Dig Two Graves Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Dig Two Graves


    Complete the story on Grounded.

    How to unlock Dig Two Graves

    Grounded was the hardest setting for The Last Of Us II, and is the same when it comes to The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. There are some major changes that will make the run very hard, especially if you pair this with Permadeath or decide to not use any of the Accessibility options. This is what you have to expect from grounded:

    • No Health or Ammo indicators. You have to rely only on your memory for the ammo and luck for health. Remember that when you see the screen red, your health is very low. Try to heal yourself if you get too many hits.
    • Enemies are smarter and hit harder.
    • You will find less ammo and resources so you have to be very careful in using them.
    • Listen mode is heavily affected
    • Some of the character abilities won't be available
    • If you want a real challenge, good luck on this mode but if you’re looking for trophies, then you can count on some very big helps:
    • You can use New Game+ with all weapons improvements and all abilities you have unlocked on your first playthrough. This will help for all the combat parts
    • You can use some of the accessibility options that will give you a big hand in order to avoid fights and find resources and ammo. Personally, I used the following options but you can use whatever you may find useful:
      • Helped aim: You will automatically aim the spot you want to hit
      • Falling protection: The game will advise you when you're going to fall. This is also for non-lethal jumps.
      • Enhanced Listen mode: with this, you will be able to find resources and enemies during listen mode. Press  to see where the resources are and  to see where enemies are.
      • Fighting accessibility with Unlimited "invisible when prone" and "slow motion during aim”. Invisible when prone is the best thing for grounded. Whith this active, enemies will not spot you when you're prone. Abuse of this especially to reach the end of a fight scene and avoid any unnecessary fights. Note: Dogs and infected, can notice you if you are too near to them so try to maintain some distance from them and also, this trick will not work in some parts of the game.

    Now, some tricks that helped me during my journey:

    • Don't waste resources or ammo, save them for the forced fight. Especially explosives or Shotgun ammo.
    • Try to stealth kill as many enemies as possible
    • Use bottles and bricks whenever is possible
    • Abuse arrows, because they are craftable and you can use them more than once. Also, they're quiet and can instant kill everything with a proper headshot.
    • For Shamblers and Bloaters, use a shotgun, pipe bombs and Molotov
    • Move, move, move, try to go always around the area of the fight.
    • Go for Headshots so you won't waste ammo.
    • Make your allies do the job for you! Sometimes is just better to run around and wait for them to kill the enemies or grab them to help you kill them with melee
    • When exploring for ammos or resources, don't go in the areas where you have to fight enemies.

    Since we are going to mix together Grounded with permadeath, I will write some good strategy for the hardest parts I had during my experience in the You Can't Stop This trophy_bronze.png walkthrough.

    [Thanks to Mordred87 for this explanation. Original Grounded Mode DLC guide can be found here: LINK]

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