Become The Hunter Trophy in The Last of Us: Part II - Remastered

  • Become The Hunter


    Kill 12 enemies in a Hunted encounter in No Return

    How to unlock Become The Hunter

    The Hunted encounter in No Return is vastly different to something like, say, an Assault encounter. In Assault, you can be a silent predator, and take down a handful of enemies from the shadows; while in Hunted, enemies will constantly spawn, and all you have to do is to survive until the timer runs down to 0.

    Now, instead of just trying to avoid combat and surviving, go on the offensive. Plant trip mines if you have them, funnel enemies into choke points and throw molotovs at them, expend all your ammo on killing everyone. 

    Do that, and kill 12 enemies in one encounter, and you'll unlock the ‘Become the Hunter’ trophy.

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