Looks Good On You Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Looks Good On You


    Put a hat on your companion

    How to unlock Looks Good On You

    Towards the end of Seattle Day 1 for Ellie, you’ll enter into a flashback sequence after you’ve reached the theatre. In this chapter, “The Birthday Gift,” you’ll play as young Ellie as Joel takes her to a science museum for her birthday.

    In order to get the ‘Looks Good on You’ trophy, you need to make sure you do a few things to prompt the interaction.

    • Firstly, when you get into the museum itself, grab a cowboy hat from the gift shop in the foyer.
    • Secondly, enter the dinosaur skeleton area. When in there put the hat on a dinosaur (it actually doesn’t matter which). Once the dialogue has finished, grab the hat.
    • Thirdly, put the hat on a different dinosaur. This will trigger a different dialogue interaction. When it’s finished, grab the hat again.
    • And then finally, if you walk up to Joel now, he should have a triangle symbol above his head. Hit triangle and you’ll put the hat on Joel, and thus, unlock the ‘Looks Good on You’ trophy.

    Still struggling? Then check out our video below.

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