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    Throughout The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered you’ll stumble upon ‘training manuals.’ Training manuals give that character who finds them a new player skill tree to start unlocking skills for. They come in various forms that can improve crafting, stealth, firearms and so on.

    There are 8 to collect in all (4 for Ellie and 4 for Abby), and while most collectibles can be found not too far off the beaten path, you really have to work for these training manuals. Getting these and upgrading the skills will not only help you work towards the Survival Expert trophy_gold.png trophy, but they’ll also make New Game Plus (and your Grounded playthrough) infinitely easier.

    Here’s where to find all of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered’s training manuals:

    Ellie’s Training Manuals Locations:

    • Crafting Training Manual: Seattle Day 1, Downtown - In the centre of downtown Seattle is a broken bridge (6th and Marion, southeast corner). Use the hose on the fire truck to drop down off the edge, and then swing over to the other truck (on its side) nearby. The manual is inside that truck.
    • Stealth Training Manual: Seattle Day 1, Capitol Hill - Opposite the gas station in Capitol Hill is a bookstore. In the back room of the bookstore is the Stealth Training Manual on a small coffee table in the far corner.
    • Outdoor Sportsman - Precision Training Manual: Seattle Day 2, Hillcrest - In the Hillcrest sub-chapter in Seattle Day 2, after the first large encounter area, you’ll come to a load of shops (like a tattoo parlor and bike store). Fight through the Goldstar Liquor basement on the crossroads and come out into the toy store. The Precision Training Manual is in there, on the floor near the counter.
    • Organic Chemistry - Explosives Training Manual: Seattle Day 2, The Seraphites - Once you’ve passed the bar on the corner at the beginning of this chapter, there’ll be some luxury apartments on the left. Go in via the basement and up to the first floor. There’s a workbench here. Interact with it and it’ll unlock a previously locked room (where 4 deserters were hiding, who will ambush you). The training manual is in that room.

    Abby’s Training Manuals Locations:

    • David Versus Goliath - Covert Ops Training Manual: Seattle Day 1, On Foot - In the boat rental place, after leaving the large DIY shop, you and Mel will use a ladder to get across to an opening in the top corner -  near a hanging boat. The training manual is inside that boat.
    • Urban Warrior Close Quarters Training Manual: Seattle Day 1, Hostile Territory - After leaving Manny, and before you enter Tang Fabrics, go in through the side window of number 85, an apartment opposite. The training manual will be on the worktop counter.
    • Bring Your Own Bullets - Firearms Training Manual: Seattle Day 1, The Forest - After the one-on-one melee showdown with a large brutish axe lady, you’ll come into a garage. The training manual is right out of the main garage, and then right again, in the small room at the end.
    • Identify, Counter and Destroy - Ordnance Training Manual: Seattle Day 2, The Coast - On the top deck of the large ferry ship (at the helm), on the bridge, you’ll find a safe (code is 90-77-01) and in this safe you’ll find this training manual.

    For a more detailed account of where to find all the training manuals, head on over to our The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered all collectibles guide.

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