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  • Archivist


    Find all artifacts and journal entries

    How to unlock Archivist

    There are 288 collectibles in all, in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. Of which, 147 of them are artifacts and journal entries - 127 are artifacts and 20 are journal entries.

    Journal entries are usually objects in the world that Ellie wants to draw - and are exclusive to Ellie’s campaign - and artifacts are pages and notes that either of the characters can pick up.

    For the most part, you’ll find artifacts where you’d expect to find them: in buildings, particularly apartments, where there used to be signs of life and so on. You’ll find them in draws, on walls, next to skeletal remains, and sometimes, there’ll be more than 1 in a small area (there’s a shrine in Abbie’s campaign that has 6 in the space of 6 square feet).

    If you use the item pulse in listening mode, you should have no trouble with this trophy. If you do miss one and are going back to get it in Chapter Select too, just know you can grab it and then quit out. Luckily, the game will save your progress as soon as you've picked up the collectible - there’s no reason to complete the level after that, unless you're missing more than 1 in a chapter.

    So, quite simply grab all 147 artifacts and journal entries, and the ‘Archivist’ trophy is all yours. Oh, and yes, there are journal entries and artifacts in the epilogue too.

    The best way to grab them all is to follow our The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered all collectibles guide, which includes not just artifacts and journal entries, but every type of collectible, including safes, workbenches, trading cards, weapons, and so on.

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