Blabbermouth Trophy in The Inner World

  • Blabbermouth


    Talk to every possible character in Asposia.

    How to unlock Blabbermouth

    Thankfully, there aren't actually that many characters to talk to in the game but this is still a trophy you'll need to pay a bit of attention to. Most of the characters you will need to talk to to progress through the story but there are some you are able to talk to (you won't be able to actually converse with them so it doesn't take much time). Below is a breakdown by chapter:

    Chapter 1 – Garbage Dealer, Asposian mother, Wind Fountain Square guard, Sin-O-Mat, guest in Staggering Fosfos, sleeping guest in Staggering Fosfos, Wind Monk Maleus, Wooloof, Ottilie, Detze, imprisoned tailor, Loge Guest at Mechatre Hall.

    Chapter 2 – Gorf (as Robert), Robert, Gorf (as Laura), Aerologists

    Chapter 3 – Laura, Gorfina, Steve, Steve/Pete, fire beetles

    Chapter 4 – Hangar guard, parakeet, lab entrance guard, Reminepo, Fonk, weird guy

    Chapter 5 – Steve, Steve/Pete, Conroy

    The trophy will not unlock until the credits roll.

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