 > 50
    Clip Capacity: 30 > 50
    Armour Piercing: 75 > 75

    Long Guns

    Hunting Rifle (Obtained in the Capitol Building/The Outskirts)
    Reload Speed: 15 > 30
    Clip Capacity: 20 > 40
    Scope: 25 > 35
    Armour Piercing: 75 > 75
    Power: 60

    Shotgun (Handed to you by Bill in Bill's Town)
    Reload Speed: 20 > 30 > 40
    Fire Rate: 15 > 40 > 50
    Clip Capacity: 15 > 30 > 40 > 50
    Recoil: 20 > 40
    Range: 30 > 50

    Bow (Can be found on along your path above the buildings on the way to Bill's Hideout in Bill's Town)
    Reload Speed: 30
    Range: 20 > 30 > 50
    Draw Speed: 20 > 30 > 50

    Flame Thrower (Found in a garage against a loading vehicle in University)
    Reload Speed: 20 > 40
    Range: 40
    Power: 60

    Total Parts Required for all upgrades: 2,510 parts (highly not possible in one run)

    If you are picking up many of the crafting items, you will have ample chances to upgrade at least one, if not multiple, weapons fully, so this should not be too much of a concern. As long as you look out for at least one weapon to be fully upgraded before you walk away from the final workbench in the Bus Depot chapter, you will take care of this trophy. The final workbench can be found in the fenced off area Ellie will need to climb into and fight off a Clicker before opening for you close to the end of the chapter. 

    Even on Very Light difficulty, I found there to not be nearly enough parts to fully upgrade all weapons in one playthrough but you can get over half way there by the time you roll credits, if you choose to go ham on collecting parts.
  • Break into every locked door using shivs

    There are a total of 13 Shiv Doors to open through the Part I portion of the game. The breakdown per chapter are as follows:
    • The Outskirts - 2 Shiv Doors
    • Bill's Town - 2 Shiv Doors
    • Pittsburgh - 4 Shiv Doors
    • Tommy's Dam - 1 Shiv Door
    • The University - 1 Shiv Door
    • Lakeside Resort - 1 Shiv Door
    • Bus Depot - 1 Shiv Door
    • The Firefly Lab - 1 Shiv Door

    The locked rooms you open with a Shiv are generally loaded with useful supplements, parts, crafting materials and/or ammo so always worth the price of the craftable weapon, along with other collectibles you may need for other trophies.
  • Find all workbenches

    There are a total of 11 Workbenches to use through the Part I portion of the game. The breakdown per chapter are as follows:
    • The Outskirts - 1 Workbench
    • Bill's Town - 1 Workbench
    • Pittsburgh - 3 Workbenches
    • The Suburbs - 1 Workbench
    • Tommy's Dam - 1 Workbench
    • The University - 2 Workbenches
    • Bus Depot - 2 Workbenches

    For weapon upgrade information, please see Geared Up trophy_bronze.png 
  • Open All Safes

    There are a total of four safes to open in The Last of Us main game. There is one in each of the following chapters:
    • The Ourskirts - Downtown, after you get the molotov and sneak around the Clickers (03-43-78)
    • Bill's Town - The Woods, outside the storefronts in the street before you find Bill's traps (05-17-21)
    • Pittsburgh - Hotel Lobby, behind the concierge desk (22-10-56)
    • The Suburbs - Suburbs, second floor of the house with the dartboard optional conversation (08-21-36)
    I have provided the combinations above, but each of the four are revealed in an artifact found nearby each safe that you will need to find for Chronicles trophy_gold.png, so feel free to find the combinations yourself if you like first.
  • Find all workbench tools


    There are a total of 5 Workbench tools to pick up between Bill's Town and the Bus Depot. Each tool allows for a wider variety of modifications you can make on your weapons at a Workbench. Unlike all the rest of the collectibles you find throughout the game, these five tools need to be picked up in order and during the same playthrough to meet the requirements of this trophy, so please consult the guides below for their locations so you don't miss any. The tools are located in the following chapters:
    • Bill's Town - Graveyard, in the room where Bill gives you the shotgun, opposite the workbench
    • Pittsburgh - Alone and Forsaken, in the first garage with the bodies and the smoke bomb
    • The Suburbs - Sewers, first door on your left directly after the contraption you ride for Waterlogged trophy_bronze.png 
    • The University - Science Building, behind the Shiv Door
    • Bus Depot - Highway Exit, In the tent directly after leaving the Bus Depot, past the gas station
    Each tool is found inside a red toolbox and is made a bit easier to find with its yellow icon (just like the rare discoverable weapons in the game)

    For all collectible guides as well as my full The Last of Us: Part I Trophy Guide Playlist, see this link: 
  • Upgrade and then break one of every melee weapon

    This trophy is a bit easier than it may sound.

    There are five different melee weapons you can wield for close combat attacks and each of these will be upgradeable from Bill's Town on to the end of the game through crafting on to the weapon with Bindings (Tape icon) and Blades (Scissors icon). The first three (Pipe, Baseball Bat and the 2X4 plank of wood) can all be given an extra (even appears larger on the HUD) Hit point, the second set (Pick Axe and Machete) are given a full three additional hit points after upgrade.

    All you are required to do for this trophy is upgrade each of the five melee weapons once and exhaust the extra hit points the binding and blades give you. You do NOT need to use the melee weapon until it literally breaks (fully upgraded melee weapons yield between five and ten hits before they are used up completely) but it doesn't hurt to exhaust the weapon all the way through just to save on ammo.

    Just so you can make sure you upgrade the weapons and fulfill this for all five weapons, I am listing the first appearance of each melee weapon:

    The first set of weapons (once the ability to upgrade is engaged) all appear in Bill's Town:
    • Upgraded Lead Pipe (will unlock the ability to begin crafting the upgrade yourself) - First found on the roof of the first building you need to climb on to plank over to the other side in The Woods section of Bill's Town. Once you drop into the next area you will find two docile clickers. You can use the ready-to-go weapon on the Clicker in the lean-to. Just make sure you finish it and its friend off.
    • Baseball Bat - Directly after the upside-down trap escape, Bill will lead you through a laudromat. On the counter is the bat and if you upgrade it fast enough, you can use it on the mob of Runners coming your way.
    • 2X4 - Between Bill's safehouse and the Church "armory", there are one or two planks of wood littered on the floor. Pick one up, upgrade it and use it in the graveyard against the clickers or afterwards in the neighborhood you cross through.

    The second level melee weapons will appear starting in the Sewer section of The Suburbs and then again in Tommy's Dam: 
    • Machete - Midway in the Sewers with Henry and Sam, you will enter a section that is more open and provides a path to the right or forward, slightly to the left. The left exit will soon fill with infected but are few enough your party can easily take them out. If you continue in that direction after clearing it out, you will find a room with large pipes and a new melee weapon on the ground, the Machete, which the game will tell you is a higher level wepaon that will last longer and hit harder. Upgrade the new item when possible to use on any of the infected fights that will be waiting for you as you leave the sewers, or the final hunter fight at the end of the Suburbs section with the Sniper firing you from down the street
    • Pick Axe - The last melee weapon to upgrade will be driven in to the side of a crate during the attack on the facility at Tommy's Dam after they get the generator working. Upgrade it and use it on the hunters. If you don't get a chance to use it before this fight is over save it for either of the fights later while tracking Ellie (and Tommy's stolen horse) down at the cabin.
    Below is my personal experience working through this trophy, showing the location I first pick up each weapon in Bill's Town and after. when I upgrade each weapon and when I use the extra hit points for the trophy requirement:

  • Find a Firefly pendant

  • Find one training manual

  • Find a comic

  • Craft every item

    The Last of Us provides a well fleshed out crafting system that allows you to make health kits and consumable weapons that will come in handy often in your journey. If you choose to run from one story beat to the next, or one gun fight to the next, you will miss out on a ton of collectibles, supplements, weapon parts and crafting materials, so make sure you are always looting the areas you are exploring before leaving an area.

    There are six basic materials you can use to craft items: Alcohol (teardrop icon), Bindings (tape icon), Blades (scissors icon), Explosives (exploding sphere icon), Rags (textile icon) and Sugar (triangular mound of powder icon)

    There are six items you will be able to craft:
    • Health Kit (Alcohol + Rags) - Recipe discovered when Tess hands you your first Health kit in The Quarantine Zone - Downtown
    • Shiv (Bindings + Blades) - Discovered in the Warehouse section of the The Quarantine Zone Slums sub-chapter
    • Molotov (Alcohol + Rag) - Recipe discovered when Joel picks up the Molotov in the Subway during The Outskirts
    • Upgraded Melee Weapon (Bindings + Blades + Melee Weapon) - First available when you pick up a melee weapon in Bill's Town. See Build Em Up, Break Em Down trophy_silver.png for more details
    • Nail Bomb (Blades + Explosives) - Recipe discovered when Bill gives you the Nail bomb in his armory
    • Smoke Bomb (Explosives + Sugar) Found in a garage in Pittsburgh directly after the opening attack. This item will be on a shelf to the right of Workbench Tool #2, in the same room as the body pile left by the Hunters.
    Once you have crafted one of each of the above items, you will receive this trophy.
  • Pick up Frank's note after it's discarded

    At the end of the Bill's Town chapter, you will enter a house and find a few items that will be important to Bill. One of these items is a pick-up truck. While Bill is working on the truck and Ellie is preparing to drive it, make sure you search the house for materials and a specific Note addressed to Bill. 

    Return to Bil with the note and give it to him in an optional conversation (there are two optional conversations, one with Ellie and this one, so make sure you do both anyway) Bill will tkae the note and discard it on the front right side of the garage.

    Walk around the truck - making sure NOT to select the hatch door of the truck yet - and pick the note up from off the floor. 

    Once you re-collect the Note and are awarded this trophy, you can then push the truck out of the garage to attempt to get it started and complete the chapter.

    For a video walkthrough of this task, please see the end of the Bill's Town Collectible Guide Video here: LINK
  • While in stealth, turn off the spotlight generator in Pittsburgh.

    In the last section of Pittsburgh, after you meet Henry and Sam, you will try to get through a heavily guarded area blocking the bridge escape out of the city. You simply need to cross from the bottom of the building with Henry to the generator below the searchlight platform.

    Take at the first two hunters talking by the bonfire with Henry, then weave in between the cars and avoid the searchlight as it is tracking infected. if you look out for the hunters you should be able to avoid running into any other enemies before you get to the generator. As soon as you turn it off, you will get the trophy.

    You can be as loud as you want after, as it isn't worth going stealth for too much longer after that.

    For a possible path to take for this requirement (on Very Light difficulty), See Who's A Good Boy? trophy_bronze.png  for a four trophy video walkthrough
  • Ride the sewer contraption with Henry and Sam

    Halfway through the Sewer section in The Suburbs, you will come to a watery area with a car sticking out of the water and a contraption (perhaps a large square magnet?)

    You will need to first swim underwater and dislodge the metal scrap blocking the gate. Then, after Henry opens the gate for you, you will need to have Joel swim to the new area and go up the steps (past the door with two clickers and an artifact inside) and throw the wooden skid in the water. Swim that wooden platform over to Ellie and bring her to the other side of the room with the controls for the contraption.

    Here is where you need to hurry - make your way back to the first area and jump on the contraption with Henry and Sam before Ellie moves it, otherwise you will not receive this trophy. If you fail to get on the device in time, restart the checkpoint.

    For a video representation of this event, see Who's A Good Boy? trophy_bronze.png 
  • Leave Ellie hanging after a job well done

    Joel has been forced to do some horrible things to survive in this world, but this trophy requires the most henious of choices in the game:

    At the beginning of the Tommy's Dam chapter, Joel and Ellie will come upon the Dam and will need to figure out how to cross over to the other side. Send Joel down into the water to remove the wooden platform from inside the submerged compartment and use it to move Ellie from the left side to the right side of the Dam.  Joel and Ellie can now both turn the wheels of the device and make a bridge.

    When the bridge is ready, Joel can cross over and Ellie will meet him with her hand out for a high five with a buttom prompt to react with a triangle.png. DO NOT give Ellie the high-five. As much as you know you should, this is your cross to bear for this trophy. Endure leaving Ellie hanging next to the bridge (and her mumbling reaction to the event) and you will receive this trophy.

    Now restart the checkpoint so you can give her the high-five she deserves, you horrible person.

    For a video version of this act, see Who's A Good Boy? trophy_bronze.png 
  • Pet Buckley the dog

    The last new trophy of the main game is a quick and easy one.

    When you make it inside of Tommy's facility, Joel will get a tour of the area from his brother. There will be a number fo stops during the tour, but eventually you will cross over to a control room where they are working on getting the generator working again. Right before entering the building, there will be a black and white dog enjoying a tennis ball named Buckley. Let Joel give the old dog some scrathes on its head by hitting triangle.png for this trophy.

    This activity and the above other three added trophy requirements can be seen in the video below:

  • Played the Jak X game in Left Behind

    During the Fun and Games chapter of Left Behind, Riley will lead you to Raja's Arcade. In the back left corner of the arcade is a Jak X Racing cabinet. Send Ellie over to it and select it with triangle.png.

    Ellie will pretend the machine works and will simulate racing through a level of the game and will offer her opinion of racing vehicles with guns. All you need to do is watch the cut scene and enjoy your trophy.
  • Win the brick throwing contest

    During the Mallrats section of Left Behind, Ellie and Riley will spend some time in a Halloween store. When they exit the store they will arrive at a balcony looking down on two cars. Riley will then suggest a game. 

    Grab bricks that are littered around the balcony and throw them at the windows of the red car. If you can break all seven of the windows of the vehicle before Riley finishes off the blue car, you will see Ellie celebrate and become Brick Master.

    Please note: Winning the brick game is the only way to activate one of the 14 optional conversations in Left Behind needed for Getting to Know You trophy_gold.png, so you will want to make sure you come out on top here. If not, restart the checkpoint.

    To see an example of the game, please see Skillz trophy_bronze.png 
  • Defeat Black Fang without getting hit

    During the Fun and Games chapter of Left Behind, Ellie and Riley will enter Raja's Arcade. Off to the right in the arcade, is The Turning powered up but with no screen. Riley suggests that Ellie play anyway and provides a simulated video game fight against Blackfang.

    With her eyes closed, Ellie will then need to hit a series of button prompts. If you can successfully complete each QTE without any mistakes, Angel Knives will not take any damage in the "fight" and you will be awarded this trophy before the final finishing move.

    While the sequence of buttons will be different every time, I am providing the prompts I was given which you can see in the video provided in the Skillz trophy_bronze.png guide:

    square.png (mash)

    Finishing move (after trophy): dpad_down.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngtriangle.png+circle.png

    Again, your expereince may be different as the button prompts are random for every playthrough.
  • Win the water gun fight

    At the tail end of the Fun and Games chapter of Left Behind, Riley will give Ellie her water guns back following an argument and chase sequence. In order to settle the argument, Riley suggests a water gun fight.

    The game plays like most gun battles in the game, but with a much more friendly and carefree flair. To operate the water gun, you need to pump water into the gun with r2.png, then fire it while aiming with l2.png and firing with r2.png. Fill up Riley's Soak Level bar faster than she fills up Ellie's bar and you will move on to the second round.

    The second and third round are both sudden death, whoever gets hit first loses, so make sure to hit Riley as soon as you can in both rounds. 

    Throughout the game, make use of the many clothing racks and counters you can duck behind or strafe around, If you are successful you will be awarded with the trophy.  If you find the fight is a bit difficult, you can always lower the difficulty down to Very Light (if you aren't there already) and then you should find the results work in your favor much easier.

    For a video walkthrough of all four of the Left Behind Ellie and Riley game trophies (Brick Master trophy_bronze.png, Nobody's Perfect trophy_bronze.png, Angel Knives trophy_bronze.png and Skillz) please see below:

  • Use bricks or bottles to lure an infected into attacking a human

    i did not test this out in the main game, so I can not say for sure if it is or isn't possible to fulfill this requirement while playing The Last of Us, nevertheless, the activity you need to do for this trophy may come naturally to you if you are accustomed to making use of your throwable Bricks and Bottles.

    The Enemy of my Enemy (the final section of the DLC) is a perfect chapter of Left Behind to carry out this task if you have not already found a spot. As Ellie backtracks to Joel, she will need to crawl through a duct. This will be where the final Artifact of the DLC will be found (See Sharpest Tool in the Shed trophy_silver.png for the series of collectible guides). 

    As Ellie exits the duct shaft, you will see three clickers below and two or three hunters enter the clothing store area. Conveniently, there will be a brick right in front of you to throw. Take the brick and throw it in between the infected and the humans to watch the chaos unfold. Just be mindful that the hunters can run away from the clickers and end up running towards Ellie, which may result in you having to fight both the humans and infected, so try to stay away from all parties until the action quiets down.

    If you somehow miss the chance in the clothing store, you will have another opportunity when you move to the next encounter section. Ellie will walk throw an open section and then into a back room where there are two Runners and two Clickers. Do not kill all the infected because as you move towards the snowy hill towards the exit, a group of hunters will drop down into the area. From the safety of the backroom, throw a brick or bottle into the middle of the storeroom and watch as the infected activate and start attacking. This fight will likely also require you to take out a few of the last remaining enemies in order to make it through the area, or you can use the distraction to your advantage and book it to the exit.

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The Last of Us: Part I Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for The Last of Us: Part I?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for The Last of Us: Part I is 3/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in The Last of Us: Part I?
    There are 29 offline trophies in The Last of Us: Part I.
  • How many online trophies are there in The Last of Us: Part I?
    There are 0 online trophies in The Last of Us: Part I.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in The Last of Us: Part I?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in The Last of Us: Part I is 10-15 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in The Last of Us: Part I?
  • How many missable trophies are there in The Last of Us: Part I?
    There are 1: Sharpest Tool in the Shed missable trophies in The Last of Us: Part I.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in The Last of Us: Part I?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in The Last of Us: Part I.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in The Last of Us: Part I?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in The Last of Us: Part I.

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