Put My Name Up Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Put My Name Up


    Earn the high score in the archery game

    How to unlock Put My Name Up

    Towards the latter parts of Abby’s first day in Seattle, after getting captured by the Scars, you’ll enter a flashback sequence, which will see Abby visiting Owen at the aquarium in a chapter called, “Winter Visit.”

    Dotted throughout the aquarium are a load of things that Abby can interact with, but to the back left-hand side of the main room will be a purple plastic toy bow. Picking it up will prompt an interaction between Abby and Owen that has Abby see whether she can beat the current top score on the board in an archery game - which is 10, by the way.

    Once the cutscene has ended, you’ll have about a minute to hit as many of the 13 white paper targets dotted around the aquarium as possible. If you get 11 or more, you’ll unlock the ‘Put My Name Up’ trophy.

    Our advice is to get familiar with their placements before you pick up the bow, and when you do, also bear in mind that the arrows suffer from the same bullet drop that Ellie’s arrows do too.

    You can hit all 13 quite easily, but as long as you hit 11, though, you’ll be golden. While there is no in-game timer, per se, Owen will count down the last 10 seconds, so make sure you’re all done by the time he gets to zero.

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