True Strength Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • True Strength


    Get an S rank on an encounter

    How to unlock True Strength

    While you might be looking at this and thinking “gulp,” this trophy isn't actually too bad. In fact, we stumbled upon this one without even realising it was a trophy.

    Sure, you can get this in any of the normal maps, usually with all stealth kills, but the easiest way to get this is to save all your cash and special ammunition as you play the run, and then load up on weapons and the like, and use it all on the boss. 

    We did this on our first run, and absolutely hammered the Arcade Bloater with a whole host of explosive arrows, shotgun shells and molotovs. Because stealth isn’t a thing on this particular boss chapter, it’s all about time. So, unleash everything you have, defeat it quickly, and you’ll get an S Rank and unlock the ‘True Strength’ trophy.

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