Good Riddance Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Good Riddance


    Beat all bosses

    How to unlock Good Riddance

    There are 6 unique bosses in No Return, and you’ll tackle them in order. So, once you’ve beaten the first boss, the next boss on your next run will be the boss you just unlocked (until you’ve beaten all 6 bosses, which is when you unlock ‘Randomised Bosses’).

    The bosses are bosses you fought in the main campaign, from the Arcade Bloater in Ellie’s Flooded City chapter, to the ginormous Rat King, that Abby fought while in the basement of the hospital.

    The 6 bosses are:

    • Arcade Bloater
    • Theatre Infestation
    • Rattler Captain
    • Garage Bloater
    • Seraphite Elite
    • Rat King

    Once you’ve defeated the Rat King and unlocked random bosses, you’ll unlock the ‘Good Riddance’ trophy.

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