Modded Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Modded


    Complete an encounter with each Mod in No Return

    How to unlock Modded

    As you work your way through various runs and encounters in No Return, you’ll notice that some runs have “Mods” attached to them i.e. “Melee Kills Restore Health,” “Thick Fog,” “Increased Enemy Health,” “Tripwire Traps,” “Vaulting Boosts Movement Speed,” “Long Shot Damage Bonus,” “Enemies Drop Bombs on Death,” “Decreased Enemy Health” and so on.

    Basically, in order to unlock the ‘Modded’ trophy, you need to complete an encounter with each of the unique Mods attached - there are a whopping 26 Mods in all. 

    So, it’s worth going after encounters with mods from the off, as well as tracking what Mods you’ve completed as you go. Then, when you get into your 10th run (which will be your 60th encounter), you’ll know what you need to get to complete the checklist - look out for the encounters with multiple Mods on them too, to cut down the time it takes to get this trophy.

    The good news is that you can see the Mods on the encounter board when you start a run. So, that means you can a.) know which way to go in the run to mark off another Mod; and b.) if you don’t see any new Mods when you start a run, you can restart it and refresh what Mods and maps you have in that run until you get something that you've not done before.

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