Got Your Back Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Got Your Back


    Win a round of Holdout without your ally falling below 70% health in No Return

    How to unlock Got Your Back

    First things first, in order to unlock the Holdout encounter type, you'll need to play (that's complete, not win) 5 No Return runs - which you have to do anyway if you want to unlock all the other No Return trophies.

    Then, once you have it unlocked, the Holdout game encounter will then become one of the encounters you could get on your encounter board for a run.

    In Holdout mode, you and an ally will have to survive an onslaught from a load of infected enemies. However, you can use supplies to set up an area to defend, which is the best way to get through this encounter.

    For the ‘Got Your Back’ trophy, you need to complete the encounter without your ally losing more than 30% health. So, in order to give yourself the best chance, play on the lowest difficulty, make sure you have an upgraded melee weapon, and set traps galore, like trip mines etc., all of which helps you manage the space.

    And finally, basically act as a bodyguard for your ally, and don't allow any infected to seep through or get close to them. Weapons are great for short-to-midrange, sure, but the upgraded melee weapons are king here.

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