Risk Taker Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Risk Taker


    Complete five gambits in one run of No Return

    How to unlock Risk Taker

    Once you’ve played 2 runs (played, not won), you’ll unlock something called “gambits.”

    Gambits are basically challenges that can show up once per encounter, and will reward you with currency, ammunition, health, and more. The riskier the challenge, the greater the reward.

    So, in order to unlock the ‘Risk Taker’ trophy, you need to complete 5 gambits in one run. So, basically, one per encounter (not including the boss encounter). 

    You can also unlock more gambits to give you more choice as well, by completing in-game challenges - just check the challenge menu, and scroll to the far right and select Gambits, after you’ve completed 2 runs to see how to unlock them.

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