Survive the Internet: Second-Degree Burn Trophy in The Jackbox Party Pack 4

  • Survive the Internet: Second-Degree Burn


    Get the Best Burn twice in one game

    How to unlock Survive the Internet: Second-Degree Burn

    You can get this and Survive the Internet: Yasss Gene in the same game. A maximum of 3 players is required if you are doing both trophies. If you are only doing this one, it is recommended you play with 4 so Gene does not join the game.

    Any Player needs to win Best Burn during two rounds. To win Best Burn, their “Burn” must win the most votes during the voting round. If the votes are a tie, no one will win. This will be easier to do if you know the people you are playing with, but it can also happen on its own by chance if you are playing with people you don’t know. The rounds do not have to be consecutive. The trophy will unlock at the end of the second Round the Player wins Best Burn for.

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