Civic Doodle: Civic Doodie Trophy in The Jackbox Party Pack 4

  • Civic Doodle: Civic Doodie


    Draw something that gets 100 poop emojis

    How to unlock Civic Doodle: Civic Doodie

    You can get this, Civic Doodle: Civic Doodie, and Civic Doodle: Reelection in the same game. A maximum of 4 Players is required.

    While two Players are working on their drawings, the other Players will be able to “react” to their pictures. You need to button mash the poop emoji 100 times in one round for one of the two drawings. You should have plenty of time to click the emoji 100 times. If you are the host and don’t think you’re close by the time the clock is about to run out, you can pause the game using and mash the poop emoji for a few seconds. When you continue the game back up, it will count all the emojis you hit when the game was paused. The trophy will unlock when the round is complete and the winner is named.

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