Word Spud: Group Hug Trophy in The Jackbox Party Pack

  • Word Spud: Group Hug


    Play a perfect round where all words get accepted

    How to unlock Word Spud: Group Hug

    This is most easily done with two players. Split your tabs into two windows by clicking and holding on one of the tabs and dragging it down until it turns into a new window. Then put the two game windows side by side so you can switch between them easily.

    The window with the black background is the player that's actually entering a new word. Enter whatever you want, then go to the other window and press the "yes" button when it asks "Do you like it?". As you're only doing a two player game, that window will now turn back and you must type a new word. Continue going back and forth entering words and then liking them. You must like every word, and not let the game time out when you're meant to enter a word (the time limit is represented by how close the latest word is to reaching the player name on the TV). This should take 22 words with 2 players.

    This trophy unlocks as soon as the round is over.

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