Relic of the Sages Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Relic of the Sages


    Find the Strange Artifact

    How to unlock Relic of the Sages

    In Abby’s Seattle Day 1 act, during the ‘Hostile Territory’ chapter, Abby (fairly early on) will enter a small strip of shops and restaurants, while on the way to find where Owen is. It’s like a mini Chinatown of sorts.

    While you’ll want to loot all of the various shops and restaurants, if you head into the Ruby Dragon - the last place on the left - you’ll find some stairs to head up to the first floor. While up there, take out the 2 Clickers and then sprint and jump across the gap to the shops on the other side.

    After the jump, head left and then head into the building itself. When inside, head right, until you hit a room with a hole in the floor. Before you jump down, do a 180 and you’ll see something on the coffee table in the corner of the room. This is the “Strange Artifact” mentioned in the trophy description - which just so happens to be a Precursor Orb from Jax and Daxter.

    As soon as you pick it up, the ‘Relic of the Sages’ trophy will unlock. 

    If you need more assistance on where to find it, we have a video guide below, but it also appears in our The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered all collectibles guide as it counts as an in-game artifact too.

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