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    Like the original’s list, both the ‘Survival Expert’ trophy and the Arms Master trophy_gold.png trophy will be one of 2 trophies in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered that you won’t be able to get in one playthrough. You’ll actually need to go into New Game Plus to finish off this one - as there aren’t enough supplements to fully upgrade both Ellie and Abby in one runthrough.

    Firstly, in order to learn ‘all’ of the player upgrades, you’ll need to find all 8 Training Manuals - see the Journeyman trophy_silver.png trophy for the location of all 8.

    And secondly, you’ll need to find supplements (i.e. pills and bottles of pills), which are dotted throughout each of Ellie’s and Abby’s campaigns. These supplements can then be spent to improve both of TLOU2R’s leads characters. These upgrades can improve listen mode, can improve certain tools, give you more health, craft more items, and so on.

    Supplements are found where you’d expect pills to be found, so in bathroom cabinets, in public restrooms, supermarkets, store cupboards and so on - you’ll also find more than your fair share in the game’s many safes - see Safecracker trophy_silver.png for the location of all 14 safes.

    The only downside with this trophy is you will need to complete Ellie’s campaign twice, as there aren’t enough supplements in Abby’s campaign to finish it in one run - meaning you need to get to Abby’s second playthrough in New Game Plus. Fear not though, it won’t take long to fully upgrade Abby, as the opening few hours of her campaign throws supplies galore at you.

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