May Your Death Be Swift Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • May Your Death Be Swift


    Win a Daily Run of No Return on Grounded difficulty

    How to unlock May Your Death Be Swift

    The ‘May Your Death Be Swift’ trophy is by far the hardest No Return trophy. Not only do you have to unlock the Daily Run (by completing 9 runs), but you have to win the run (beat the last boss) on the game’s hardest difficulty, the dreaded Grounded difficulty.

    For this one, practice is going to make perfect. Find a character that fits your playstyle, with perks that assist your gameplay, and before you start the run, work out which route you want to take on the encounter board.

    Pick maps you know., unlock weapons and training manuals you’re familiar with. And basically tool yourself to the nines - doing gambits can make things trickier, but also the supplies will help in the long run. 

    If I was you, I'd avoid modes like Hunted (or just hide during it) as well as Holdout if you can, as they can be hard as nails on Grounded, and try and go after Assault game modes if you can, as they’re easier to control and manipulate.

    You might not do this on your first run, but once you've completed a Daily Run on Grounded difficulty, you’ll unlock this trophy. Good luck, you're going to need it!

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