TIME ATTACKER Trophy in The House of the Dead III



    Clear Time Attack Mode.

    How to unlock TIME ATTACKER

    This is one of the 3 hard trophies in the game but it's not really that bad. The trick to clearing this mode is speed (obviously) and NOT GETTING HIT. What I mean by this is: do not care about headshots or accuracy. Just focus on killing as many zombies as you can because you get time for killing enemies and you lose time when you get hit. Hidden items (in barrels, boxes, etc) will be clocks that add 7 seconds to your timer so it is worth shooting them when you have the chance to see if clocks are there. Also the rescue sequences will net you 10 seconds if you succeed at them.

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  • At first I mistakenly thought that you get more time for getting head-shots but really all you need to do is to kill the enemies as fast as you can. Head-shots help you kill them faster but you don't have to always go for them. Try to start shooting before the zombies appear. If you know the door is going to open and there are zombies behind it then start shooting just before it opens. Rescues your partner each time and try to memorize where the bonus time pickups are hidden and you are this should be a piece of cake. I just beat it with 369 seconds left and 4 light lit up on the counter. Also keep shooting the bosses even if there is no prompt to shoot them. Sometimes they still lose health or you get extra points/time which is always good.
  • Tnx for advice - i complited it in 1 run, playng on ranked mode. Its a simple one, dont know how anybody got broblem with dat)

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