Team Ellie Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Team Ellie


    Complete all Ellie faction challenge tracks

    How to unlock Team Ellie

    The ‘Team Ellie’ trophy is a bit two-fold… Firstly, you need to unlock the Team Ellie faction (Ellie, Dina, Jesse, Tommy and Joel); and secondly, you need to complete the challenges tied to that character, while playing with them. So, in essence, you need to complete 21 challenges across 5 characters to unlock this trophy. You can track your progress if you go to Challenges and then to the Jackson challenge.

    The challenges themselves aren’t particularly hard, they just require you going into an encounter or run, with the idea of completing them. i.e. Ellie has one that is to kill 4 enemies with molotovs in one run, so you either need 3 molotovs crafted already, and enough to craft more in the encounter; or you need to kill 2 enemies with 1 molotov. Either of those isn’t particularly hard, but you do need to plan ahead.

    So, as you can see below, all of Ellie’s challenges are quite easily attainable:

    • Complete 2 encounters with Ellie.
    • Upgrade all Perseverance skills as Ellie.
    • Kill 4 enemies with Molotovs in one encounter.
    • Collect every gun in one run as Ellie.

    As we said, nothing too hard. It's the same with Dina too, who has the following:

    • Complete 3 encounters with Dina.
    • Kill 4 enemies with trap mines in one encounter.
    • Craft 10 times in a run.
    • Craft a health kit, Molotov, trap mine and stun bomb in a run.

    In short, then, just complete all 21 of Team Ellie's challenges and this trophy is all yours.

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