Fibbage 3: Doubly Impressive Trophy in The Jackbox Party Pack 4

  • Fibbage 3: Doubly Impressive


    Write a lie that's actually the truth in the final round of Fibbage 3

    How to unlock Fibbage 3: Doubly Impressive

    This can be earned in the same game as Fibbage 3: Crowd Teaser. There are 3 Rounds of Fibbage. Play through the first two normally. When you get to the third round, you need to enter the truth into the answer box instead of a lie. If you are the host of the game, you can pause the game using and Google the answer. If you are not host, you can still do this, you just need to be quick. The trophy will not unlock until the end of the round when the winner is announced.

    Using the Boosting/Nightly method:

    • Start a game with 2 Players and have 1 Audience member join once the game has started
    • ROUND 1: Put anything for Player 1 and 2. Choose anything you want for the Audience answer, but remember what you choose.
    • When Voting on the truth, have any Player choose the Audience's answer. Fibbage 3: Crowd Teaser
    • Finish the round answering and choosing anything for both Players (it does not matter)
    • ROUND 2: Answer/choose anything
    • ROUND 3: Answer/choose anything
    • FINAL ROUND: When the prompt is shown, one of the players needs to answer with the truth instead of making up a lie. You can pause the game with and look up the
      answer on Google if you do not know it. When you answer with the truth, the game will tell you it's too close and ask you to put in a lie. Put in anything you want.
    • Put it anything for Player 2 and choose anything for the Audience
    • Finish the round (does not matter who wins). Fibbage 3: Doubly Impressive
    • You can exit out of the game as soon as the trophy unlocks.

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