Sightseer Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Sightseer


    Visit every location in downtown Seattle

    How to unlock Sightseer

    When you reach downtown Seattle in Seattle Day 1 in Ellie's campaign, in the aptly named chapter, ‘Downtown,’ you’ll have a large open-world area to explore - the biggest and most open-world area in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered.

    While in this large open-world area, Ellie will start to mark locations on the map with question marks as she discovers them (either by proximity, or learning about them) - once you've found all the supplies in one location, she’ll cross them off and mark them as complete.

    There are 10 locations to visit in all, and to get the ‘Sightseer’ trophy, you just need to visit all 10 - you don’t need to complete them. That said, to get all of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered’s collectibles, you will likely need to complete them all anyway, so do that too.

    These are the 10 locations you need to find (as well as a map on where to find them):

    • Westlake Bank
    • Synagogue
    • Ruined Building (on the southern corner of Marion and 6th).
    • Security Truck (1) in the water (between Spring & Madison; & 6th and 7th Avenue)
    • Army Tent (north of the synagogue)
    • Gate West 2 Stash
    • Valiant Music Shop
    • Viewpoint Hotel
    • Barko’s Pet Store
    • Courthouse

    I’d check out the following locations too - one has a Training Manual and the other has some much needed ammo:

    • Security Truck (2) accessible via bridge & fire truck)
    • Tank

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