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    Complete the story with any Permadeath setting

    How to unlock You Can't Stop This

    Permadeath is a new feature added in The Last Of Us II, which is now a part of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. When you chose this setting, you will restart the game from certain part. There are 3 kind of permadeath options:

    • Whole Game: If you die, you will start the game from the very beginning.
    • Per Act: If you die, you will start from the start of the act (for example: Ellie – Seattle Day 1). If you die, you will lose around 2-5 hours of playing.
    • Per Chapter: If you die, you will restart from the start of the chapter (for example: Ellie – Seattle Day 1, Chapter "The Gate"). If you die, you will lose around 30-60 minutes of playing.

    There are no checkpoints and you can't leave the game during the fights, else it will be counted as a death. In the pause menu, you will be advised by red writing when you can't leave the game. However, you can exit from the game in safe areas and you will restart from where you left. Also, there are some parts in which you will get a checkpoint (for example: Hillcrest chapter, if you die in the last fight area, you will restart from that area). Don't rely on this, because it happens very few times. You can use this option in every difficulty settings you want and you can use whatever option you want for the trophy. Pairing it with grounded, will add some spice in your journey but I think is the fastest way to get the 100%, since you will not need a third complete playthrough.

    You could use permadeath for your first playthrough but I recommend you don't. This game is not a normal one and you must enjoy every second of it without thinking about trophies but obviously, is up to you. I paired both grounded and permadeath in a single playthrough and personally I had to restart many times. Sometimes because I got distracted, sometimes I was surprised and sometimes I just rushed too much. With concentration, skill and not rushing, this is pretty doable, thanks to the useful helps described in Dig Two Graves trophy_silver.png. Also, you can back-up the save files. This is a bit confusing, however, because peoples had troubles with back-up saves. I found on the forum a tested strategy by TMC2k1 to make it works:

    1. Backup your save when you're in a safe spot
    2. Once you die, go ahead and select 'Restart Chapter'
    3. Once the chapter has restarted (and you're in a safe spot), quit the game
    4. Restore your backup save
    5. Load the game back up and continue story

    If you don't want to use back-up saves (like me), I will list where I had real problems and how I dealt with them:

    • JACKSON – The Horde. The hard part is inside the cable car room. Run around it, kill and avoid enemies with melee attacks and just wait. Watch out for the Clickers!
    • ELLIE SEATTLE – DAY 1 – The Tunnels. First encounter with Shamblers. You can totally skip this fight, use Invisible While Prone.
    • ELLIE SEATTLE – DAY 2 – Finding Strings. I had troubles in the two very near fights at the end. In the first part, Stealth Kill everything! If you manage to do this, you won't have to fight the other 2 waves of enemies. For the Bloater fight, just run around, heal whenever possible, let Joel deal damage to the bloater and don't be hit, because it will be one-hit kill. Watch out also for the runners, kill them as soon as possible.
    • ELLIE SEATTLE – DAY 3 – The Flooded City. Real troubles at the end. You will fight a bloater so be ready with Molotov and shotgun. Run around the area and kill the runners.
    • ABBY SEATTLE – DAY 1 – The Forest. The second hardest chapter in my opinion. There are 4 fights and they are all pretty hard:
      • Fight 1 and 2: they're pretty the same. You have to fight stalkers with melee. In the first fight, you will have a hammer, in the second you just have your fists. Avoid the attacks and counter when they’re weak. You need to kill around 5 in the first scene (enemies killed by Lev are not counted), while in the second scene enemies killed by Lev are ok. You can find a bottle and a brick in the second fight.
      • Fight 3: You will fight a Seraphit with a big hammer. Again, avoid and counter. After you hit her 2 times, she will swirl the hammer 3 times so attack her only after the third attack.
      • Fight 4: the last one. You will be inside a small house, facing 2 waves of enemies. In the first one, there will be 2 clickers and runners. I used the flamethrower to kill the runners while running around the house, using small passages and windows. In the second wave, after runners and clickers, there will be 2 Shamblers. Use Pipe bombs and try to go where Lev will spawn. As soon as you see him, jump in the car and run away.
    • ABBY SEATTLE – DAY 2 – The shortcut. Hardest part is once you go inside a store with infected. Before going down, throw a brick or a bottle to break the glass. After that, you can totally skip the battle, just go on the other side of the room prone and jump on the car.
    • ABBY SEATTLE – DAY 2 – Ground Zero. This is the hardest chapter of the game. If you go past there, you're in. At the end of the chapter, you will face the Rat King. Killing him is no joke, as he will one-shot kill you but after him, you have to face his stalker. This was my strategy:
      • Be sure to have max Pipe bombs and many machine gun and hunt pistol ammos. Once the battle start, throw all the bombs to the rat king and then shot him with the machine gun, making him down for the first time. Now that he is down, turn 180° and go inside the corridor. At the end of it, craft other pipe bombs and wait for the Rat King to show. Throw the bombs and shoot him with machine gun or hunt pistol or whatever weapon you have. If he is too near, run away inside the door to the right, wait for him and then jump the obstacles to go outside the same door you came. After many hits, he will fall for good.
      • Now, follow the stalker. Once you will start to fight him, use again pipe bombs and try to unleash everything you can to him! Watch out for his smoke bombs and abuse of the Enhanced Listen Mode to see where he is (by pressing ). Once he is down, you're done.
    • ABBY SEATTLE – DAY 3 – The Marina. I had problems here because I was out of ammo. You can totally skip the first part against the sniper with the invisibility trick. Once inside the garage, you have to face some infected:
      • When you're inside, 2 infected will show. If you move to your left and hide in the car in the corner, they will be killed by Manny
      • Once you're up the stairs, try to snipe the Clicker you can see far from of you. Now, kill all the runners. Inside the garage, the invisible trick will not work with the sniper.
      • Now, the hard part: during the second wave, try to stay as far as possible from the sniper and try to hide. Kill the clicker and the runners. I used the flamethrower and killed the clicker with and arrow.
      • Once everyone is dead, you can totally skip the last battle with the Shamblers: Just run to the end of the garage and jump.
    • ABBY SEATTLE – DAY 3 – The escape. I will put this here just because the large encounter area in the brewery is a bit tricky. The brewery is all flooded so there is no real solid floor to move when prone. If you have the infinite oxygen options, maybe it will be easy to skip, if you haven't, you must be very very cautious. Try to reach the second floor and wait for the right time to go to the exit door. All the other fights can be skipped.
    • ABBY SEATTLE – DAY 3 – The Confrontation. I will put this chapter only to say that the invisible trick will not work with Ellie. Abuse the Enhanced Listen Mode with  to track her down.

    All the other fights are skippable so use the invisibility trick and go straight to the exit.

    Note: If you're going for collectables during a permadeath run, don't worry, because it will stay registered even if you die during the chapter so you don't have to look for it again. Use the "chapter selection" to track collectables.

    [Thanks to Mordred87 for this explanation. Original Grounded Mode DLC guide can be found here: LINK]

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