Mixed Bag Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Mixed Bag


    Get kills with 5 different weapons in an Assault encounter in No Return

    How to unlock Mixed Bag

    In order to unlock the ‘Mixed Bag’ trophy in No Return, you simply need to play an Assault encounter map, and use 5 different weapons to get 5 kills. That’s an encounter, not a run.

    When it comes to what you use, however, it’s up to you what weapons you use and what tools of the trade you have available, but we managed to get this with a melee kill, a pistol kill, a shotgun kill, a molotov kill and finally, a silenced SMG kill.

    Get 5 kills with 5 different weapons, then, and this trophy is all yours. Simple, really. Especially if the encounter is towards the end of the run, when you have a whole host of weapons at your disposal.

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