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    The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is chock full of weapons. While some of those weapons - like the pistol and hunting rifle for Ellie - are unlocked automatically, there are a few hidden away. That’s more so for Abby, than it is Ellie, but there is one powerful gun that Ellie can get early in Seattle Day 1 that proves to be incredibly valuable throughout.

    If you grab all 7 non-starting weapons (3 of which are story-related), you’ll unlock the ‘High Caliber’ trophy. 

    Here’s where and when to find all 7 of those aforementioned weapons:

    All Ellie’s Weapons Locations:

    • Pump Shotgun – Seattle Day 1 - Downtown - When in downtown Seattle, head to the Westlake Bank and open the vault. On a bodyguard’s corpse in the vault, you’ll find the Pump Shotgun. The code for the vault is 60-23-06.
    • Bow – Seattle Day 2 - Hillcrest - Story-related - When you reach the top of the stone stairs in Hillcrest, and enter the house with the playhouse out the back, as soon as you go into the garage it triggers a fight. Defeat the infected who attacks you and grab the bow off the corpse to proceed (you can’t miss this one, as you can’t interact with the exit until you grab the bow).
    • Silenced Submachine Gun - Santa Barbara - Pushing Inland - Story-related. You’ll receive this weapon not too long into the Pushing Inland chapter. No spoilers!

    All Abby’s Weapons Locations:

    • Hunting Pistol – Seattle Day 1 - On Foot - After escaping the boat rental place and before heading down onto the railway tracks, there’s a building with a safe in it - you can get in via a hole in the back wall. Head inside, open the safe with 17-38-07, and the Hunting Pistol is inside.
    • Double Barrelled Shotgun - Seattle Day 1 - Hostile Territory - When you reach the small strip of shops in Hostile Territory, head in the third shop on the left, head upstairs, through the restaurant and jump across the gap - watch out for the Clickers. Then, at the end, go left and follow the shop through to a hole in the floor. Drop down and you’ll find the Double Barrelled Shotgun behind the counter of what looks like an antiques shop.
    • Crossbow - Seattle Day 1 - The Coast - Story related. You’ll get this in The Coast chapter when passing through a door on the ferry.
    • Flamethrower – Seattle Day 2 - The Descent - In The Descent, after you traverse down the electrical cable, you’ll find yourself in a bit of an infected nest. In this nest you’ll find a couple flamethrowers to pick-up. They’re hard to miss but if you’re worried about missing one, you’ll find one on the couch near two Clickers. Use listen mode to locate these Clickers as you work your way down.

    For a more detailed account of where to find all of The Last of Us Remastered 2’s weapons, head on over to our The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered all collectibles guide for more assistance.

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