So Great and Small Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • So Great and Small


    Find the Engraved Ring

    How to unlock So Great and Small

    As soon as you hit the open-world in downtown Seattle in Seattle Day 1, you’ll want to hang a left and make your way to the Westlake Bank. Now, the reason for this is two-fold:

    • Firstly, you’ll be able to grab the Pump Shotgun, which is an invaluable (and missable) early game weapon.
    • And also, so you can also grab the “Engraved Ring” and unlock the ‘So Great and Small’ trophy.

    When inside the bank you’ll want to deal with the infected, and once they’re dealt with, head out the back to the large bank vault door. To get in you’ll want to put in the code: 60-23-06; and then once inside head to the back right corner to interact with a safe deposit box.

    Inside said safe deposit box will be the aforementioned Engraved Ring, which turns out to be Francis Drake’s ring, which is obviously Nathan Drake’s ring from the Uncharted series (another of Naughty Dog's beloved games).

    Don’t forget to grab the Pump Shotgun too!

    If you’re struggling to find the Westlake Bank or the ring itself, we also have a video guide below. The Engraved Ring also features in our The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered all collectibles guide.

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